Ella Rule is a Shit Person and the CPGB-ML is a Shit Org
As Robespierre said, if you're frightened of being canceled, you already deserve cancellation

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Without tpaine's will channeled through this forum's crystal matrix, "Harpal Brar" could no longer maintain his form in meatspace.
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something the op doesn't mention which i think is important is that meat is heavily subsidised in the north, paid for through imperialist super-profits - its one of the rewards of imperialism, but because unlike tea and coffee production very often occurs in the north with subsidy it doesn't get thought about as much. - if an org doesn't recognise that meat is actually bad they probably don't really get imperialism

a second thought is that coffee is a drug provided at minimal cost to the residents of the north not just because of how it can make people work longer and harder (c.f. the history of the english coffee houses of the 17th-18th century) but also to keep them in a permanent state of heightened anxiety *sips coffee and opens the conspiracy thread*
toyot posted Marx on Ireland (0 posts)

I have become more and more convinced – and it is only a matter of bringing this conviction home to the English working class – that it can never do anything decisive here in England until it separates its policy with regard to Ireland in the most definite way from the policy of the ruling classes, until it not only makes common cause with the Irish, but even takes the initiative in dissolving the Union established in 1801 and replacing it by a free federal relationship. And, indeed, this must be done not as a matter of sympathy with Ireland, but as a demand made in the interests of the English proletariat. If not, the English people will remain in the leading strings of the ruling classes, because it must join with them in a common front against Ireland. Every one of its movements in England itself is crippled by the quarrel with the Irish, who even in England form a very important section of the working class. The primary condition of emancipation here – the overthrow of the English landed oligarchy – remains impossible because its position here cannot be stormed so long as it maintains its strongly entrenched outpost in Ireland. But there, once affairs are in the hands of the Irish people itself, once it is made its own legislator and ruler, once it becomes autonomous, the abolition of the landed aristocracy (to a large extent the same persons as the English landlords) will be infinitely easier than here, because in Ireland it is not only a simple economic question, but at the same time a national question, since the landlords there, unlike those in England, are not the traditional dignitaries and representatives, but the mortally hated oppressors of the nation. And not only does England’s internal social development remain crippled by her present relation with Ireland; her foreign policy, and particularly her policy with regard to Russia and the United States of America, suffers likewise.

But since the English working class undoubtedly throws the decisive weight into the scale of social emancipation generally, the lever has to be applied here. As a matter of fact, the English republic under Cromwell came to grief over Ireland. The Irish have played a capital joke on the English government by electing the “convict felon” O’Donovan Rossa to Parliament. The government papers are already threatening a renewed suspension of the Habeas Corpus Act, a renewed system of terror! In fact, England never had and never can – so long as the present relationship lasts – rule Ireland otherwise than by the most abominable reign of terror and the most reprehensible corruption.

– Marx, letter to Dr. Kugelmann (1869) Marx and Engels, On Britain, pp 547-49

What made North Amerika so desirable to these people? Land. Euro-Amerikan liberals and radicals have rarely dealt with the Land question; we could say that they don't have to deal with it, since their people already have all the land. What lured Europeans to leave their homes and cross the Atlantic was the chance to share in conquering Indian land.

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ppl more concerned or curious about chinese imperialism than french, japanese, german finance imperialism are showing ass fyi
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by posting this synergy prompted like 32 new posts on riZzone, an invaluable gain for the forum and humanity as a whole, i respect taht
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