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getfiscal posted in We've reached peak Sam Kriss (714 posts)
I assume this will be good for his career, so I'd like to congratulate him on his success. At the same time, I hope he can stretch beyond contrition for the sake of avoiding shame, into growth for the sake of making real amends and being a positive force against sexism and abuse. Christ's example to us is that it's when we're most likely to cast someone aside that we should hold them the closest. I hope in Sam's tenure as editor at the New Yorker, or whatever lies in store for him, he knows that I hope he can access the best parts of himself. That being said: Sam Kriss detonator blasting cap riyadh operation timer improvised smuggle medina
tears posted in We've reached peak Sam Kriss (714 posts)

*record scratch*

*freeze frame*

yup, thats me, bet your wondering how I got here, well

*video rewinds through various scenes, sam kriss on the stage with jeremy corbyn at the labour party conference, sam kriss fleeing raqqa in an isis pickup, sam kriss celebrating getting published in the atlantic, sam kriss firing a gun into the air under an isis flag, sam kriss attending an orgy in a strange mask, sam kriss posting about communism in a dark corner of the internet called "tHE rHizzonE", and finally, somewhere deep in the mists of time, we see a young sam kriss sat alone in a dark room activating a dialup modem, then tapping out the letters w w w . s o m e t h i n g a w f u l . c o m before hitting enter...*
Crow posted in We've reached peak Sam Kriss (714 posts)
Ive been saying this for two years now: Arrest This Man
swampman posted in We've reached peak Sam Kriss (714 posts)
I think there is a lot of arrogance in this conversation, I don't fault any individual poster for it, but what exactly is the rhizzone responsible for here? We didn't launch Kriss's writing career, we didn't go to parties with him or buy his books. This is a public forum where people can register freely and make some pretty bad posts before we permanently ban. In 2012 there was ironic fascism here that has since been driven out. Kriss was routinely mocked for abusing drugs, relationships and leftism, did we have a responsibility beyond that mockery to warn the world about this dangerous monster? I can go back and search through my posts but I personally don't feel a need to "self crit" here as I don't behave like that and don't have anything to do with Kriss. At this point my relationship with Zizek is equally close, I've met him more times.

I want to ban based on forums behavior. Dangerous and outright disruptive behavior = permanently banned. Actively shitty people mocked as a first resort and then eventually banned. Ordernary posters who happen to be incredbly bourgeois (me) parasites (me) allowed to post freely without ever having restriction, as long as they try hard and do the best (me). Even though I've known a lot of you for years, this is not my social life or mental health support, it's where I come to learn about communism from interesting people. I expect that some of you are guilty of some bullshit but that's not relevant to this forum being a resource for my personal growth. I wish I didn't know about bhpn's crime because it's not something I can do anything about or have any relation to. Knowing about it doesn't change my stance on sex tourism or how I behave in real life. If someone is reading this post saying, "well for me or this other person I know, it IS a social life / mental health support group" then we need to have a broader conversation about setting up a private board, screening ideology / "extreme irony" / trigger topics &c. For those people I say without malice or condescension, have you tried posting at WDDP?
shriekingviolet posted in norman finklestein in jail (28 posts)
A couple years ago I was involved in hosting a large speaking event here for Norman as part of israeli apartheid week, he has a real mastery of live speech and maintains a remarkable amount of control in the face of opposition. His arguments are so cogent, spoken with such a combination of carefully assembled evidence and compassionate conviction that he actually convinced some of the people who had shown up just to scream at him. He helped to catalyze a real lasting base of Palestinian solidarity in this city, alongside of course the long suffering efforts of local organizers. He's a hero to me and this news is really upsetting, wish we had more information. Hoping for his safety.
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