These things happen. Snipe.
Seems quintessentially American to me. A depressed nihilistic gambler living in the American west decides to go out just like all those people in Tarantino films

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Vice's ideal audience is 35-45yos who think graffiti should be decriminalized if its actually an attempt to make property look better (not "tagging")
the guy who writes that visup blog has a book coming out on deep politics and similar things, might be worth a look https://www.amazon.com/dp/1702385051
French language video but

My short translation would be: things are fine, things are going well. We've treated a bunch of patients with hydroxychloroquine and there isn't an issue. There are these insane scare stories in the media about the terrible effects of it and it's insane. Millions of people take this, like I've been saying, the side effects are well known, we monitor for QT prolongation as we always have and avoid anything like the known risk of torsades de pointes (drw note: super tachycardia leading to death), the blindness thing doesn't come into play unless you've been taking it for years at a time, it's not an issue and we are about to release data on 1000 patients. There are people obsessed with the methodologies of research and drug trials, we are doctors. The base of the practice of medicine is to apply what works, not wait around for bullshit, we had patients, we have knowledge from China and Korea, we applied it, they got better, fuck off.


So yeah. I am dismayed to have to agree with Trump but it's right there. There is a bunch of stories in the media of people working hard trying to discredit this guy. I don't think you end up the director of a national-level, specialized infectious diseases teaching & research hospital just by being a quack, imo? Just a thought

i thought it was thoughtless that trump was talking up hydroxychloroquine while giving short shrift to stay at home directives, and more thoughtless for his opponents to keep dunking on him for taking about this drug despite its evident effectiveness from its use in china and around the world. he's not a doctor, he's just repeating what medical advisors told him. now he gets to crow about being smart, having intuitiin, and being the victim of another lieberal hoax. news media setting themselves up for another self-own, at the same time preserving the sinophobic propaganda that china keeps withholding info while we painstakingly reinvent the wheel
president of the united states of america was an idiot about a correct fact, news decided that by transitive properties of stupid the correct fact could not possibly be correct. if you wrote this into a YA dystopia novel the editor would send it back for being too unbelievable
i think hcq is still just in the "can't hurt to try, so why not to try, and there is nothing else that works" phase. the evidence of small clinical trials, including chinese ones, is mixed. let's see the 1000 ppl trial but i'm expecting only a small but real effect. some raoult papers do contain some scientific malpractice, like image manupulation. You can check that here - although it can be argued to which extent he has anything to do with the fraudulent part of the papers where he's just a random co-author and caught in he slipstream of someone else. In any case, the chloroquine approach at least seems less cynical than gilead trying to get their failed DoD-funded ebola drug on the market again

btw, the hosting website seems weird but whitney webb (who wrote those amazing epstein articles a while back) has some great dot connecting long piece series about amerithrax and the current virus started here:

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president of the united states of america was an idiot about a correct fact, news decided that by transitive properties of stupid the correct fact could not possibly be correct. if you wrote this into a YA dystopia novel the editor would send it back for being too unbelievable

a stopped clock is right twice a day. trump however is never right about anything, and all supplies of hydroxychloroquine should be rerouted directly into the bin. this has been Clara Buttington-Whitbread reporting for The Guardian


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So what the fuck happened with the Mandalay Bay shooting/shooter? It's mind-blowing that nobody has a fucking clue why the largest and deadliest mass shooting in US history even happened in the first place.

well, it's sort of interesting that he was taking pot shots at the fuel tanks used by the usaf's secret airline.

https://nypost.com/2017/10/05/vegas-maniac-may-have-targeted-classified-government-run-airlines-fuel-tanks/ posted:

The two jet fuel tanks Las Vegas gunman Stephen Paddock fired on from his Mandalay Bay hotel room Sunday are near a secret government-run airline, according to a report.

Paddock fired at the two fuel tanks at McCarran International Airport during his attack on the Route 91 Harvest country music festival — but didn’t cause an explosion.

The massive fuel tanks are located very close to the secret fleet of passenger planes that make up Janet airlines, which the government uses to shuttle workers to intelligence agency outposts like Area 51, according to a RadarOnline.com report.

“JANET is based at McCarran International Airport and its hanger is just beyond a parking lot directly adjacent to those gas tankers,” a source told the website.

“It’s also a very intriguing angle given Paddock worked for the predecessor of Lockheed Martin, one of the U.S. government’s most relied upon military aviation manufacturers,” the source added.

my snap take is they're doing this so you go, damn UFOs are real, and then all the big boys can laugh at you thus neutralizing your vitality

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i don't actually think this is as unprecedented as people are making it to be. as far as im aware even the quite early us government attempts to investigate ufos like project blue book found that there was a small but persistent number of sightings that they weren't able to explain. having those videos is pretty cool but it's really just confirming that there are phenomena in the sky that we don't understand, it's not making them out to be aliens or spacecraft or whatever. of course if some ufo sightings are actually related to classified US aircraft then it probably makes sense for them to declassify a few videos as a misdirection.

i seen less fuzzy videos of sasquatches than those. vague blobs truly out of this world

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i seen less fuzzy videos of sasquatches than those. vague blobs truly out of this world

if you were photographing a sasquatch from a plane it would be pretty blurry too!


Yes that is an interesting logo indeed for a white merc group. Also the location for the three helicopter pilots is "undisclosed" except for the hint that it's in East Africa. Here's a video from early April, now count how many helicopters you see


Edit: Might correct that to two helicopters:

The Islamic State has released video of a destroyed Gazelle helicopter in Mozambique, confirming reports that the aircraft went down earlier this month.

The video, from the Islamic State’s Amaq News Agency, was released on 20 April and says “A helicopter was shot down by Islamic State fighters on Wednesday ”.


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i quicjkly check the wikipedia pages for manticore and related mantequero to estimate the "did they know what they were calling it when they chose that name" score on this company
i've said it before and i'll say it again, every recent U.S.-based security company has a dungeons and dragons name
gonna name my new security startup "saving throw"
hey senator let me tell you about my mercenary corp, "Literally Sauron". cool name huh, it's because I like dinosaurs
I thought lorenzoae's final post about the leto cult was a little overblown, then a few months later that happened.