green tea w/ blueberries
whiskey has antioxidants

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:


neo: "wow"

me 2
a river of whiskey sours
no beer and ive lost 15 pounds

dimashq posted:

no beer and ive lost 15 pounds

they're always in the last place you check


dimashq posted:

no beer and ive lost 15 pounds

that's a lot of money to lose without even a single beer to show for. goondolences

if you want to recover some of that weight i recommend quitting smoking
i am smoking a cigarette and drinking a martini. got a new apartment and it's bigger than one room so i can have a dedicated smoker's corner.
beers earlier, but green tea w/ cherry and vanilla flavor now.

switching from soda as my caffeinated drink of choice to tea has been treating me well

🫖 💪 😎
3.75 liters of rum punch. made from: rum, homemade falernum, oloroso, fresh nutmeg, lemon, cinnamon, lime, earl grey, and sugar.

see you in hell
can't see ground
cold brew jameson manhattan w/ local cherry bitters. fun stupid bullshit

nice lower forearm and quarter-view thumb SV