discipline posted:

excellent work

top notch choppery
i had a pint of a 10% beer and a pint of something probably closer to 5% and that was enough for me!
green flash green bullet
i like that they make nugget nectar tall boys now
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i just finished my second 24 of sierra nevada and now i have to go downstairs to get more beer but i just did like 3 dabs and ate a bunch of chicken fried rice so i might have to take a nap real quick
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chia beer
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that looks & sounds excellent. did you dice up the spearmint, and would it work to just muddle it real good or would that not get sufficient results?
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is it fermented? i'm not sure i understand whats going on there
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getfiscal posted:

I made these this morning.

holy shit

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im drinking double dog. it's an IPA that's 11.5% alcohol. this is my favorate drink because i can drink 3 of them and get the same alcohol as drinking like 15 millers lites or something. im trying to keep my figure.

tpaine posted:

1:36 lmao. what is she saying


Just finished #3.
as much as trailer park boys reflects canada, i cannot respect always sunny marxist memes if they are tainted by this northern agression

conec posted:

it`s spearmint, honey, sparkling water, nd lime .. me likey

add some ginger imo

Usually I'll do a shot of jameson with each of my first three gold tops, type a letter or two on my olympia sm9 made in west germany in the 60s, then finish the twelver with a lecture from either charles webster baer or one of the 40 oz only guys

webster bae... thinkin bout u
i drank water last night. im not doing this right...

dipshit420 posted:

i drank water last night. im not doing this right...

tpaine drinks american beer every night, you're in good company

holy shit
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i tried miller fortune for the first and only time the other week
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jim beam from the 60s or 70s with a really cool glass bottle

tpaine posted:

hand over modship to shirkingviolin please.

i'm playing the world's saddest requiem for your drinking ability, on my increasingly tiny violin