Dr Peter Bourne - Vietnam Concentration Camp Psychiatrist, MK-ULTRA Psychiatrist?
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karphead posted in j. sakai's "the most dangerous class" reading group and discussion station (37 posts)
they mispelt their own name lol

TG posted in someone found a way to make bitcoin funnier (81 posts)
remember when the only way to buy bitcoin was through mtgox which they wanted you to believe meant mount gox but it actually stood for magic the gathering online exchange?
tears posted in Why is everything in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea done "just for us"? (789 posts)
not everyone who dies becomes a ghost
shriekingviolet posted in Solidarity with the Space Comrades - Socialism & Aliens Thread (46 posts)
anyone expecting alien life to operate at a size, time scale, or chemical composition similar enough to our own to be immediately recognizable and familiar as life, or to have sufficiently similar psychological structures for communication to even be possible, is a big anthropocentric dingus imho.
Skylark posted in gang let us read COMPULSORY HETEROSEXUALITY AND LESBIAN EXISTENCE by Adrienne Rich (166 posts)
Speaking of Andrea Dworkin I've been reading Right-Wing Women, which I was wondering about for a while cause I keep encountering reactionary women, alt-right Kekistani people of color, Tradtraps & such...
Its related to the thread because one of the main topics is factors that push women toward not only being in dependent relationships with men, but also closely following all of their culture's rules

To waver, whatever the creed of the men around them, is tantamount to rebellion; it is dangerous... From father's house to husband's house to a grave that still might not be her own, a woman acquiesces to male authority in order to gain some protection from male violence...

She will save herself by proving that she is loyal, obedient, useful, even fanatic in the service of the men around her. She is the happy hooker, the happy homemaker, the exemplary Christian, the pure academic, the perfect comrade, the terrorist par excellence.

It's a pretty heavy book but super good and the scope of it is way bigger than it sounds like from the title πŸ‘ I recommend it to all my tan friends. There is a secret link hidden inside this postπŸ˜›

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