aerdil posted:

jim beam from the 60s or 70s with a really cool glass bottle

i've got this funky idiosyncratic bottle of german Health Tonic from the 70s that is kind of like an ancestor of jaegermeister and the label is really ornate in a dumb folksy way. it's cool

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i jjust noticed this forum. very nice. im drinking coffee mixed with jim beam so i have the energy to go out in the frigid winter and further my goal of drinking myself to death
that sounds really good right about now. there's a fresh snowfall and low cloud cover here, everything is glowing and it's a really nice night for drinking and staring out the window
i got the day off to go to a comedy show later tonight and currently its windy and rainy so some of this single batch four roses sitting on my desk shall be had. good time to just watch all these poor saps struggling outside.
im drink beer
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i got 200 ml of 100 proof smirnoff vodka for tonight because im bored

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drunk lol

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its fine; id rather have an easy life than a hard one. its not my place at all to complain about working all day long.

gwarp posted:

i got 200 ml of 100 proof smirnoff vodka for tonight because im bored


gwarp posted:

drunk lol

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You should find another hobby.

i agree 100%

but i don't know if that kind of comment is allowed in the dytd subforum.
last night i had to go to four bars before one would serve me because my drivers license expired last week. i got increasingly belligerent with each bartender/bouncer who denied me crucial chemical sustenance/entry until finally we got to a bar where the bartender was willing to serve me based on my expired ID and increasingly greying hair
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i covered a delivery shift for my friend's food delivery company and got tipped a triple shot of fernet today. the shift i covered was for the guitar player in my band who got fired because he was too hungover to work this morning. alcohol rules.
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im drinking two hearted ale at a bar on my computer half-watching the bulls probably lose to an inferior orlando team. christian sabbath drink yourself to death krew. if the bulls lose i might get a shot of malort to punish myself for cheering for a shitty team
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evil beavis loves anacott steel reserve
I've been using an expired ID for 5 years now with no difficulty. Do you have one of those freakishly youthful faces? People keep assuming that a friend of mine is just the older sister of her children...
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alternatively, perhaps i'm just blessed with natural "give me alcohol immediately" magnetism.

i'm drinking a gin & tonic with a little splash of rose water. yessss. they recently started stocking it at the supermarket near me and i'm so pleased
i don't go to bars on weekend nights so i don't get carded ever..

i'm about to go get some beer im thinking i might try the anchor steam lager iven ever had it.
im pretty sure it has to do with state law/enforcement, people are usually pretty strict about it. a lot of places have signs that say they card if you look younger than 55. i get carded for cigarettes and i dont look anywhere near 18

this morning i got turned away at the dispensary door because of the same issue and i forgot to just bring my passport
do you live in california? thats your problem right there
i decided to go with six point crips pilz tonight it's pretty good.

gyrofry you seem like someone who might drink a fernet now and again
i dont know what fernet is but i like malort
fernet is like malort if dagos made it
i like sixpoint resin

EmanuelaBrolandi posted:

fernet is like malort if dagos made it

Darmok and jalad at tenagra

when my wallet got stolen a few years back i didn't have an ID for awhile so i brought around my birth certificate and high school yearbook as a substitute

worked at most places
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an old turkish guy pickpocketed me at a train station once.. he cleared my account of like $2,500. then a few days later i saw him in an entirely different part of the city, and he said "hi connie" like he remembered my name cos he`d been using my card... ugh~!!! i was soo mad. i didn`t say anything to him i just shot daggers @ him w/ my cold dead stare.