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glomper_stomper posted in YEAR ZERO (899 posts)
honestly that's one of the things i've tried to make really clear when i try talking about fascism in the us. people like to trot out the straight up neo-nazis as the main force in the amerikan fascist movement. while the hammerskins are pretty prevalent on the west coast and northwest due to the entrenchment of the white supremacist "communes" and the suburbanized lumpen, they only have a few holdouts in the rest of the country. klan chapters are a dime a dozen; any petit-bourgeois pig with money for a lodge and some robes can form one. they're generally about as short-lived and fungible as any microsect; only a few can really hold on and expand with a decent amount of press, revenue, international connections, and popular acquiescence/support, which is how people like thomas robb and david duke managed to cling onto any form of political life after all these years. other groups, like the league of the south and the NSM, seem like they're trying to hack out some of that stability for themselves by entering an alliance with them.

the actual ideas of the klan and the neo-nazis are fairly detached from real conditions, even if their appeal is basically unlimited to white settlers across the board. the klan is still touting the same genocidal programs they were promoting to prop up jim crow and driving black workers and farmers off the land, with a "zog" gloss; the neo-nazis are too european and mystical to organize the rural and (sub)urban petit-bourgeoisie that might've embraced them in the 30's.

the real fascists today want to restore a white settler aristocracy in their white-collar/specialist type jobs, they want the pigs and army to crush all resistance in ghettos and reservations, they want all women subordinated to them, they want more land and more workers to manage it, they want "western civilization" to totally eradicate arabs and muslims, and they want to restore the constitution to a "civil libertarian" form, which will clearly subject the trend of desettlerization to political and economic free-for-all in which unquestioned white supremacy will inevitably be restored. all the armchair nazis tend to labor under the delusion that the "mainstream" will come to accept the old spengler/evola bullshit, but the problem is they aren't really conscious of their material interests in any political or practical sense and they think they won't have to fight for any of it.

the fact is fascism is closer to the "mainstream" than the klan or whatever esoteric shit's been imported from 20th century europe. there are police unions, minutemen, three-percenters, far-right think tanks, and old anti-communist holdouts like the american legion that cover the whole range of amerikan fascism, barring the large stratum of white-collar professionals, recent STEM graduates, and pseudo-intellectual trust fund kids who are rushing into organizations like american vanguard. that's the real threat. the rural petit-bourgeoisie will already line up in droves to join the militias when they even get a hint that their position might be threatened, but the suburban petit-bourgeoisie is still too comfortable to understand how their position is threatened beyond the fact that they have to compete with brown people and that the settler nation is being torn apart by "degenerates". once they've declined to a point where they can't even afford the shit they buy on newegg or play eve online for 10 hours a day, they'll probably stop fucking around with the old national alliance types and fall behind the settler militias that have been running around with guns at protests and slaughtering people on the border with impunity for the past 15 years.
hey posted in A Conversation Between Comrades (17 posts)
i thought this was going to be a conversation between conrads. disappointed

Caesura109 posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (5366 posts)
My passport and citizenship are in jeopardy as the government of my country is refusing to renew me and my families' passports at the behest of Saudi and UAE putting my dad on a list of journalists and media persons they want gone. He has hundreds of thousands of twitter followers from Saudi and they all spend their time shitting on the Gulf leadership. Since many relatives of ours are in the opposition, we are trying to work something out, and if President Aziz doesn't back down, plan to go public with it.
tears posted in A Conversation Between Comrades (17 posts)
tears posted in YEAR ZERO (899 posts)
i watched some footage from "charlottesville" and god damn is that the worst pile of colossal larping failson shit ive ever seen, with more guns than anywhere else in the world the "alt right fascist revial" rock up with friggin wooden shields and hitler slogan tshirts then one of them who couldnt even hack it as a troop choses to try and recreate the latest euro-wizarding attack. All the while the real fascists™ march around with guns and camo uniforms claiming they're theyre to "keep the peace" in leiu of the police. Watching some armed militia person telling a kid with a capitain america shield and flag to fuck off then shouting out "there's another one surrounded by n****rs" as they rush off is deeply unsettling.
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