Notes on the end of the cycle 1: the fall armyworm
when you lock up so much delicious energy behind pesticides and herbicides and selective breeding and genetic engineering you taunt the entire earth to throw its worst at you, terrifying monsters from our darkest nightmares

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Ufuk_Surekli posted in there should be a thread for just posting funny pics, (5366 posts)
misanthropic_rage posted in there should be a thread for just posting funny pics, (5366 posts)
MarxUltor posted in YEAR TWO (216 posts)
unfortunately it appears like facebook and google murdered all the journalists and algorithms killed the traders so we may be denied our rightful LF tradition of the thread of pictures of stock traders looking suicidal
shriekingviolet posted in What are tHE rHizzonE reading? (16914 posts)
sterilization without consent still happens to indigenous women in canada, like right now still happening. i've heard firsthand witness accounts of cops training their little baby pigs telling them that they are fighting a war of extermination to keep a pest population under control. they don't really bother to hide it, they use the language of genocide because their intent is genocide.
toyotathon posted in What are tHE rHizzonE reading? (16914 posts)
we're the weird communists, but can you imagine sharing social dreams with the false leaders in DC/ottawa. another century of manifest destiny's all they got, on mars or west oakland or the thawing tundra. the third reich had loopy ideas but these people are truly nuts, let's appreciate that. sterilizing women and stealing children, to make food-room for a white family and a copy of a dog. think how much effort's required to keep the native nations down and the black nation down, as a % of all white 'work', the social work or attorney work or insurance work etc, all the above-board work that goes into this scheming and stealing. dunno how their class of penny-suckers makes the numbers add up but maybe they don't and genocide's one of their $$$ luxury purchases. to our shame, most whites here can barely imagine a world without medical debt, so ending 400 years of war + peace between nations sounds real impossible. but it's the rest state, the minimum work minimum effort state, to end the internal war. it takes the whole apparatus to deny us peace on this land.
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