Parks and Recreation As The Liberal Mind
"Whatever this is, it isn't politics."
E'er the Thieves Will Out With Their Nookie
Look into these eyes
Making War Over a Worm
We need to intervene. I am a good person, this needs to stop. Oh my god, worms!

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shriekingviolet posted in there should be a thread for just posting funny pics, (3959 posts)
swampman posted in thread for discussing the incomprehensible and meaningless dissolution of the NCP-LC (228 posts)
The slogan of my new anti-literacy communist collective will be "the more u write, the more u wrong"
Belphegor posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (5567 posts)
So my friends moved into a new apartment and it's been a real fixer upper. They invited me to the 'smudging ceremony'. None of them are native.

When I brought this up and said I would not be attending, my buddy was like 'were on native land, what's inappropriate about that?'


It's ok to steal the land as long as you steal the culture after I guess
stegosaurus posted in thread for discussing the incomprehensible and meaningless dissolution of the NCP-LC (228 posts)
'third worldist' increasingly just means 'non racist' i guess. like anytime someone acts like nkumrah, rodney, cabral, etc produced theory relevant to the Core its instantly reframed by opponents as 'slavish worship of third world nationalists' or whatever.

also the white working class issue and imperialism in crisis are the same issue. the white working class is very slowly being dispensed with as a favored nation by imperialism and its definitely provoking a crisis whose direct result is trump. really poor white workers might not support trump specifically but i think white supremacist ideas are a lot more prevalent than explicit support for trumps specific formulation of those ideas. such lazy stupid shit.
toyotathon posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (5567 posts)
fixed some vibration issues i was having on my lathe. there are 3 pulleys that need to be in alignment or you get vibration and belt wear: motor pulley, a belt tensioner pulley, and a spindle pulley. now they're in alignment. they weren't before due to poor measurements and drill press mistakes. the pulley on the motor shaft was dangling ~4mm off the edge, so now that's fixed. 2 points make a line and 3 points make a plane; the motor was only attached to the lathe by 2 points, giving it a degree of freedom to vibrate, and now it's 3. on that same idea, the lathe itself was secure by only 2 points, drilled another hole into the steel brace in my desk and now it's 3. always secure a plane by 3 points! vibration made some bolts come loose, now they're all fitted with either nyloc nuts for the thru bolts, or lock washers if blind holes. my ebay chuck was out of true, so i 3D printed a dremel mount and ground down the OD, now it's true to the lathe centerline to better than 0.01mm. one less source of vibration. real smooth operation up to around 1000RPM which is fine considering how much is DIY.

the z-axis is DIY and has major problems in that it twists the x-axis to a different angle whether it's going forwards or backwards. unanticipated degree of freedom, slop in the ballscrew, should have thought it through. found a new rail on ebay for not much $$ and am gonna replace my garbage rail system with a proper ballscrew, should fix the twisting problem. the ebay rail also came with a sweet swarf cover which is useless for a z-axis but really handy for my x-axis, so that'll be nice, one less lathe chore, just needs to be hacksaw'd to length. before these upgrades, i determined the curve fit for boring aluminum and using it, managed to hit a target bore internal diameter to 0.0005" (around 10 microns), so i'm excited to see what she can do after the upgrades. it's fun using the machine to improve the machine.
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