I realize some people here may not know what Axios is
all these boojy dregs with supposedly ruined careers have hit their second wind as part of an interconnected CIA / bourgeois propaganda machine projected out through Twitter

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Constantignoble posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (9896 posts)
just happened across a screenshot i took when i was looking for a job in late 2021. i've got family members who constantly talk about the Job Security and Retirement Benefits of working for the great satan, so i was glancing around usajobs.gov to see if maybe the forest service had a communications gig open or something

anyway, couldn't help but notice these listings

not surprising at all that there'd be a lot of high-paying jobs centered around Ethiopia at that point, and i felt compelled to note it. the thing i didn't capture is that the other major foreign-language listings at that time were Ukrainian, which also makes sense.

anyway, all this is to say that looking at what foreign languages amerikkka is looking to employ is probably an underutilized indicator
aerdil posted in math thread (417 posts)
taking free community college courses this year because i'm bored at my white collar data entry job and wanted to Learn again in a more systemic way, so i am currently learning calculus to see what the fuss is all about. going okay so far! maintaining an A. although blowing the dust off the trig and algebra i haven't touched in about 20 years has been the most difficult part, conceptually it's easy otherwise. i get the feeling they systemized the pedagogy for learning calculus in college pretty significantly. once i finish calculus and linear algebra someone hands you a bag of money, right? coming from an english degree so this is all new to me.
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