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when you lock up so much delicious energy behind pesticides and herbicides and selective breeding and genetic engineering you taunt the entire earth to throw its worst at you, terrifying monsters from our darkest nightmares

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The self-proclaimed ‘interim president’ of Venezuela, Juan Guaido, has fallen victim to a famous Russian prankster duo, discussing freezing Maduro's Swiss bank accounts and even sending them an “official request” to do so.
On February 20, ‘Maurer’ and Guaido talked about the “crime monies” of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, supposedly held in Swiss banks. The ‘Swiss president’ promised to freeze the accounts, claiming that of late the banks observed transfers from them to Russian and Chinese banks.

The pranksters reassured Guaido that he would be able to “manage” the frozen Venezuelan government accounts “as head of state.” “Excellent,” Guaido replied. Apart from that, the duo talked about another way, suggesting to simply create a personal account for Guaido and transferring Venezuelan state funds there.
While the prank was already a success, Guaido himself apparently added more hilarity to it, bragging to the press about getting in touch with the ‘Swiss president’ and stating that he was “doing everything possible to protect these assets that belong to the republic.” Switzerland, however, swiftly rebuked Guaido's claims, stating – obviously – that “there was no telephone contact between Mr. Guaido and President Maurer.”

The official statement by the real Swiss government, however, did not stop the prankster duo, who then again contacted Abrams and ‘Ambassador’ Vecchio, complaining about Guaido not being able to keep the “talks” private.

Surprisingly, the veteran meddler Abrams took the bait, replying to their email.

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been away from the ole rhizzone for a while now, time to mosey on back and see how things are going....

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perhaps a more productive avenue for discussion is how a future communist state would reconcile different ethnic groups with different beliefs to work together towards a mutually beneficial society?
the soviet union also suffered from accusations of russian chauvinism, which they attempted to correct with promoting different ethnic groups and their languages, although this did suffer from starts and stops as different outside conditions imposed themselves.
one of the great strengths of communism over most other political currents is the internationalism and anti-racism, and the soviet union was instrumental in fighting imperialism through its educating poor people with its universities of the poor toilers of the east, and many of those students ended up going back to their countries and promoting anti-imperialism.
this is a tremendously beneficial method, and it has obvious propaganda use as well, especially compared to the school of the americas.

as well, i think it's important to point out, though i'm sure all know, that its not like the american spy community is not beyond promoting radical islamist groups as a way to destabilise socialist countries and there may be something to china's concerns about this minority on its borders. if you believe that this reaction is heavy-handed, then what are the appropriate methods that they should take to protect themselves from this threat? it's not like the western intelligence apparatus is beyond weaponising civil rights, in fact it has been one of the major ways to attack states attempting the road to communism.

its obvious that this attack is so successful because leftists correctly believe they should be better about these kind of things. so the question becomes, what are the appropriate way to respond to these attacks? it's facile to compare them to how the west responds to terrorist attacks (invading unrelated countries, killing thousands, travel bans) but what is the correct way to defend yourselves?

lastly i should point out though this forum is quite small, it seems likely that our effect is somewhat outsized, since plenty of people may read without registering, and good arguments here can be weaponised and used on other, more popular mediums. to this effect, carrying on grudges against other posters that are esoteric in their beginnings serve no purpose and prevent new posters from feeling like they will be accepted if they post. if you have a genuine complaint about another posters politics, post a clearly labeled denunciation thread and express your feelings, so that they can be debated or defended, and a forum consensus reached. thus we can run out posters whose political beliefs are poison to our community, as well as correcting potentially good posters who have some troublesome beliefs absorbed through being raised in a world where bourgeois thinking is dominant.
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