Notes on the end of the cycle 1: the fall armyworm
when you lock up so much delicious energy behind pesticides and herbicides and selective breeding and genetic engineering you taunt the entire earth to throw its worst at you, terrifying monsters from our darkest nightmares

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littlegreenpills posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (8368 posts)
im gettin real sick of my atomized existence. i emailed someone abt volunteering for setup at the safe injection site next to my work but no one got back to me, I think they sense cop energy coming off of me. a lot of ppl do
thirdplace posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (8368 posts)
that's possible but never underestimate the superficial flakiness of an organization stretched to its limit, especially as it relates to rando volunteer labor that might end up being a total waste of time to do scheduling/training for
jansenist_drugstore posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (8368 posts)
tfw u meet a posh young brit who lives in the well-beyond gentrified hipster district in one of the safest cities in europe and he describes it as 'quaint but a bit suspect, innit?'
cars posted in Yankees in the Persabian Gulf (128 posts)
For someone who must have taken a famously ill-defined job with the idea he could run roughshod over an empty-chair Oval Office, the object of his wet dreams since the glory days of Reagan, Bolton was probably disappointed to discover that, tottering in the center of an iron triangle of Washington ethics, snowballing senility and a metastasized, fossilized case of the 2000s CEO philosophy his TV show helped define, Trump never does anything without saying he won't do it first, either because someone else got to Trump after Bolton and before the daily allotment of 1-hit-to-10-miss memories solidified in the president's cheese-hole brain, or because Trump knows deep down he can't really say or do absolutely anything he wants without getting shot but can't stifle the compulsion to try to convince himself otherwise. Also Bolton's probably real mad over the Taliban meeting and North Korea or whatever piddling little dead-end shit he thought he was brought in to stop from even being spoken aloud to the President, let alone posted on Twitter by an account he'd planned to turn into his personal sockpuppet.
Zoe posted in Y'know, I'm starting to think that the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry isn't all that communist after all. (476 posts)
Personally, in my opinion, China is a country that exists, to me
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