Crime Does Pay
How the criminal legal system serves the needs of capital at the expense of the poorest members of society

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United $naKKKe$ Troop/historian Alfred Thayer Mahan wrote The Influence of Sea Power upon History in the years before World War I and even though it's a historical review of 17th-18th century naval powers its principles were adopted by most of the major naval powers of the time. The argument there is that production only proves useful through the opening and defense of shipping lanes, and colonialism establishes a power's clout not just through extraction of resources, but through control over safe ports and lanes. It's been mentioned before on here, but one thing that flies under the radar for a lot of people is how much of today's logistics still involves ships at sea, especially after the advent of containerization. I don't know that I've seen a good recent Marxist review of the way current-day imperialism facilitates merchant shipping, but if there isn't one, it's probably an area worth covering.

There's also the aspect of human trafficking as a means of disciplining labor, the flags traffickers fly and the laws they use to keep their operations in place. Belize is a British Commonwealth country that's been run by its bourgeois/conservative/anti-regulatory party since 2008, which means it's turned into an untrammeled outpost of contemporary imperialism. Its previous law regulating registration of merchant ships and protection of their crews was repealed in 2010, and in the years that followed it became the worst offender for human trafficking in Central America, in large part because traffickers fly its flag at sea. On top of accepting registration from pretty much whoever, Belize has exceptionally poor labor laws concerning merchant vessels' crews, and that means when traffickers get caught, captains have incredible leverage over their crews not to testify about whatever's been happening aboard.
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hey guys i wrote a book called capital in the twentieth century and it says that we need giant global taxes to fix the world's ills my name is thomas piketty i came to this conclusion after 2.5 million dollars of education
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I think there was a rhizzoner who went to this protest back in August and posted about it (not sure) but anyway Portland police just admitted to having discovered a fascist sniper nest overlooking the whole event and didn’t do shit about it except tell them to leave
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lenochodek posted in Why is everything in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea done "just for us"? (1086 posts) really nice recent doc about dprk "defectors" and how they are tricked and instrumentalized by south korean intelligence
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