Notes on the end of the cycle 1: the fall armyworm
when you lock up so much delicious energy behind pesticides and herbicides and selective breeding and genetic engineering you taunt the entire earth to throw its worst at you, terrifying monsters from our darkest nightmares

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Some weirdo ordered the special assistance meal, spilled lemon juice on himself and then tried to impress me by ordering two different kinds of booze and mixing them together in front of me. I flagged him for the sky marshal.
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bland meal review:

it was a lentil-rice dish with olive oil and an optional pouch of artificial lemon juice which i spilled on my pants. pretty much your run-of-the-mill suburban mom type of hybrid 'melting pot of the world's cuisine' mediterranean fare, which i guess, based on personal experience, i would also consider bland and non-threatening, always cooked for and by people who don't know what paprika is but wish they did, and have totally heard about it somewhere before, from a well-traveled colleague perhaps. they served it with a small side salad and some fake and oily naan kind of bread and for some reason also a bad gluten-free soft pretzel without salt. it was fine actually, less bland than i imagined. they served me first(!!!!) and i felt like a shit head and a fraud because the tray and box had SPECIAL ASSISTANCE MEAL printed all over it in red font. i finished the meal by asking the flight attendant for champagne and vodka (free because of long flight) which i immediately mixed together in front of him to his apparent surprise. all in all a good mealtime experience in basic economy

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recently completed a 10 day silent meditation course, went crazy but managed to put myself back together after the psychic vivisection. also with all the silence i became intimately aware of how severe my tinnitus is, which was hard to accept since i usually use quality protection, but i guess those few times the music is just that good you wanna rip them out and get your ears fucked bareback with your head in the speakers do real damage.
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got an exercise that takes about 5 mins and kills your arms p good and it costs 2 socks and 5lbs of US coinage, whichever worthless token you want to fill the socks with. i'd cashed my previous deposit at the owner's bank and you can just get whatever amount of coinage you want, like a reverse coinstar, which turns your coinage into gift cards. how generous that my landlord, gave me my own money back, so i got $100 in quarters, which is exactly U$ 5 lbs to one part in 1000. You Put the quarters into 2 socks or whatever. then for 5 minutes you toss your bag of loot back and forth until rendered exhausted in the shoulders. also exercises hand-eye coordination w/o enduring a video game. i think this, and jump rope, is a good workout for people in prison or under work- and house-arrest.

E: Misread your post, thought your landlord paid you back in quarters like some asshole

now that you mention it I can think of another good exercise involving landlords and some socks with a few pounds of coins in them too

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