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form an illegal underground wrestling circuit that demonstrates the science of Marxism-Leninism with ultraviolent panto

Danger Hoxha smashes a fluorescent light tube over the head of The Revisionist as a crowd of 20 rhizzoners don't cheer or clap but just nod in agreement

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never lose that one thread ever again

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gay_swimmer posted in Jordan Peterson (265 posts)
Edit: my ML wrestling name is Diamat Dallas Page
tears posted in Jordan Peterson (265 posts)
1960s: down to the countryside
2018: down to the fandoms
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Honestly I think Peterson deserves discussing despite being an inferior academic and this all being the same tired trite shit, because I think he is another plank in the educated lib path to openly endorsing fascism. I think he is an overt bridge between the openly fash alt-right and the (in many ways more sinister) pseudo intellectual liberal pabulum you find in Pinker or Harris. Like we all know liberals will always work with the fascists and we all know that all of lib evo psych/new atheist stuff is reactionary at the core, but I don't think the obviousness and banality of the forms mean we shouldn't bother talking about it. It is similar to people like Pound and Eliot lending validity to fascism in the 20th century, but since history repeats as farce, instead of poets and writers we get kermit the frog yelling about lobsters.
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