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Another example I gave in the "pure goofy anecdote" part of that piece, which I'd love to try to dig up again, was Bill Clinton, and how the origin of the current turn of the public image of the bourgeoisie in that direction came in part from a dovetailing of public-image demagoguery and intense cynicism that cleaved against a cracking, crumbling scrupulosity. Clinton fucked over what remained of the Democrats' labor fund-raising base to secure ties to large banking interests but did it while he hammered on his youth in poverty, ate McDonald's and chased subordinates around the office with his dick out, and he nevertheless secured support from liberal feminists and completely trounced his opponents in the trial by journalism, because his opponents were still riding the rails of the Gingrich "talking points" train in public image, expressing disdain and disgust while ginning up genuine rage mostly behind the scenes through ties to far-right organizations.

The failure to publicly own the most effective parts of the center-right-to-far-right machine led to the devastating decline of Trump's party peers in public image, if not in political power, and ultimately, Trump's primary successes and his public image as candidate and president owe much more to Bill Clinton than to Gingrich or any other prominent Republican in the recent past, so much so that to mention it seems banal, though that's only true in hindsight.

Gingrich is a good case to consider in contrast, though I never mentioned him in that piece that I can remember: an absolute sleaze in his private life but at least moderately skilled at (and dedicated to) concealing it from the public, he converted to Roman Catholicism as an adult to try to paper over three divorces and make himself media-eligible for the presidency in 2012, but by the next election, he'd joined Trump's campaign, and his wife is now, in a confrontational move by the White House, the official ambassador to the Holy See. However, Gingrich himself couldn't manage to secure a cabinet position (it's ridiculous to accept his claim that he didn't want one given his life history). His approach to public image, once the most important guiding light in Washington on the matter, has absolutely nothing to offer the current ruling class; even when he began to publicly promote Vince-Foster-style conspiracy theory about the Democrats, he was so late to the game that I don't think he even convinced anyone that he really thought he had something significant to gain by doing it, let alone that he actually believed any of it. He just seemed like he was occupying his time in a way acceptable to his social peers, like a retiree who takes up model trains that no one else cares to see or hear about.

Even though the Republican Party's power base has not changed much at all, the media image that led them to believe they could (or should) sink Trump as strategy against Clinton now belongs in the Mesozoic, and even the Clintons themselves didn't seem able to detect that. But it's that exact same boorish power-move image matched against it that overcame it, just stripped of the ultimately superfluous propaganda lines of the DLC Democrats.
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It Turns Out Kim Jong-un's Uncle Was Not Fed To A Pack Of Wild Dogs

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very cool
O.Ü.: Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think what you say is China still enjoys a sort of sovereignty thanks to the legacy of Mao era. So, how do you evaluate the role of foreign direct investments (FDIs) in today’s China? Because FDIs have long been considered as an important driving force of China’s rapid GDP growth in post-Mao era.

F.E.: I think this view is really far-fetched. I mean, the reality is far from that. FDIs really play some role in China, but I think many scholars just overplay that. What China actually does is stealing technology. Pirating is the biggest advantage of China. The reason that China develops much faster than other Third World countries is when you have a sovereign economic base, military sovereignty and political sovereignty, copying is much faster than innovating. So you can do a leap forward; you can take the shortcut. Instead of starting with the landlines, you can go straight to mobile. Instead of starting with the VCRs, you can go straight to VCD or DVD recorders. Even Chinese film industry totally depends on pirating Hollywood movies today.

Let me clarify my point with examples: McDonald’s, for example, came in. Chinese learned from that. Today, Chinese fast-food industry kicks the ass of McDonald’s. Or FedEx came in. Now, it has already been beaten by Chinese express delivery companies. The examples can be multiplied. But the thing is, what makes these possible is that you have a sovereign control over the key sectors in your country.
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i wrote something once years ago about how projecting that image, of proudly not knowing the "right" thing to do in any and every given public situation and doing something anyway with zero consequences, replaced bourgeois propriety (knowing the right fork to pick up, etc.) as preferred bourgeois class signaling in the West right around the beginning of the 21st century, and how that had led to a decline in interest in things like cotillion classes for the petit-bourgeois since the providers could no longer believably present what they taught as a route to class mobility. My first example was Paris Hilton, who of course was a friend of Ivanka's from a young age and started her modeling career under Trump Management
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