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when you lock up so much delicious energy behind pesticides and herbicides and selective breeding and genetic engineering you taunt the entire earth to throw its worst at you, terrifying monsters from our darkest nightmares

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aerdil posted in How to cover up coronnavirus symptoms (431 posts)
A global pandemic such as this highlights the way that scientific theory must lead first in order to develop sound and sane policy to combat societal collapse and save countless lives. I urge our comrades-in-arms to embrace this important call and be not afraid to discuss the urgent and pivotal issues and dilemmas facing our movement even if it seems to contradict deeply held sentiments. This is why I believe it is the utmost importance to open a dialogue as to whether we should contemplate temporarily delaying our immediate call for the JDPON to distribute first-world white Amerikkkans among the third world nations as doing so may inadvertently exasperate infection rates in proletarian communities.
Over9000ft posted About those ventilators for corona patients, or, let's look at government procurement (0 posts)
We have been told here in DFW that the lack of ventilators is specifically the reason why Dallas county implemented a quarantine order. They tried to hide the dire specifics of the situation, but an elected official told us the numbers in this video last week, there are 652 ventilators for a county of 2.6 million people:

Yesterday, the NYTimes ran a story about how the HHS dept tried to purchase tens of thousands of ventilators in bulk for this very reason back in 2012. The contract was awarded, per the story, to a west coast company owned by Japanese interests, and the price was $3k/unit. However, after prototypes were delivered a European company swooped in and bought the company that was awarded the contract. It just so happened that the European company also sold ventilators... for $10k/unit. Predictably, the new owners of the contract had no desire to fulfil it. Here's the relevant quote from the NYTimes article...

The purchase price of the company was 108 million dollars. The Times article mentions 40,000 units as a number the feds wanted, so 3k times 40k = 120 million. I find it hard to believe based on these numbers that the company had much of value outside of that one government contract.

One might ask themselves why the administration that was otherwise aggressive in its statements and actions compared to previous administrations in regard to pursuing antitrust actions both within the FTC and the DOJ, would turn a blind eye to a merger which halted fulfilment of a government contract due to a rather obvious conflict of interest with possible price-fixing intent.

Well, there's an answer to that, too, it seems. For some reason the NY Times left this out of their story.

Covidien itself was sold later on. In January of 2012, Covidien's share price was around 40 dollars, on a market cap of about 28 billion just after the 2012 election. The FTC gave only a cursory objection to Medtronic buying Covidien for 42.9 billion in late 2014. As of the week of the FTC's approval of the Covidien sale to Medtronic, the share price was up from the 40 dollars/share in 2012 to 101 dollars/share in Nov 2014. 15 billion dollars in two years is not a bad haul for a cost basis of 2 million and change to few Clinton/Obama lackeys.

Funny thing about that FTC merger ruling on Medtronics and Covidien, though... apparently the FTC 'forgot' to follow up on its promise of overseeing Medtronic's divestment of its drug-coated catheter/balloon business to the company in Colorado mentioned in the Reuters article above, because in another release in 2018 it seems that Medtronic is a major competitor in this business. In any case, if this story is accurate the whole drug coated balloon business among all manufacturers is worth around 5.9 billion dollars, and Medtronic was not the leader of that market in 2014, C.R. Bard was. I think all of this solidifies the notion that the FTC's objection to the Medtronic purchase of Covidien was merely a charade to keep up appearances. They had no problems letting a company that had stopped one of their cabinet agencies from fulfilling a contract cash in on a 15 billion dollar surge in their company's valuation, after said company had paid their tribute to Podesta and co.

In short, there was going to be a government stockpile of ventilators, until the government took a bribe to not keep a stockpile of ventilators. Then there wasn't going to be a government stockpile of ventilators, so if any of your friends or relatives die due to ventilator rationing, send Obama a thank-you card.
overfire posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (8892 posts)
rl update-i have a bullshit office job. 3.5 weeks ago everyone in my department got sent home to work remotely...except me, the most recent employee.

the following week, alone in my office, i went to HR and told them I wanted to be set up remotely. i was told i was young and healthy, so i shouldn't be worried, and there were not enough laptops to go around.

i returned to my office, which management filled with people from customer services, all of us on top of each other as if they wanted us to be infected. management of course are ordering this remotely from their houses in rural southenglandshire.

i do no work for a week as there is no work to do. no one is watching me. i go upstairs to the abandoned meeting rooms and do push-ups and stare out of the window. i spin around in my chair. i disappear for an hour or more wandering the dual carriageway outside. intermittently i fight with HR. i find out there are spare laptops but they're being 'saved for business-critical roles.' the country is going into increasing levels of lockdown but i'm still going in. the make-up of people left in my office is getting younger and more working class. the well-fed toffs are unsurprisingly absent, fleeing one by one.

eventually i asked for a week's leave and was granted it. watching the graphs and the cases mount i predicted correctly there would be lockdown before my leave finished. however, as the government hasn't actually ordered much other than leisure facilities to close, my office remained open and i was faced with going back in or quitting and having no entitlement to benefits for voluntarily leaving my job. panicking, i called my manager and told her my housemate had symptoms of the 'rona and i had to self-isolate (on statutory sick pay which is £94 a week).

within 2 hours they delivered a desktop PC to my house. there was the ability to allow me to work remotely all along, but for some reason they were happy for everyone to swim in covid soup rather than allow people to work from home.

it's day one of homeworking and i have done absolutely nothing so far.

capitalism is an absurd hellscape and i still feel like one of the lucky ones for having employment, for however long this lasts.

drwhat posted in How to cover up coronnavirus symptoms (431 posts)
I'm pretty worried about everyone so you all please remember to post if you die
shriekingviolet posted in Lurker checkpoint #46355 (61 posts)
people think about posting too much

just post

if you're really fucked up someone will go out of their way to do something about it. no one has done this because you're fine.

but i'm not your mom, do what you want
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