Crime Does Pay
How the criminal legal system serves the needs of capital at the expense of the poorest members of society

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Here's some of the demands of one of the groups, in my paraphrasing into English:

It includes a maximum wage of 15,000 euros a month, raising the SMIC to 1,300 a month, and pensions at a minimum of 1,200 a month. It calls for an end to an austerity and a look at the debts of the French state, with a refusal to pay debts that are illegitimate and for the burden of repaying debt to go to the 80 billion euros a year lost from fraud, not the most poor.

It does call for the deportation of failed asylum seekers. But it includes a mandate that "asylum seekers be well treated," and that they be given housing, security, food, and their children be educated.

It also calls for rent controls, and for jobs to be created for the unemployed, as well as gas and electricity to be taken back into public ownership and the prices reduced.

And they want the retirement age to be reduced to 60 again, and 55 for those with physically demanding jobs.

That's from this:

I've seen those same videos of cop inclusivity, but there was none of that on the streets from what I saw, just outright hostility and hate directed towards every single cop, from all sorts of people, which yes does include fascists.

That twitter thread kinch posted is frankly ridiculous. The CIA isn't color revolutioning Macron. The anger is popular and real. There've been all sorts of demands released and they all call for ending austerity, many call for taxing the rich, building 5 million units of public housing, banning plastic bottles and other pollutants.

Calling it white is also lazy, there has been a lot of action by high schoolers in poor working class neighborhoods where black and brown French people are in greater numbers. There was an Arab boy beaten to a pulp by the cops just today.

I think the Maoists are too optimistic, but to be fair these riots are the first time that the Phillipe government has backed down on anything at all. And there's a convergence of movements with climate marches that are springing up where the Gilets Jaunes are participating. They've been called the Gilets Verts there.

"Way more exciting than their normal lives" is true, but I'm not sure it's really a germane criticism. If you read anything about revolutionary times you see similar observations of the often carnival atmosphere of the violence by the masses. Not that we're in a revolutionary situation, though according to reporting internally ministers are calling what's happening a "pre-insurrectionist" situation.

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how widespread is this thing i heard today, where a patriot concluded his recitation of the pledge of allegiance with an amen
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hold up a sec why are we trying to govern in the region
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All the random French twitter Maoists I follow seem to be cautiously optimistic.


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