I realize some people here may not know what Axios is
all these boojy dregs with supposedly ruined careers have hit their second wind as part of an interconnected CIA / bourgeois propaganda machine projected out through Twitter

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lmfao at western media straining to avoid the word "surrender" for those stupid nazis in azovstal
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official CNN doctrine today is that because Russia won in Mariupol, all evidence of their alleged war crimes there will be erased and it will therefore look like they didn’t commit any. Literally no mention whatsoever in the same story that, until Russia won, Mariupol was the global headquarters of the Nazi pagan death cult Azov “regiment”, there specifically to oppress and terrorize a city whose population had opposed the “Euromaidan” coup in Kiev.

CNN has instead retroactively declared that Russians searching for Azov stay-behind commandos (which the Green Berets & CIA have both bragged about training) was a 100% successful effort to hide evidence, even though that already happened. One assumes the Russians also planted a bunch of Nazi flags and symbols all over Mariupol, such as on all the Azov banners and insignia, using the same method of time travel.
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hello everyone. i hope you're having a nice World Hypertension Day
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i remember Goatstein posting that giving the entire world digital cameras didn't prove that Bigfoot or UFOs were real, instead it proved that black people were right about the police, which a lot of white people had an even harder time believing. The same is true imo of IDF abuse of Palestinians, where the sort of sadistic attacks that even Noam Chomsky weren't sure happened are now recorded in digital HD for everyone to see.
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