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when you lock up so much delicious energy behind pesticides and herbicides and selective breeding and genetic engineering you taunt the entire earth to throw its worst at you, terrifying monsters from our darkest nightmares

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trakfactri posted in The Left Case for Trump 2: The "Legend" of "the "Left "Case"" ""For Trump""" (15 posts)

Synergy posted:

with the PSL Bernie article and lesser evilism being re-examined among socialists/communists it will be interesting to see if a mass shift towards electoralism happens on the far left.

graphicalUSSRinterface posted in Fighting the social media brain poisoning (34 posts)
yet more fb posts i am putting here lol

i know this post is definitely gonna piss some people off but whew here we go. one of the biggest things people in orgs like psl get to lord over other people online is that uhh they actually organize. and theres this whole stupid moralistic thing about telling people to get out there and join an org, to the point where like uhh online opinions are discounted just because people are not in an org, an opinion which is not reasoned from but rationalized down to the idea that knowledge comes from practice in this insanely crass way. naturally nobody who is causing neurotic problems for others by doing this actually thinks its effective or cares if it is, its just another move to signal authenticity or superiority to others

not everyone needs to organize. and not everyone who organizes needs to be good at organizer shit either lol. its completely fine to not do it for whatever reason and still hold your political ideas and talk about them if you choose to. organizing is really not for everyone and that is ok. you can still be a communist and not organize lol

like we talk about what a serious commitment organizing is and then we expect everyone to do it lol. a lot of people cant do that for various reasons. organizing requires a particular skillset that really is pretty specific and caters towards a certain kind of personality. we need those people. theyre really important. but not everyone is that person and they can still be a communist. the neurotic hangups over 'contributing' are just that and frankly the whole self-punishment and guilt about it is because of internalized work ethic shit. thats not communist.

dig at the trots lol:

so the narcissists in the marcyite orgs who join to build their brand get to show off online. they dont give a fuck lol
Meursault posted in Fighting the social media brain poisoning (34 posts)
Funny to see other posters at the club... While you never see them at the bank
Synergy posted in MIM Theory Volume 1: A White Proletariat (56 posts)

shriekingviolet posted:

the job counselor found my talents most suited for being an administrative error

as an actual job counselor it's unreal how many people come to me that were making 100-200k salary before being laid off and believe they deserve more. if you even suggest they might have to aim for a lower paying position they just look at you as if you're insane. at least I had one sales guy formerly making 300k that admitted he was being paid way too much and would have to settle for a third of that.

tears posted in What are tHE rHizzonE watching? (2174 posts)

Petrol posted:

your apprehension of media is tv tropes-tier.

AZ_IZ_OT posted:

3. Over the last several years, the posts have become reddit-ish in concept and energy.

still laughing at these two b2b classics

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