Twin Cities Uprising: The Whole Damn System is Guilty As Hell
Burning buildings are much more in line with our media culture than the long, slow, and grinding work of committed and dedicated communists on the ground doing thankless tasks.

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this is like 9/11 for people who watched the west wing
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Did she have any opinions about Bashar Al Assad? Just checking.
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I can't speak for the U$ situation, particularly when it comes to anti imperialism being or becoming a main tenet of labor aristocratic communist orgs, but here I think entryism is doomed to fail in a country where the political terrain hinges on the contradiction between the big imperialist hydra known as the united $nakkke$ and its cultural decadence and the social fascist egoism and its inherent conservative, chauvinistic, colonial particularism. This, despite appearing like two polar opposites end up being two sides of the same coin, furthering the parasitic comfort of the labor aristocracy. There isn't a single party that thinks outside of the nation's borders, and the only time imperialism is brought up is the palestinian question as a political fly-trap to get ethnics involved in their social-fascist schemes.

It's pretty well known that the political folklore of french masses is to march and 'riot' as soon as the neoliberal political dynasty starts cracking down on the labor aristocracy through outsourcing their jobs to an unknown, faraway land or crack down on the social safety net like retirement pension funds/age or particular benefits some sectors with a historically pretty strong history of trade unionism (which is pretty low on a continental scale, france has the lowest rates of unionization through most european countries). Well what are we supposed to take out of this? every year hundred thousands if not a million or two march in the streets, cause a national turmoil for a few weeks or months, then everything goes back to normal. There is no buildup, no accumulation, nothing that has been learned. It's total cultural spectacle. Some say unions betrayed them, some do the crab in a bucket thing where they don't really care if the national railway workers get fucked over, because for a few months those same train drivers were making their commute a bit more difficult - the every man for itself ethos of the labor aristocrat, which is why, as a transitory class based on the superexploitation of the proletariat, forge their own chains and are solely responsible of their own demise into increasing so-called pauperism, weither it is economic, cultural, mental, physical. The spontaneist cultural folklore of taking it to the streets, a sad legacy of the french left 'revolutionary' trade-unionism, has created a century long tradition of social fascism where every perspective of radical change becomes stillborn as soon as big daddy imp€rialist waves the toy over the crib - either social security, higher minimum wage, healthcare, cheap consumer goods... this ersatz of focoism, made the french radicals forget about sitting down, educating oneself, understanding what scientific socialism has to offer when applied to our current conditions. No wonder this century long history of defeat culminated into the outright fascism of the yellow jackkkets.
This is the clear synthesis of using unions as the main vector for social change. Much like universities, much like electoral politics to some extent, using bourgeois institutions to create an avant garde that has for principal ideological tenet the undermining of said institutions and the society they are apart of.

As for parties/orgs/cells, it dies on the vine as well. It's either newspaper distributing trot cults, the french communist party that has been revisionnist and slowly diverted espousing the same social imperialist line as the FI and the other little satellite parties around that. Our main tasks as revolutionaries is to think global but act local, with the means we have. They think local but don't act, the only time they do is to call for their voterbase to vote neoliberal against the openly racist populist guy. It's hopeless trying to work with them. This is the european synthesis IMO, the total failure to build anything close to a communist mass party, the absolute lack of theorization of our current conditions as an imp€rialist neocolonial nation, ends up in an uprising of social-chauvinistic corporatism as the only 'pragmatic' 'realist' outcome. its fascism, but i think you already said that

As for the main national contradiction between the labor aristocrats and oppressed diaspora, i have a few objections here too. The u$ contradiction between settlers and indigenous/oppressed nation has the historical buildup lasting over centuries and that spawned since the foundation of the country. Amerikkka has this contradiction as its foundational condition. Eradicate racial oppression and amerika will cease to exist. Of course as the Panthers paved the way, this will only be done through defined activism used to serve the people.
Here, the situation is different. The afrikan & asian diaspora, kidnapped through decolonization of their ancestral land to become serfs in the metropolis, have been drenching themselves in the fountain of imperial subsidies. A residual yet important amount are becoming what Fred Hampton said when he announced that there'll be 'negro imperialists' and climb the social ladder by uprooting themselves and espousing the colonial society. the majority do the 'undignified' labor thats been left to them and their ancestors since a crushing majority of whites entered the tertiary sector - theres still little pockets of pauperized whites in now desindustrialized ghosttowns but i dont pay them no mind... the empire affords to put them on welfare because theyre such a valuable asset to populist social imperialist politics theyre literally getting paid to exist. Because of the french labor history i detailed, and particularly the 1906/1912 Charter of Amiens, causing a schism between party politics and unionism, never really helped sprout a class consciousness in the minds and hearts of the kidnapped decolonized proletariat. Instead they have been slowly espousing the labor aristocracy but as a lower caste with a few going through the motions and rising up as compradors. my age fork is 3rd gen immigrant for most, the ones with a higher rate of political awakening but that is sadly influenced by what theyve been learning on the benches of imperiali$t akkkademia lecture halls. on another note, there's this cultural nationalist informal org thats been working for 2 years with mostly material support, helping people find jobs, promoting diaspora owned businesses etc. A contemporary Garveyism to make it short. Though from what ive seen and heard its truly the most reactionary, conservative, labor aristocratic elements in there. dead end when it comes to entryism.

To conclude, ill be pretty clear. engaging in the political landscape as it is is hopeless, so instead of trying to weasel and mold myself in, I'd rather form a cell with less people than i have fingers, with a defined, clear cut line to follow and abide to. it starts with a wordpress, then maybe a zine and dazibaos on the walls of the concrete jungle. this sounds like meaningless and maybe selfish to some, particularly a lot of people here who i assume have a lot of experience on the streets with organizing. but this is what i believe is needed to further the conditions in my vicinity
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The main way this forum has informed me about online media recently is, right around the time city streets broke out into mass battles with cops in the site's own mostly-English-speaking parts of the world, it became easier to tell who on this forum is involved in organized politics, or has been recently, versus who isn't & hasn't.

Right around then, a noticeable proportion of the people who were involved seemed to start posting less and less, and a couple stopped altogether, a significant number given the active posters here even at this site's peak. I understand their decision & sympathize with it personally & it was probably for good reason, because they were busier than before with more important stuff & because the conversations they were having elsewhere began to put some of the ones here into sharper relief. I've said it before, most of the people I've worked with in that same context offline are just like most of the people I work with to pay my bills, or pretty much everyone else in my life—they wouldn't have any interest in the tone or type of conversations in the average thread here & they probably never will, even if they're directly invested in the topic. I thought that would change as I got older, as both the job and politics put me in rooms with younger people, but it didn't really. It's one of the reasons why this is such a fun place for me and I have it up on my phone so much every day. But it does force the comparison when discussing those same politics are part of this place.

If you're not involved in politics in the way I'm describing and you post here, this site has always accommodated that from its beginning, with people's reasons ranging from reasonable to arguable & argued to very very stupid. Saying that's fine is liberalism so I'll just say it's real. The site goes through cycles where the amount of people directly engaged in its own political context waxes and wanes, where the posts and Your Posting and posting personae are more or less informed by those politics.

But the current cycling away from those involved posters, and I know they're not all gone I see you in the cut... it still kind of sucks in the moment for some of us who remain. It sucks because the 100% Online approach to "leftism" is objectively social-fascist and dominated by social-fascist voices, and it's like another darn planet from the conversations we're having right now when we can!! conversations we know are important ones, at least in our own personal worlds, at least if anything can be done at all in the world by any of the people around us. Dragging the forums away from those conversations & toward that other slop, just absorbing and repeating what's found in the post-atomic mutant wastelands of single-site social media, that's not only bad, it's boring.

By that I don't mean like, don't repost funny pictures or links to articles from those sites (though you should think about both & not just copy those sites' chain-letter, mass-tested-algorithm-shaped behavior, because we don't have the budget for the test cycle). i DO mean the stuff where the whole point is that you DON'T think it through, or you have to pretend you don't for it to serve its purpose. Parroting the language & manners. Adopting the posture that those sites' trends are, or SHOULD be, a body of knowledge mastered by people posting here. If this site becomes too parasitic, it will die from posting starvation. That approach offers nothing that can't be had elsewhere in a prettier red-light district. Because like, a filter of detached old-school forums sarcasm between this site and those places' own top brands doesn't do a lot of things, but it does make this place less redundant.

One thing that HAS changed since the birth of this site is the sharp rise of Marxist-Lite-branded social-fascism as a widely marketable posture in the English-speaking world. I don't mean the phenomenon of revisiting socialism, whose causes extend far outside of this topic. I'm talking about the discourse that attenuates that phenomenon. It developed very much on the Internet, and it belongs very much to those sites now.

So the way to look cool within purely online "leftism" is defined through the ecosystem that creates it. It's defined through indirect effects, and sometimes direct ones, of specific tools and use of those tools, tools for information management and intelligence gathering by the bourgeois government of the United States. We all know that, and I don't mean "on this Web site". Even most of the people who deny it acknowledge the body of facts behind the conclusion, and they selectively apply the conclusion too. It's not QAnon or flat-earth or whatever deadken is getting paid to pretend he believes to entertain The Nation readers on Earth 2. It's something that's regularly trotted out to grab people's eyes with headlines, all across the political spectrum, even if different groups would rather sub in some sector of the bourgeoisie or some deluded cipher for it as self-defensive synecdoche.

But discussing those tools as a reality, a body of material facts with implications for a process in constant motion... if you want to do that and if you're Posting In The Thread you probably do... that's tough, it's complicated, you will end up arguing with people who thought you agreed with them, because they're thinking in idealist ways. You end up with opponents on all sides of you because you have to deal with something mutable & permeable, something that can be deployed by ideology in all sorts of partial ways, and there's every chance you've missed something yourself. In this case, right here and now, the topic is also the medium for the discussion. It's like stage actors putting on a play about stage acting where they have to play characters improving their acting abilities. You can start to think about what you're doing in ways that can mess it up, and that's maybe also how you get at some important truth about it, but no guarantee there. It sucks!!

If you want to discuss the material reality of the Internet as a product of capitalism, it can't be the end of the discussion, nor do I get rhetorical points by saying, "it's really the beginning". It's the middle of the discussion, and it's always the middle. Because the bourgeoisie owns a lot of things, people's homes and cars and the streets they walk on, and it doesn't mean that if you touch them your politics bar falls to 0. It does mean, if you're engaged in politics, you should acknowledge the Internet is a product of bourgeois social control, talk through what it means and get other perspectives on it, while not fixating on it unnecessarily. Make sure you don't think it makes everyone around you eternally corrupted, a hidden enemy (which isn't any saner if you think the same thing about yourself).

That's not an effective rallying cry. But it shouldn't be, that would work against its benefits, and one of the real problems with online social-fascist discourse is that it suggests everything must also be an effective rallying cry. The medium in which it happens suggests and cultivates that, with its controlled, regulated, capital-oriented form of two-way discussion, presented as a route to pure, free, liberated one-way fame, where everyone's seen as an audience in an auditorium, ducking in and ducking out all the time at their leisure.

It's a big reason to call out that, yes, people really do miss other people who post here when they're gone. Because in a lot of ways it's comforting to think that we can come and go unnoticed by systems of information control, but not only are those systems built specifically to prevent that, to parse that mass of information and use it for specific ends, it's in any case not a sort of ghost-like "freedom" we should pretend applies to all interpersonal interactions. Nor do I think most people really want that.

And that is going to be part of politics. You can't even Kurzweil-pop-culture-technofetish your way out of that, it was part of politics in the darn Matrix movies, because they needed the audience to believe in their events for an hour or two. People have to get together and talk in a situation they can't escape without someone, at some point, noticing their absence.

So yeah it does matter to me & probably other people, if conversations here are or aren't informed by involvement outside those tools of social control. Not everyone has to be, but the conversation should be, because it's part of what kept this place alive and makes it different from louder sites with bigger crowds. It matters even when it's a time of plague, like... it matters when the tools owned by the bourgeoisie are used for the reasons that a lot of people in this thread acknowledge are reasons NOT to treat everything built by them as totally coopted and corrupted. That is, when they're used as a means to an end that's more directly involved with activity that extends outside of them, including a means to political ends that most people here would appreciate, even grudgingly sometimes. So I think it's good to keep an eye on that and really, to privilege it, at least until we collectively decide masturbatory sex magick has more impact on the world than material conditions or something.

Mainly I care about this because I like to post on tHE r H i z z o n E and read the posts here by posting pals. I'd miss this place if it turned back on itself, copied its degenerate inheritors and became le epic redditposts about how idpol SJWs oppress the White Working Class, if it broke the pentagrammatic seal and crushed itself to death under a herd of mustangs.
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pogfan1996 posted:

and even if you got together 5-10 people with a correct line, what can you do with it?

maoist bake sale

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