Crime Does Pay
How the criminal legal system serves the needs of capital at the expense of the poorest members of society

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karphead posted in there should be a thread for just posting funny pics, (4854 posts)
my niece drew this at dinner tonite and i freaking love it

damoj posted in what is "academic right opportunism?" (13 posts)
"academic right opportunism" refers to the tendency of tenured humanities & economics academics with a nominally leftist disposition to create a body of work that, rather than advancing alternative (marxist, revolutionary, whatever) politics, create and encourage an attachment to existing political and economic structures. a lot of Critical Theorists or people influenced by that field tend to fall under that definition, especially social theorists who sincerely use the "totalitarian" concept in their work, and economic theorists who cannot see anything outside of growth-based capital-accumulative systems as "viable".

ideally you gotta read and create your own assessment. if you ask about a specific theorist or text i'm sure plenty of 'zoners will share their incredibly impartial and well-researched opinion

but if you're actually organising people you're doing more work than most so congrats
Petrol posted in Drexciyan Oceania (Rhizzone Arsestraya & New Stealand Settlement) (494 posts)
upside downland updates for today:

• dutton found by senate committee to have mislead parliament over his persoanl relationship with au pair employer, he now faces a no confidence motion in the lower house and censure in the upper house

• the prime minister has a hilariously ugly statue dating back to his time as immigration minister, commemorating locking human being of all ages in pacific island death camps "stopping" the boats (for some reason it took a new york times profile for australian press to notice this and/or bother to publish photos)

shriekingviolet posted in what is "academic right opportunism?" (13 posts)

loudboy posted:

hmm i don't want to reify any identities but i also think like triple oppression theory is useful. i might be in a pickle.

tears has it exactly right, the conflict over "identity politics" in the left is really over not because identity politics are universally bad but because the hashing out of what was great and what sucked is all done. what was genuinely useful and productive (there's a lot!) was kept by real survivors and organizers, while the chaff got integrated into bad liberal politics that were never going anywhere anyways.

that old fight was brutal at the time but it's not really a hot topic anymore, outside of certain Extremely Online feedback loops that are worthless anyways.

sovnarkoman posted in YEAR ONE (555 posts)
wotan klan is for the white children
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