Making War Over a Worm
We need to intervene. I am a good person, this needs to stop. Oh my god, worms!
Rebuilding die Wolfsschanze Could Save Liberalism
Liberals have a duty to give a voice to the voiceless dead Nazis
¡Hasta la Victoria, Siempre!
Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz (1926–2016)

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Keven posted in how effective is jacobin as a dsa front (143 posts)
Well in that case let me tell you: the next words were "house of pancakes"
swampman posted in Sam Harris Is A Fraud (207 posts)

jerkyleboeuf posted:

About "the Russia thing"... is that topic verboten here? What's the deal? I can't imagine there are too many Trump fans here.

Let's assume that Trump gave Putin a huge bribe and said, "Use all of your hacking powers to hack the election." Then, Putin gathered an army of FSB computer engineers to hack American voting machines, buy off GOP officials and officials on the Board of Elections, expose an overwhelming majority of Americans directly to highly effective propaganda in the form of reposted RT articles on Facebook, and finally, release private emails from the servers of DNC officials to undermine their brilliant campaign to elect Hillary Clinton - all without leaving behind a single data point of credible evidence that they had done any of this. If this had all happened, and Trump was basically installed in a soft coup, my question to you would be, who gives a shit?

toutvabien posted in [goon project] lets relaunch (549 posts)
i took on a dumb project to make some stuff from marxists dot org (namely Mao's Quotations) look a bit cleaner/more kawaii, please add to the webring

only Ch.1 has links to sources (still hosted at the other site w/no aesthetic cleanup), planning to add the rest when i have time
cars posted in there should be a thread for just posting funny pics, (3783 posts)
roseweird posted in video game thread for 2017 (163 posts)
video games are stupid and decadent. i like them.
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