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serafiym posted in What is really radical in sex/gender politics? (243 posts)
speaking of other forms of oppression, i cleaned at the domestic violence shelter. nobody calls it by the name on the front of the building though - just the women's shelter, another instance of casual conversation being more revealing than the given description, sort of like how the term "officer-involved shooting" exists because it's a phrase made up by cops and news anchors. made me depressed since it's a rundown old building with peeling green paint and a toy section that i re-arrange every time i'm there since a lot of kids also come. I'm not too sure if people being trafficked or in some other situation like that stay there. At about the same time this was happening I reconnected with an old friend of mine who shared that she was getting paid to do phone sex, something she doesn't really want to do but needs money on the side. she's actually against the idea that people should be allowed to pay for any kind of "sex" at all and i know she's influenced by social media communists and reads a lot of news about sex trafficking busts and stuff like that. a lot of the job also includes nonsexual emotionally draining things like playing some sort of cheery girlfriend for guys with marriage problems, which isn't the idea you normally get from something involving sex work, but that's the reality of what these male clients are generating in "demand" for women in these jobs - someone to fulfill that potentially abusive gender dynamic with boundaries dictated by the market.

the other component besides money is the fact that she was socialized into it as what a woman should be doing, which i won't go into besides saying her mom was a stripper at clubs and she looked up to that, among a lot of other grooming-adjacent things that seem to happen to girls when they go through middle school. almost seems like this type of sexual expression is just a "thing" you do, like if your parents had a career you'll end up doing the same thing because you know what the beat of that kinda life is, or if you're sexually attractive you're supposed to act like this, etc, a logic that is definitely a lot more personal and "hereditary" in a social sense than the state and economic system. male-subordinated sex trades have existed in state socialism consistently. Obviously phone sex probably won't force her into a shelter or something, but besides caring for her wellbeing i do think about the type of social fabric being woven as people grow up into this stuff.

that's relevant also to the fact that resources to protect people against men - ideologically, mentally, physically, etc - aren't really always up to snuff, and will probably require people become political actors in the same way communists view the working-class as needing to be a self contained force. this is also where Marxist theory goes dry when all it does is look at "institutions" and "influences" from the culture industry or whatever instead of the day-to-day capacity of people to engage in politics. in countries where 80 hour workweeks, illiteracy, or migrant labor is common among the proletariat, there are divisions in party work to other classes and barriers to political life from the people under those conditions. why don't we look at domestic violence, dysfunctional interpersonal relationships, atomization, unstable work hours, abuse, trauma, porn brain etc the same way in a country where it's apparently extremely common? Anyway that's all the theory I have for today, just a few observations.
lo posted in What are tHE rHizzonE reading? (18037 posts)
i'm reading fanshen by william hinton(more like "epic win"ton) and it extremely kicks ass. i'm rooting for these peasants to complete land reform and 'fanshen'!!
liceo posted in What is really radical in sex/gender politics? (243 posts)
maybe what’s really radical is the lathe you make along the way
e_dt posted in What are tHE rHizzonE reading? (18037 posts)
im reading emmanuel's unequal exchange, this time its actually making sense for me which is nice
shriekingviolet posted in What is really radical in sex/gender politics? (243 posts)

Belphegor posted:

yes, this is a bad thread. Everyone should have the right opinions on these things! Can't believe all these other men don't get it already.

It's not a question of lack of knowledge or wrong opinions so much as the attitude expressed at certain points in this thread, that makes me want to jump out a window. The cardinal rule of participating in feminist topics as a man is "let women take the lead, listen and take their experiences seriously before you open your mouth, don't make it all about you."

Men are restricted to a fundamentally limited perspective in this area and are absolutely going to be challenged in these kinds of conversations. We need to show patience and respect when confronted with things that make us uncomfortable and challenge us. We must be, in short, Very Careful. Instead we get the Lathe Wizard dramatically storming out in disgust that a woman dared to speak about her experience with sex work. Seeing that filled me with a deep despair about the character of this community. I really wanted to expect better.

So please understand that's my perspective when I treat this thread as a poisoned well and make shitty lathe jokes if I post in it at all. I mean it as no judgement on you. For those few great posts that were made, thank you for your sacrifice.

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