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How the criminal legal system serves the needs of capital at the expense of the poorest members of society

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elias posted in What are tHE rHizzonE reading? (16026 posts)
Hi All!

We are incredibly excited to announce that the first book that will be published here at Sinistra Publishing is a translation of Domenico Losurdo's Stalin,
ilmdge posted in YEAR ONE (484 posts)
I just wrote to a friend, "Trump revoked some dumb asshole's security clearance," and then luckily thought to add, "and NO I did not have a security clearance" before the friend had the chance to brutally own me... so now im riding doubly high off this news
ilmdge posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (7269 posts)

littlegreenpills posted:

i went to the most pathetic fascist rally, literally three of them turned up. there were roughly 25 cops for each of them, batons, horses, the works. you couldn't even see them behind the police line mostly. lots of antifa, lots of screaming, one of the fash had her glasses snatched off her face and broken and i felt a frisson of pity on hearing. am i ideologically unreliable

Who were the two friends you brought with you?

tears posted in Turkish lira falls, "developing" economies in trouble? CRISIS (21 posts)
i think what we have to understand here is that the dollar, far from collapsing in a fit of wishful thinking about a sudden shift by e.g. brics countries away from its use as the international reserve currency aka the dollar hegemony, is actually strengthening at the moment. Wishful thinking about "dumping the dollar" tends to focus on russia/china/iran conducting e.g. oil trades in non-dollar currencies or straight up commodity exchange with no currency involved. This is undoubtable a trend, but a very slow one - and quite rightly too, going against dollar hegemony is putting yourself in the line of fire of the entire weight of US economic and military might (see libya, venezuela)

the collapse of the turkish lira, and the wobbles of other currencies like the rand and rupee are signs of US economic strength and we need to see this for what it is. this relates to imo 1) overall factor of the economic boom phase we are currently in, which the USA is riding highest, and 2) the US bringing full force economic might to bear against its competators through trumps sanctions 3) the predictable natural flight to the dollar in the face of any sort of crisis because of its weight which boosts the dollar in times of crisis, which is great for the US

we are of course really teetering on the edge of an impending capitalist crisis - on this note i really dislike the theory of the long recession/depression as misused because imo roberts was at his best when he discusses the very slow recovery from the 2008 crisis i.e. the very week growth this current buisness cycle saw at its beginning (the "recovery"), but now growth is good, "teh economy" is booming (if you're a capitalist that is), unemployment is right down, returns are high etc etc - capitalism is riding high and is most definatly no longer in any sort of depression/recession, long or otherwise, except for the general impact of the tendency of the rate of profit to fall tending to make each successive cycle more problematic than the last

so when roberts says shit like

The story of the last ten years since the Great Recession is that the world capitalist economy has staggered on at low levels of growth and investment and with virtually no improvement in real incomes for the 90%

its like duh, thats every capitalist cycle, and roberts seems to be pining for the era of whitey chugging down superprofits - like when was this mythical time when capitalism ever improved "real incomes for the 90%" when it wasnt a tiny imperilist 90% and paid for in blood? - its like he looks at the current cycle and goes where da fucky is the boost in spending for the national health service like before and why are there so many potholes, this didnt happen last time, and then attends a eurocommunist economics conference in london where he moans some more

so here we are in the good times teetering on the edge of crisis and this current economic warfare being pursued by the US against traditional allies and enemies alike does have the strong potential to tip the whole world capitalist system into contraction (which was coming anyway) (see current interest rate policies for signs that the us central bank is acting to contract money supply). sam williams makes the point that capitalist crises often first manifest visibly in the sphere of currency before expanding to other spheres like credit, so get hyped, this might be it

economy prognosis: rekt

shriekingviolet posted in YEAR ONE (484 posts)
dear mr president, step on my balls you cowardly bully, take your geriatric gnarled foot and grind it into my scrotum you fiend, smash my genitalia with your jackboots o scoundrel, with all due respect sir, you villain, please destroy my nuts
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