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you two are arguing in a boring way because in the interests of propriety petrol isn't just flatly saying what he believes without qualification.

the uighur imbroglio is interesting to me because of this question; is it ok to stamp out religion? i think yes, and indoctrination is the only way to do this. but i'm not sure that's entirely what the ccp is doing in xianjing. when they do things like suppress the uighur language, that crosses into destruction of national culture. soviet nationalities policy under stalin emphasized the promotion of national culture and autonomy in particular before the war, and it was very successful in promoting alongside this soviet humanism. there doesn't seem to be anything similar to Сове́тский наро́д in the People's Republic of China, which I think is a real obstacle to socialist internationalism and humanism. han chauvinism seems to really be an ascendant aspect of the ruling ideology.

when i was doing some investigation into the uighur affair, which is really difficult to parse, i came across these archived uighur forums and a lot of the complaints in the poorly translated google rendering were about insufficient resources being allocated to the uighur minority. there was a class component to the complaint, ethnicity and class were intersecting in a way that clearly privileged the han over the uighur. some examples here in links and pictures:

That last picture in particular is illuminating to me and makes me think of Lenin when he talks about the proletariat of Britain being infected with cultural chauvinism.

Xianjing strikes me as an example of internal colonization, we see this with the reports of incentives for marriage between ethnicités, which on the face of it isn't objectionable, but when mixed with the chauvinism we see many examples of takes on a sinister turn, Australian settlers attempted a similar project; there's not a lot of hard evidence out there but it strikes me as part of a strategy of homogenization.

I'm reaching further back into the depths of memory, but there was a Sean's Russia Blog Podcast episode with Ronald Suny where Suny talked about how in the Soviet Union there were certain ethnicites associated with certain class roles, and how development policy, particularly in Central Asia, by encouraging local culture and administration and competence sought to break these class tags that ethnicities were saddled with. We see it in a crude form in the US with the conception of the Mexican as itinerant labourer.

once again this has been a bellingcat open source investigation funded in part by the foundation for the defense of democracies and viewers like you. thank you.
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U.S. Congress is going to try to slip the anti-Palestine/anti-BDS “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” into a spending bill and get it passed quietly.

For anyone unfamiliar, this is a bill attempting to suppress BDS and criticism of the Israeli government within the U.S., especially on campus; the lie is that it’s to add “anti-Semitism” to Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, but if that were its real purpose, it would be redundant. What it really does is redefine “anti-Semitism” according to a U.S. State Department memo that characterizes political opposition to Israeli state policy as anti-Semitic. The idea is to fashion the Civil Rights Act into a bludgeon to beat critics of the occupation into silence.
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Death to Israel
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RIP to my two heroes, William Blum and Osama Bin Laden
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