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Ok so followup question: if I was to use calibrie, or perhaps write something specially in python, or use something else entirely - what are the options for then sharing that indexed library system so someone else might browse the index in a suitably aesthetically pleasing manner and then access the material. hypothetically.

Tag everything in wingdings

calibre comes w/ a library server you can give ppl the password to but i've never used it
tears secret pdf forum
did anybuggy ever talk about oak ridge mk-ultra continuation program? did i? idk.



tears posted:

its all in a messy windows folder hierarchy

i have similar problems. still haven't found a solution for managing notes etc, but for indexing/searching contents you could try:

linux/mac: fzf + ripgrep / ripgrep-all
windos: everything: https://www.voidtools.com/
multiplatform: recoll : https://www.lesbonscomptes.com/recoll

u can always download cygwin on windows & then use linux command line tools to fix everything up more easily than using some weird windows software that's probably half malware
I've herad a lot of people use Mendeley but I organize everything in folders
Mendeley Industries
i can't believe that it wasn't until this week that i heard someone say and thought about how the forbes "richest people list" is almost certainly not an accurate picture of who holds wealth and how much they actually have. all the info from the panama papers, all the secrets around epstein and his estates, full belief that the cia has been (and likely still is) heavily involved in organized drug trade - but somehow i never put two and two together - forbes puts out some new list like "bezos and gates flipped positions as the richest two men on earth they have 892398623509.698732 million dollars" and i was just thinking "oh shit that's a lot of money, thanks forbes for letting us know the whole story there"
& even then most of that capital is locked up in wealth management firms and other investment companies so at the end of the day people like larry fink at blackrock wield an incredible amount of influence over capital and the institutions that actually impact your daily life even if they don't have as much on-paper wealth personally as bill gates
most capital is nameless and sits under different trusts & firms with a roundtable that holds most of the decisional power, much like that shot of all the old mob bosses in casino who didnt look impressive yet held huge power, and as for the cia and the drug trade its not really an eccentric fact since the cia's main purpose is mostly muscle for investments and is made to resolve issues when it comes to capital export outside of amerikan borders. the coups, forming death squad, inhumane treatment of humanity is only a tiny facet of an institution created to protect & further amerikan corporate interests. breaking down entire nations and their infrastructures means aggrandizing the pockets of military/weapons related industries as well as construction for example, as well as creating chaos through which imperial investments step in to fill in and get a bigger share of whatever is extracted out of underdevelopped nations. so its normal that the narco economy doesnt escape that same logic especially since narcotics is a very profitable commodity on the same scale as oil & other resources that can be used as transportation fuel
as a result not only the cia get their share of the drug business, but the corporate actors that helped with seizing control of territories on which the narcotics can grow get their share of profit too. the sovereignty of amerika got nothing to do with the actual motives behind making the rest of the world miserable and unstable, its only an epiphenomenon of the use of the cia. the institutional aspect with the politicians and whoever made those business moves decisionally get their enveloppes and do what theyre told.
and the bourgeois media props up figures like steve jobs, elon musk, bezos, gates & others its because they represent the technological progress which is a big aspect of imperiali$m when it comes to building up support from the parasitic first world people. it wouldnt work if the people in the spotlight were wrinkled penguin suit wearing old farts whos ability to acquire wealth seems much more vague than the guy who made the cool computers of the self driving car. media representation of billionaires who have technological progress stamped on their head perpetuates first worldism as well as the self made rags to riches individual capitalist narrative, which is why theres so many people who think they cracked the safe by going into day trading or creating an ephemeral startup or whatever half assed scheme thats either going to get bought out by the bigger shark around or crumble in a matter of months

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heres a good one

https://edition.cnn.com/2020/07/19/us/federal-judge-esther-salas-shooting-investigation/index.html posted:

Attorney who was found dead named as primary suspect in fatal shooting at federal judge's home

By Evan Perez, Brynn Gingras, Amir Vera and Eric Levenson, CNN

Updated 1337 GMT (2137 HKT) July 21, 2020

(CNN) - An attorney who was found dead Monday is the suspect in a shooting at US District Judge Esther Salas' home, the US Attorney's Office in New Jersey said Monday afternoon.

Salas' son was killed and her husband injured in the Sunday attack at the family's home in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

The FBI identified Roy Den Hollander as the "primary subject," and said that he is dead, the US Attorney's office said in a statement. Den Hollander was a lawyer who once argued a case before Salas, according to court records.

Earlier, two law enforcement sources told CNN that the suspect died of what is believed to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

The judge's son, Daniel Anderl, a 20-year-old student at Catholic University, was killed in the shooting, and Mark Anderl, the judge's husband and a defense attorney, was injured, according to Freda Wolfson, US District Chief Judge in New Jersey. Salas was unharmed, Wolfson said.

Mark Anderl is out of his second surgery and in stable condition, according to his law partner, David Oakley, who added that Anderl will need another operation Tuesday.

Suspect in fatal shooting at home of Judge Esther Salas described himself as an 'anti-feminist' lawyer, once argued a case before the judge

In a lawsuit, Den Hollander represented a woman and her daughter who sought to register for the military's selective service, according to federal court records. Den Hollander's clients claimed the draft was unconstitutional because it barred women from registering.

Salas sided against a part of Den Hollander's arguments last spring, but also agreed with some of his claims and allowed the lawsuit to continue.

Den Hollander exited the case in June 2019, handing it over to a team of lawyers at the large New York-based law firm Boies Schiller Flexner.

Den Hollander said he "would not be able to see the case through" because he was terminally ill, Nick Gravante, a managing partner at the firm, told CNN. On his website, Den Hollander describes himself as an "anti-feminist" lawyer who defends "men's rights."

Both the US Marshals and FBI are investigating the shooting. Initial reports from law enforcement said Daniel Anderl, with his father standing right behind him, opened the door to the family home to multiple gunshots, a law enforcement source told CNN. The gunman fled, the source said.

A FedEx package addressed to Salas was found by officials investigating a vehicle associated with the suspect, according to a law enforcement source. The suspect's body was found in the town of Rockland in Sullivan County, New York, according to Trooper Steven Nevel of New York State Police.

The gunman appeared to be wearing a FedEx uniform, a law enforcement official with direct knowledge of the investigation told CNN.

"We are aware of the media reports and are fully cooperating with investigating authorities," Jonathan Lyons, a spokesman for FedEx, said in an email statement.
Law enforcement has not been aware of any threats against the judge, the source told CNN. Investigators don't yet know the motive.

Salas became New Jersey's first Latina US District Court judge in 2011 after she was nominated to the bench by President Barack Obama and confirmed by the Senate.

Federal court records show that she has presided over several high-profiles cases, including the financial fraud case of "Real Housewives of New Jersey" stars Teresa and Joe Giudice.

She also handled the 2018 sentencing of Farad Roland, who was found guilty of federal racketeering charges and sentenced to 45 years in prison by Salas. Roland was the leader of the South Side Cartel, "one of Newark's most violent street gangs," a news release from the US Justice Department said.

On Thursday, Salas was assigned to handle a class action lawsuit brought against Deutsche Bank by Ali Karimi on behalf of investors who purchased securities from the bank between November 7, 2017, and July 6, 2020. The complaint alleges that the bank "failed to properly monitor customers that the Bank itself deemed to be high risk, including, among others, the convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein," federal court records show.

Without having looked at any sources at all, feel like the total budget of the CIA (even if we include a lot of off-the-books income) is probably way, way less than the total earnings of the drug industry and trade, so doesn't explain its existence in and of itself.

Have been getting a lot more conspiracy-minded about the so-called "islamic" "terror" attacks in Europe, though. On the one hand, I know the 'jihadist' movement does have a lot of genuine adherents; on the other, their attacks are just so obviously beneficial to their supposed adversaries, often happening at very convenient points in time and with obviously senseless targets, ... I dunno. Can't help but feel like these people might be getting helped along by spook networks.

ultragauchiste posted:

Have been getting a lot more conspiracy-minded about the so-called "islamic" "terror" attacks in Europe, though. On the one hand, I know the 'jihadist' movement does have a lot of genuine adherents; on the other, their attacks are just so obviously beneficial to their supposed adversaries, often happening at very convenient points in time and with obviously senseless targets, ... I dunno. Can't help but feel like these people might be getting helped along by spook networks.

this is 4u:

some random snippets for the peanut gallery:

The War on Terror in Ireland never truly ended, it simply evolved into a new, updated and more sophisticated War on Terror. In this episode I look the connections between the black operations being run by the British deep state in Northern Ireland and the 7/7 London bombings of 2005. I offer the view that 7/7 was a ‘pure false flag’ and focus in on two figures – Martin McDaid, a former special forces commando who ran a radical Islamic bookshop, and Samantha Lewthwaite, who was the wife of the one of the alleged suicide bombers. Both of these people were intimately involved in the 7/7 backstory, and both have the profiles and biographies of agents working for MI5. I analyse the ‘intelligence failures’ around McDaid and explore whether his and Lewthwaite’s mission was to manipulate the four men into a position where they could be blamed for an atrocity that they did not commit.


The much more likely and better evidenced explanation for how the four alleged suicide bombers were manipulated into the position where they could be blamed for this terrorist attack, is MI5, or at least a network that would have to include people within MI5. There is no evidence that Peter Power or anyone from his company ever even met the alleged bombers. By contrast, we know, with abundant supporting evidence, that MI5 and other branches of the British security services had information on them going back to even before 9/11. They had photographs, phone numbers, vehicle registration details, addresses, they even bugged conversations and tapped phones belonging to these men. Yet, every time they got some information it either wasn’t shared with MI5 or emails weren’t answered, leads weren’t followed up, databases failed to spit out information that they should have had, photographs were so poorly replicated that informants couldn’t recognise the people in them, all sorts of ludicrous and wonderful intelligence failures.


I should also make clear – this sort of pure false flag was used in Northern Ireland. You remember I talked about the ‘own goal’, where the British military intelligence unit, along with help from militant Loyalists, would plant a bomb in a Republican Catholic pub or bar and try to make it look like the Republicans had accidentally blown themselves up. Slightly different, of course, but the same purity of deception – the people blamed simply did not do it.

And the purity of this deception with 7/7 can be summed up in one phrase – the hallmarks of Al Qaeda. This phrase wasn’t really used before 7/7, but has become something of a buzz phrase or catchphrase since then. The first media reports to use this phrase came from the BBC (no surprise there) attributing it to sources in Saudi intelligence. This was on the morning of 7/7, within hours of the attacks. They used it again in their evening news coverage, as did CNN and some other US news outlets. The hallmarks of Al Qaeda.


edit, who remember this: "rEsPoNsiBiLiTy hAs BeEn ClAiMeD bY iSlAmIc sTaTe"

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Without having looked at any sources at all, feel like the total budget of the CIA (even if we include a lot of off-the-books income) is probably way, way less than the total earnings of the drug industry and trade, so doesn't explain its existence in and of itself.

Have been getting a lot more conspiracy-minded about the so-called "islamic" "terror" attacks in Europe, though. On the one hand, I know the 'jihadist' movement does have a lot of genuine adherents; on the other, their attacks are just so obviously beneficial to their supposed adversaries, often happening at very convenient points in time and with obviously senseless targets, ... I dunno. Can't help but feel like these people might be getting helped along by spook networks.

if the CIA gets a share for facilitating control over the land where narcotics are grown & processed and their transportation, honestly i wouldnt put behind the idea that a huge amount if not the majority of income acquired through the drug trade is pocketed in offshore accounts or laundered via the cooperation of banks then issued as loans to front businesses to integrate that capital into the legitimate capitalist circuit. institutions like the IRS and others that investigate revenue streams have too little funds and time to put effort into looking into it


ultragauchiste posted:

Without having looked at any sources at all, feel like the total budget of the CIA (even if we include a lot of off-the-books income) is probably way, way less than the total earnings of the drug industry and trade, so doesn't explain its existence in and of itself.

I doubt it does explain it “entirely” because people put things in their mouths up to more than once a day. but this is like saying you doubt profit exists because it means someone’s making more money than they invested

Speaking of Epstein due to recent developments I can reveal the deleted posts. I was going to go try to talk with Jean-Luc Brunel, who was Epstein's procurer basically, and who was supposedly on a houseboat in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, which is a tony suburb to the North-West of Paris. However he's been in custody since Wednesday when he tried to board a plane to Dakar, Senegal, which doesn't have an extradition treaty with France, so now I won't be trying to do that. Will be a court case to follow now which will be exceedingly interesting though.
let me talk to him
so fucking funny that the nashville rv was blasting this song before exploding and destroying the att building/service
*rigging my suicide bomb to play Prisencolinensinainciusol at 50% speed*

liceo posted:

so fucking funny that the nashville rv was blasting this song before exploding and destroying the att building/service

the cops didn't recognize the song, what a world

e: on topic, the explosion is turning into a goldmine. the mayor arranged it as an excuse to impose a new lockdown to hurt small businesses. the mayor, a real estate ass with family connections in construction, blew up downtown to direct recovery funds to his kin. the at&t transmission center was housing venezuelan-built election machines that contain evidence of the election bring rigged. the building is an nsa data collection site (this one is actually on the money tho). the rv was destroyed by a cruise missile fired by the us govt / the deep state too

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招瑤 posted:

the building is an nsa data collection site

AT&T, Comcast, Spectrum, etc. are obviously all NSA data collection hubs

招瑤 posted:

the explosion is turning into a goldmine

i wish for once that certain things could just be considered a statement rather than an act with deep-seated motivation. i'm surprised that people haven't latched onto the fact that the guy's middle name starts with Q.

it's ridiculous watching the media and idiots on the stupid blue bird site pursuing the explosion like brain-dead sherlick holmeses. obviously the guy had a great sense of humor and chose to blow up a building for a disgusting company that does mass-surveillance work for the govt. he also happened to make a very cool statement about the nearly-defunct downtown of nashville by playing that song. the lyrics in relation to the character of the modern downtown are the perfect soundtrack for a no-death, destruction-oriented bombing.

maybe they'll find that he was a Psycho with some extremist ties, but i am going to go with the idea that he was a terminally ill loner who hated the internet.

it's also cool that he gave away basically all of his assets to basically strangers before blowing himself up.

tbh id rather have a nearly defunct downtown like it was 25yr ago than a cowboy theme park owned by a clique of plague-apathetic small business small govt multimillionaires, a metastatic tourist industry too advanced to cut out now

liceo posted:

so fucking funny that the nashville rv was blasting this song before exploding and destroying the att building/service



liceo posted:

so fucking funny that the nashville rv was blasting this song before exploding and destroying the att building/service

nashville pd out there like


Federal investigators are looking into evidence the Antioch man who detonated a bomb in downtown Nashville Christmas morning had spent time hunting for alien life forms in a nearby state park and was interested in “lizard people,” according to law enforcement sources.

well now i need to know which park,


招瑤 posted:

well now i need to know which park,

that uh actually does narrow it down. keep u posted

e: well i did some digging (reading a single newspaper article) and he wasn't going to the park with caves or the one with swamps. im thinking this lizard man thing might be a red herring, what are they trying to distract us from

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招瑤 posted:

e: well i did some digging (reading a single newspaper article) and he wasn't going to the park with caves or the one with swamps. im thinking this lizard man thing might be a red herring, what are they trying to distract us from

liceo posted:

maybe they'll find that he was a Psycho with some extremist ties, but i am going to go with the idea that he was a terminally ill loner who hated the internet.

when signing & dating documents this year make sure to write out the full year eg 2021. otherwise someone might falsify the date and you could wind up being bound to onerous contractual obligations well into the 22nd century
just putting this here for posterity.

https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/mind-control-secret-british-government-blueprints-shaping-post-terror-planning posted:

'Controlled spontaneity': The secret UK government blueprints shaping post-terror planning
After the 2017 London Bridge attack, local officials were told: 'We're sending you a hundred imams.'
By Ian Cobain
in London
Published date: 22 May 2019 06:34 UTC | Last update: 11 months 4 weeks ago

The British government has prepared for terrorist incidents by pre-planning social media campaigns which are designed to appear to be a spontaneous public response to attacks, Middle East Eye has learned.

Hashtags are carefully tested before attacks happen, Instagram images selected, and “impromptu” street posters are printed.

In operations that contingency planners term “controlled spontaneity”, politicians’ statements, vigils and inter-faith events are also negotiated and planned in readiness for any terrorist attack.

The campaigns have been deployed during every UK terrorist incident in recent years, including the London Bridge attack in June 2017 and the Finsbury Park mosque attack that took place two weeks later.

Within hours of an incident, campaigns are swiftly organised, with I “heart” posters designed and distributed according to the location of the attack. Plans are also drawn up for people to hand out flowers at the scene of the crime, in apparently unprompted gestures of love and support.

The purpose of the operations, according to a number of people involved in their creation who spoke to MEE, is to shape public responses, encouraging individuals to focus on empathy for the victims and a sense of unity with strangers, rather than reacting with violence and anger.

Many of the operations are said to be modelled on extensive plans that were drawn up to channel public anger in the event of any attack at the 2012 London Olympics.

Some strategies had been devised in 2011, when social media platforms were aiding communication between protesters during the Arab Spring – and when a series of riots were erupting across English towns and cities that summer.

One senior figure involved in that contingency planning told MEE that the riots “absolutely terrified” the British government, and that Theresa May, who was then home secretary and is now prime minister, had been particularly shaken.

The measures drawn up in advance of the Olympics were intended to “corral the Princess Dianaesque grief” that was expected to emerge after any mass-casualty attack - a reference to the public mourning that followed the death of the royal in a car crash in 1997. This person describes those measures candidly as an attempt at “mind control”.

Although there was no terrorist incident at the 2012 Olympics, variants of the plan are said to have been deployed in the wake of every attack in the UK since then.

“The point I noticed change was the Olympics,” said one veteran contingency planner in the UK. “The management of the secret, hidden emergency planning work behind the Olympics became the social control that we would fall back on if we had any terrorist attack, or if we had any disruption. It’s: 'This is the hashtag we go to'. And we’ve never come back from those days.

“This job has changed significantly from planning for organic, people responses to tragedy, to being told: ‘We would like the people to do that, how do you get them there?’”

“A lot of the public’s responses are spontaneous, of course. But a lot are shaped. The government doesn’t want spontaneity: it wants controlled spontaneity.”

'That's what we want'

Officials at the Home Office in particular are said to have been impressed by fans’ support for Premier League footballer Fabrice Muamba, who suffered a cardiac arrest and collapsed on the pitch in March 2012, four months before the start of the London Olympics.

At subsequent matches, fans of many different clubs held up placards and banners bearing messages of support for the player.

MEE understands that during subsequent contingency planning meetings, Home Officials suggested that replicating such a response at the Olympics could assist the recovery process after any terrorist attack - and allow the Games to continue.

“They were saying: ‘That’s what we want. If something happens at the Olympics, we want you to make people respond like that," the planner said. "And then the people will want the Olympics to carry on.”

A number of Western governments are understood to have exchanged information about how they use social media to shape public responses following terrorist attacks.

Examples of “controlled spontaneity” within the UK that MEE has identified include:

- a media campaign that was swiftly deployed after British and American aid workers were beheaded by Islamic State militants in 2014.

- the use of hashtags, posters and vigils after the London Bridge attacks of June 2017, in which eight people were murdered and almost 50 injured.

- a Twitter, Facebook and mainstream media campaign that was employed later that month, shortly after a man drove his van into a group of people outside a mosque in north London, killing one person and injuring 10 others.

Union Jack hijab

After Alan Henning, a British aid worker, was murdered by Islamic State in October 2014, the Research, Information and Communications Unit (RICU) – a controversial propaganda unit that is part of the Office of Security and Counterterrorism at the UK Home Office – turned to a striking image that had already been developed by one of its private sector contractors.

The image, designed by Breakthrough Media, a London-based communications company, showed a woman wearing a Union Jack hijab.

It had been developed, according to an internal Breakthrough document seen by MEE, because “the UK authorities wanted to challenge ultraconservative and misogynistic interpretations of Islam – particularly those around women – in order to promote the true face of Islam among vulnerable UK communities”.

The document explains that RICU’s objective was to “establish a platform for British Muslim women to set out an alternative interpretation of Islam and to take a lead in countering extremism in their communities”.

The result, the document continues, was Making A Stand, “a new British Muslim women’s campaigning organisation and network active within British Muslim communities and with an increasingly high-profile in the national media”.

A few days after the murder of Henning, Making A Stand approached The Sun, a tabloid newspaper, which agreed to dedicate all its front page to the Union Jack hijab photograph.

Inside, the newspaper devoted a further six pages to coverage of political leaders and members of the public who said that they were making a stand against Islamic State terror.

Emails disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act show that RICU monitored online reaction to the Sun’s front page, which its staff acknowledged as “our product”.

Staff at Breakthrough were delighted with the way their work had been passed on to The Sun: a framed copy of the front page was hung in the company’s central London offices.

The Union Jack hijab is one of hundreds of media projects that Breakthrough designed on behalf of RICU as part of Prevent, the UK’s controversial counter-radicalisation programme.

Recently rebranded as Zinc Network, the company continues to bid for, and win, RICU contracts. Zinc Network had not responded to requests for comment at the time of publication.

Internal RICU documents seen by MEE say that the unit is working “at an industrial scale and pace” to develop messages that aim to “effect attitudinal and behavioural change” – particularly among Muslims. The involvement of the UK government is rarely acknowledged.

‘We’re sending you a hundred imams’

Although covert messaging developed as part of the Prevent programme is aimed at Muslims, particularly young men, plans for “controlled spontaneity” following a terrorist attack are targeted at the wider population.

The day after the London Bridge attack, a team of men arrived at the scene of the murders in an unmarked van.

They were admitted behind the police cordon, before plastering walls with posters bearing images of London and hashtags that were already circulating on Twitter, including #TurnToLove, #ForLondon and #LoveWillWin.

This practice, known in the UK as fly-posting, is a minor criminal offence, but police allowed the members of the fly-posting team behind their cordon and took no action. The men doing this work declined to tell journalists who they were, or where they were from.

When the cordon was eventually lifted and the public were able to return to the scene of the attacks, they found themselves surrounded by apparently impromptu signs of public defiance and unity.

The following day, a government official telephoned Southwark Council, the local authority for the area where the murders happened, a council official recalled. “He said: ‘We’re sending you a hundred imams.'"

Two days after that, about 100 imams and Muslim community leaders from across the UK duly appeared on the bridge. One read out a statement, condemning the attack.

The following weekend, a group of Muslims arrived at the bridge and handed out thousands of red roses. One of the organisers described it as “a symbolic gesture of love” for people affected by the attack.

What the event’s organiser did not say is that she worked in law enforcement at the Home Office.

She told MEE that it was entirely a "grassroots" initiative with no government assistance: "I was acting as a member of the community and sought assistance from my personal networks."

The 'hero' of Finsbury Park

A week later, in the early hours of Monday 19 June, Darren Osborne, a lone Islamophobic attacker, drove his van into a group of men near a mosque in Finsbury Park, north London.

Several young men restrained Osborne and protected him from being attacked by others. Shortly later they were joined by Mohammed Mahmoud, the mosque’s imam.

By the following morning, the hashtag #WeStandTogether was running across Twitter, after initially being promoted by police and police commanders.

As journalists gathered at the police cordon, a number were approached by a woman who called herself Gabbie, and explained that she worked for a company called Horizon PR.

What “Gabbie” did not say is that “Horizon PR” had been created by Breakthrough Media and another communications company, M&C Saatchi PR UK. Breakthrough has used it to promote the messaging it creates – and disseminates through co-operating civil society groups – under the terms of its contract with RICU.

A number of journalists have told MEE that “Gabbie” offered to introduce them to a man standing nearby. This man explained that his name was Shaukat Warraich and that he was from an organisation called Faith Associates.

Warraich stressed to the journalists the role that the mosque’s imam had played in protecting Osborne until he could be handed over to police. This angle came to dominate news reports in the following days.

Warraich did not say anything about his organisation’s relationships with both Breakthrough and with RICU, the British government’s propaganda unit.

Faith Associates, a limited company, has for several years been funded in part by government contracts. Internal Breakthrough and RICU documents, seen by MEE, indicate that it works to disseminate government messages.

MEE understands that subsequent media reports caused ill-feeling in the Finsbury Park area. The young men who restrained and protected the killer before the imam arrived at the scene believe their role had been overlooked.

“They were proud that they had done the right thing, but believe that they were then portrayed as a lynch mob,” said one person who prays regularly at the mosque. The young men are now rarely seen at the mosque, he added.

Asked about the role that he and Horizon PR had played in amplifying Mahmoud's role in conversations with journalists, Warraich replied that he had been working to promote mosque security for some years. Mohammed Mahmoud declined to comment.

‘Flowers, not riots’

The blending of traditional emergency planning – the police, paramedical and hospital responses - with post-attack propaganda has gathered pace in the UK in recent years.

It has happened at a time when covert government messaging has been developed as part of the Prevent programme. Growing use of social media has also offered new opportunities for the creation of “controlled spontaneity”.

By 2016, Facebook had recognised that its reach would be extended still further if it operated as an emergency response institution in the aftermath of disasters.

Some governments have become increasingly nervous about the power of social media, however, and will attempt to shut it down rather than make use of it, as happened in Sri Lanka in April 2019, after more than 250 people were killed in suicide bombings.

In the UK, central and local governments are obliged to prepare for the aftermath of any disaster under the terms of the Civil Contingencies Act 2004, a piece of legislation that arose out of the vulnerability that Tony Blair’s government felt during a series of crises early in his premiership.

In September 2000, countrywide protests against fuel prices culminated in petrol shortages, panic buying and the prospect of economic collapse. The following year, an outbreak of foot and mouth disease cost the country an estimated £8bn ($10.25bn) as livestock was slaughtered and many rural areas sealed off.

Once the Civil Contingencies Act was passed, a National Recovery Working Group was established within the Cabinet Office, the UK government’s central department. It established protocols and guidance documents that would be used to aid “recovery”, which was defined as a distinct phase after a terrorist attack or a natural disaster.

“Recovery," the Cabinet Office stated, "is the process of rebuilding, restoring and rehabilitating the community following an emergency.”

Lucy Easthope, a leading figure at the Cabinet Office emergency planning college, wrote in her book The Recovery Myth that “recovery” has since come to be regarded as “a specific phase of the disaster that emergency planners attempt to order and something that can be planned for in advance before the specificities of the emergency are known. (The implication being that that these details are a minor issue, capable of being filled in later.)”

In order to keep the recovery process under control, hashtags and Facebook posts are said to be examined exhaustively in advance of their use, to establish that they can be used without provoking an unintended reaction, MEE has been told.

After a terrorist attack – or any other disaster – Cabinet Office teams will work very quickly with the Red Cross and with local contingency planners, who usually send out the first social media messages.

Emergency planners will also advise on the form of words that political leaders should use after such an attack, and enact the pre-planned vigils and inter-faith events.

“What is wanted is flowers being handed out outside mosques,” one emergency planner emphasised, “and not riots”.

'Get the Novichok cleared up'

But the plans are not always implemented. One place where the local team rejected some central government planners’ suggestions was Salisbury, the town in central England where Russian agents used the nerve agent Novichok to poison Sergei Skripal, a double agent, and his daughter Yulia in March 2018.

“In Salisbury, people were telling us: ‘We’re not going to wear T-shirts saying I heart Salisbury – we just want you to get the Novichok cleared up.’

The source said that “we can play the hashtag game in Manchester, where there’s a lot of young people, and they like it" - a reference to the aftermath of the attack at the Manchester Arena in May 2017, which killed 22 people.

"In Salisbury there’s a lot of ex-military, and people just seemed to have good sense. So we didn’t use the usual recovery stuff there.”

But a number of the people involved in the advance planning of “controlled spontaneity” clearly have some misgivings about how emergency planning for the immediate aftermath of terrorist attacks is being combined with propaganda techniques that are intended to influence public responses.

Easthope – who wrote British government recovery management plans for more than a decade – has disclosed her concern that the multi-faith displays of solidarity that are negotiated in advance of terrorist attacks, and the pre-planned messages of resilience on social media, may not always be the best way to respond.

Perhaps, she wrote in 2017, “the fight rhetoric has gone too far” and it is a mistake “to insist that the first message should be ‘we shall overcome’ as if the enemy was on the beaches.”

‘Anaesthetic for the community’

Some emergency planners are also concerned that the needs of bereaved families are rarely paramount when plans to create “controlled spontaneity” are being developed.

“The hashtag can start to feel very empty very early on, and I don’t think this ever really puts bereaved families at the heart of what you’re doing,” said one. “It’s an anaesthetic for the wider community, but it’s no replacement for really good humanitarian care for the people most badly affected.”

Nor, some say, is the public being encouraged to engage in debate about the causes of the hatred that underpin terrorist attacks.

“The government wants the Twitter storm or the Facebook storm to be in its gift, and of course it can’t be - but you can distract people by putting up a photograph of a French flag or whatever.

“We are not having these debates because we are saying ‘I heart so-and-so’, and ‘I’m going to change my profile picture to a New Zealand flag’, and ‘I’m going to do the haka in the school assembly’.

“When there’s nothing people can actually do, they can change the photo on their Facebook page. Then they can feel they’ve done something about it, they can go to work, and they’re not agitating the government.

“But we’re not going to get to the bottom of terrorism by socially engineering a response. We’re not doing the difficult debate. And what that stops, is true learning.”

The Cabinet Office told MEE that some information about its emergency planning was publicly available, but that some remained for internal use only. It did not comment on criticisms of its current operations.

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there was this split second moment where the drones wavered like joaquin phoenix in gladiator poised perfectly between a nazi salute and a thumbs up, and i heard a voice as one crying from the wilderness "are you not entertained?"

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maybe q was right
The inauguration ends with Biden waking up in bed, as though it’s all a nightmare. Kamala comes in and asks if Biden has seen a lizard. Biden laughs and says “we are the lizards” and the camera zooms slightly. His eyes become slivered, like almonds.