Shadow-boxing with 'Red China' in 2021
Struggling with how to reckon with the sea of ghosts left over from our miserable rise into modernity, it's time to run into the bathroom and scream at my enemy in the mirror: Mao Zedong

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tears posted in someone found a way to make bitcoin funnier (341 posts)
whats that? every amerikkkan with access to a small amount of capital is now getting into wild speculating? on stocks? silver? pokemon cards? computer tokens? and you say thats a bad thing?
shriekingviolet posted in kim jong un is fat. he's FAT!! (216 posts)

pity the poor overworked Broadcasting Board of Governors intern who got stuck with doing a find-replace on the endless stockpile of pre-written "Kim Jong-un death imminent" articles changing "too fat" to "not fat enough"
dimashq posted in kim jong un is fat. he's FAT!! (216 posts)
dizastar posted in kim jong un is fat. he's FAT!! (216 posts)
kim jong un reportedly in state of ketosis, experts say
liceo posted in dream thread (119 posts)
Wife had a dream last night that i$rael had lost the support of the other imperialist states except germany. accordingly, i$rael knew that, in order to continue expansion, they had to open up the gaza strip and west bank for german settlers to come and live and vacation. this, naturally, was a wild success in germany and pasty red-faced soft nazis fled to the shores of i$rael en masse. there was, however, one condition: in order to remain permanent residence, germans had to bring an adopted child from the third world with them, in order to give the false appearance of a diverse zionism. the outcome of this was that germans would travel to india and kill children's parents in order to get the birthright baby.

back in germany, hippie losers took to the street-fashion of what they saw in i$rael and started driving jeeps rigged with automatic weapons on the top, waving the zionist flag all the way (for context, there is a massive campaign for solidarity lmfao with i$rael happening here now and post-ups of their filthy flag all over the place).

she noticed a lesbian couple with an indian baby and knew immediately that they had murdered its parents so that they could settle in i$rael. she tried to confront them but we got thrown into a compound. she found a lizard on the ground and told me to pretend that i was a biologist and had to bring the lizard to a laboratory before it died, but the compound guards weren't having it.
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