I realize some people here may not know what Axios is
all these boojy dregs with supposedly ruined careers have hit their second wind as part of an interconnected CIA / bourgeois propaganda machine projected out through Twitter

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tears posted in tears education thread for authoritarian communists who believe that low standards are racist and anti-proletariat and setting a detention for dropping a pen is normal and actually good (67 posts)
every fucking day to people who talk about education without any practical experience: no investigation, no right to speak, go down to the schools ya clowns

every fucking day to my co workers and everyone else in the weeds: whats that, you've encountered a problem? well pick up a fucking book and read some theory ya clowns

some motherfuckers would rather embrace clown life than follow the advice of the great helmsman, fucked up but true
tears posted in What are tHE rHizzonE reading? (18491 posts)
The Wisdom of Practice: Essays on Teaching, Learning and Learning to Teach - Lee Shulman (2004 compilation of articles)
2021-2022 inaugural survey of behaviour in schools in england
The Civil War - Ceasar

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