Notes on the end of the cycle 1: the fall armyworm
when you lock up so much delicious energy behind pesticides and herbicides and selective breeding and genetic engineering you taunt the entire earth to throw its worst at you, terrifying monsters from our darkest nightmares

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tears posted in Pigheadism: The Maoist Milieu & Its Problems (15 posts)

red_dread posted:

In subsequent months, the newly-rebranded Red Guards KC faced a major fiasco when they arrived at an anti-fascist demo fully and openly armed, where they were quickly encircled by cops and told to disarm themselves. They had been in violation of a city ordinance that forbade the open-carrying of chambered rifles. Receiving the orders from the pigs to dischamber their rifles, many discovered they had no idea how to do this. The police were more than willing to help them and amiably instructed the Maoists on the how-to of it all.

toyotathon posted in Pigheadism: The Maoist Milieu & Its Problems (15 posts)

lo posted:

you know how we like to say on this forum that stalin was just trying his best? well, i'm starting to get the impression that these american maoists aren't doing that

it sounds like they are amateur revolutionaries

"The amateurishness that has plagued all revolutionaries in the U.S. Empire was shown in the political defeat of the Revolutionary Armed Task Force. We mean no put-down by the use of the word “amateur”, it is a scientific description of revolutionaries who have not succeeded in reaching a professional revolutionary level. Communists define professional revolutionaries by one measure -- ability to combat the political police. RATF was totally out-planned and out-maneuvered by the State security forces, despite the courage and fighting ability of individual RATF fighters. The FBI had a superior grasp of strategic political-military factors, and was playing a deeper political game. Which was how they could not only wipe RATF out militarily, but inflict a stinging political defeat."

i am not even an amateur revolutionary by this measure so i can't judge, just wait for red_dread to help teach us about these defeats. that won't stop me from commenting! it seems like to transition, from amateur revolutionaries, to professional revolutionaries, they need to reverse one or more trends. they can stop bleeding cadre, so that the sum of experiences is greater. they can hit the books, to figure out how to leverage their arms into political victories, which could eventually defeat the local parasite classes, and invite a direct war from the empire-come-home to your red zone. i think they could really just dream bigger! all we've known is defeat in the US! 400 years of fat, propertied parasites going unchallenged. we were born into a 10,000 year old war between classes, and specifically, in the center of defeat, after 4 genocidal centuries of defeat. i used to work in KC, i know even in the 90s there were white gangs who'd go make lynch riots in the black neighborhoods (it's still very segregated). KC is where all the world's bee-killing pesticide is made, eating FOOD from angiosperms is more important than the DSA? who gives a shit about a micro-party like the DSA. sorry red_dread for your defeats but your writing is inspirational.

belgend posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (8445 posts)
hello fams ive been gone for a while but i might be becoming a cadre???
shriekingviolet posted in What are tHE rHizzonE reading? (17031 posts)
so the Intercept uh... did... a thing.

their readership in the comments don't seem particularly convinced
cars posted in Pigheadism: The Maoist Milieu & Its Problems (15 posts)
"400 years of fat, propertied parasites going unchallenged" is IMO not the best way to characterize e.g. the Black Panthers or even things like the assassination of Henry Clay Frick. it's more that those in the U.S. could always stand to learn from how those challenges proceeded and why they failed. The terms of debate should not be dictated by capitalist ideology or by mournful defeatism.
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