Parks and Recreation As The Liberal Mind
"Whatever this is, it isn't politics."
E'er the Thieves Will Out With Their Nookie
Look into these eyes
Making War Over a Worm
We need to intervene. I am a good person, this needs to stop. Oh my god, worms!

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getfiscal posted in We've reached peak Sam Kriss (626 posts)
I assume this will be good for his career, so I'd like to congratulate him on his success. At the same time, I hope he can stretch beyond contrition for the sake of avoiding shame, into growth for the sake of making real amends and being a positive force against sexism and abuse. Christ's example to us is that it's when we're most likely to cast someone aside that we should hold them the closest. I hope in Sam's tenure as editor at the New Yorker, or whatever lies in store for him, he knows that I hope he can access the best parts of himself. That being said: Sam Kriss detonator blasting cap riyadh operation timer improvised smuggle medina
HenryKrinkle posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (5962 posts)
the president's son enjoys owns of sam kriss
shriekingviolet posted in norman finklestein in jail (12 posts)
A couple years ago I was involved in hosting a large speaking event here for Norman as part of israeli apartheid week, he has a real mastery of live speech and maintains a remarkable amount of control in the face of opposition. His arguments are so cogent, spoken with such a combination of carefully assembled evidence and compassionate conviction that he actually convinced some of the people who had shown up just to scream at him. He helped to catalyze a real lasting base of Palestinian solidarity in this city, alongside of course the long suffering efforts of local organizers. He's a hero to me and this news is really upsetting, wish we had more information. Hoping for his safety.
shriekingviolet posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (5962 posts)
PSA for the PSL gossip team since apparently they read everything: I don't really care about your american party, and you really shouldn't care about this tiny forum, I know you do a lot of other good work so please for the love of god spend your time on something actually useful instead of wasting it creeping here thanks
overfire posted in Get off the off-site: Let's play "Real Life" (5962 posts)
A friend of mine posted this in relation to the #metoo hash tag going around recounting a date with deadken. Posted with permission
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