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shriekingviolet posted:

today i started drinking gin and tonics at about 9 am and then went to the vancouver art gallery and stood in a video art installation based on the unabombers cabin going 'wow... oh wow' for about half an hour
that's the proper way to go to an art gallery. did they have the indigenous women collab exhibit that's touring major galleries this summer? it's really fucking good if you like having your soul pulled through a cheese grater (hell,)
shoutout to my art gallery curator friend who moved to saudi arabia because it was better than being around white people
i had one cider and it tasted nice and now my head feels like an ashtray. never have one drink, have only either zero or all of them
fortunately there is an easy cure to only having 1 drink
yesterday we had a Girl Drink Drunk night (while celebrating the 20th anniversary of Blade) and i'd forgotten what it was like to be this hungover. more punishing than guzzling 3x as much straight whiskey. some motherfuckers are always trying to ice skate uphill

sugary drinks are hangover fuel from hell. goondolences

shriekingviolet posted:

cracked open the extra old deut i was saving, for our spontaneous John Mccain Is Fucking Dead party.

I’m drinking mint tea
campari at the grocrey store nearest to me is only $4 and mineral water is only 19 cents for a liter so...
when the most impoartant factors are refreshingness, cheapness, and alcohol content a good solution is to buy very cheap high power beer from the supermarket and nobrand loemonade and drink shandy.
i'm sipping on a little somethin' call'd la croix

winebaby posted:

i'm sipping on a little somethin' call'd la croix

sounds likea good thing to put gin into


Gssh posted:


natural lgiht

ialdabaoth posted:

natural lgiht


thers nothing you can do to stop me
i feel the same way
an 11% beer
sagely nodding

a toast to comrade raccoon
shocking footage of sober poster trying to blend in to DYTD
Edward forty hands
i think the cream i used to make this eggnog was expired
Good ol' lait de poule avec rhum
i didn't know you could milk chickens
this is just one of the many facts you may learn when they put french labels on everything
sugar? i'm dissapointed in you soldiers.
After several drinks I have realized,,, that
,,, that natural light is a perfectly fine beer especially considering the price per fluid ounce and really who are you trying to impress anyway