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all these boojy dregs with supposedly ruined careers have hit their second wind as part of an interconnected CIA / bourgeois propaganda machine projected out through Twitter

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reading ivan illitch's 'medical nemesis' (1975) that was linked elsewhere. this passage referencing the stark differences in how chinese healthcare was structured stood out to me. this would have been researched/written toward the end of the cultural revolution. anyone can point me to more information of what mediated the shifts in health/care approach at the time?

Only in China—at least, at first sight—does the trend seem to run in the opposite direction: primary care is given by nonprofessional health technicians assisted by health apprentices who leave their regular jobs in the factory when they are called on to assist a member of their brigade. Nutrition, environmental hygiene, and birth control have improved beyond comparison. The achievements in the Chinese health sector during the late sixties have proved, perhaps definitively, a long- debated point: that almost all demonstrably effective technical health devices can be taken over within months and used competently by millions of ordinary people. Despite such successes, an orthodox commitment to Western dreams of reason in Marxist shape may now destroy what political virtue, combined with traditional pragmatism, has achieved. The bias towards technological progress and centralization is reflected already in the professional reaches of medical care. China possesses not only a paramedical system but also medical personnel whose educational standards are known to be of the highest order by their counterparts around the world, and which differ only marginally from those of other countries. Most investment during the last four years seems to have gone towards the further development of this extremely well qualified and highly orthodox medical profession, which is getting increasing authority to shape the over-all health goals of the nation. "Barefoot medicine" is losing its makeshift, semi-independent, grassroots character and is being integrated into a unitary health-care technocracy. University-trained personnel instruct, supervise, and complement the locally elected healer. This ideologically fueled development of professional medicine in China will have to be consciously limited in the very near future if it is to remain a balancing complement rather than an obstacle to high-level self-care.

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Looking for forward looking comrade to share my life with. Appearance not important.
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I have heard the Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir live, pretty singular experience

but for this scene, I think they may be playing it backwards??

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i started reading volume 1 of male fantasies, the theweleit book, it's basically him looking in detail at freikorps literature by way of psychoanalysis to try and work out what the deal is with fascists, and volume 1 is specifically about fascist attitudes to women. i'm not very far into it yet so at this point he's mostly just tracing out different patterns that keep showing up in all these insane freikorps books. i'm not finding it super compelling just yet but i want to see what he does with all the patterns later on in the book.
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