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How the criminal legal system serves the needs of capital at the expense of the poorest members of society

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eventually we will have the best possible threads with 100% of the posts missing
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Petrol posted:

all they need now is to pose as radical leftists when they do their terror attacks and we can just call them Stupid Gladio

imo next to none of them could manage that, because them knowing their success depended on people misreading their politics even after they died would deprive them of the neurotic fantasy fuel they need to pull the trigger.

"revolutionary" action on the contemporary Western far right is magical-thinking-powered, non-materialist and fantasy-based when it's not instigated by the state directly or run through a state-funded arm like the Azov Wicca circle. it's pretty much always ego-driven adventurism, and when it actually provokes anything it tends to be 1) the result of a planned (or poorly planned) operation by police or 2) the stopped clock principle. those guys all have the idea, probably fueled by mania or drugs in the moment, that they're going to do something in real life that will turn out like a movie, or like the great-man version of history they half-remember from grade school or intro college courses, and racial holy war will commence, and as put-upon, self-pitying individuals they'll get broken out of prison or something and become sex gods or at least worshiped martyrs. it's a demented, withered imitation of Marxist revolutionary enthusiasm, where the revolutionary class isn't even replaced with "white people", but with the far-right extremists themselves as fantastical super-knighthoods of like a few dozen people at most, where next to none of them will actually do anything. it's also why the ones who will are so easily folded into dirty tricks by the state, because they have no other constituency except the frustrated guys around them they're trying to impress.

the easiest way for most Western states to play Gladio-style games domestically today might be through their existing industry of entrapping fringe anarchists, since they have the same no-other-constituency and fantastical-thinking problems, with the obstacle there probably being that most anarchists do not know how to shoot or handle explosives because unlike former Troops they weren't taught how to be terrorists by the U.S. government.

Petrol posted in there should be a thread for just posting funny pics, (4978 posts)
that stalin emoticon is the ML equivalent of one of those memes that says "yall need jesus", and i like it.
rolaids posted in there, should be a thread, for posting humiliations, of imperialists, (17 posts)
Narcodubs not narcosubs
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