My son is also named Port... port wine!!!

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this is what I keep telling yall

been sampling the local winnipeg brew scene while im here. had a Lune Noire black saison and it was a real treat. black ales are my favorite beers and i'd never had a saison done up in the style before. getting lit on Louis Riel Day w/ comrades was fuckin great
just took a deep refreshing drink of that famous liquid - you guessed it, water
experimenting with home-brewed nicotine tea lol this is not a typical "tobacco bitters" you'd get from those places with the guys with moustaches and a monocle
i don't drink (alcohol) but caught up w/ an old friend at a bar and had virgin chinotto w/ bitters. fuckin, excellent drink.
tfw the only choices left are chili vodka or rosolio
G R A N D P A 'S 


expired beer and wiksey
beer might expire, but the alcohol within does not. ganbarre, gssh-chan!
cheap wine
im drinking "beer"
beer is just fancy soda with a weird label

nyquil is the unmoved mover, a constant in this world, the leviathan's face of chaos snarling from the deep
im drinking beers and watching local spoarts team, on tv. were winning. its good
vodka is the truth
vodka, clear raw and honest. the cold emotionless casual sex of drinks. personally i prefer a little romance.

we got a reprieve from spring with a cold snap, fresh snow and its not gonna rise above freezing for a whole week at least. i'm celebrating with some thick black tar from a yukon brewery, they make good winter beers.
whiskey and high life, happy friday fellow alcoholics

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cheap wine as always
I had to stay up late washing dishes and so i drank red wine while i was doing it and i got to the end and it was almost 2 oclock and i was getting headachy and i remembered that painkillers are more effective with caffeine and i also remembered that its a thing in spain or something to drink red wine mixed with coke so here i am finishing a glass of red wine and coke at 2am. Dont worry the coke is no sugar. im not an animal

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its a thing in spain or something to drink red wine mixed with coke

this is terrorism

to be clear, one should only do this with cheap (or in my case free) wine. the combination is not so bad as long as it's cold and you already have a buzz
they call it a Catalonia Libre
red wine and vodka together 60/40
red wine, mixed with hope

cashing in on the new fad , the moscow city authorities are again hosting their summer beer festival
Jim Beam & water. Cos the liquor store near me didn't have a cheaper bourbon.
i fucking ran out of soda water,
just mix soda and water

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every time I log on to this forum i see this & laugh

cider apparently?
Evan Williams bourbon and tap water

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Newcastle lol

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Newcastle lol