http://aaaaarg.org/ still exists, I miss booktake.nz.cz.ru

I use these lists if I need something obscure http://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/comments/1ktg2g/if_you_are_looking_for_textbooks_search_yourself/

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i just use bookfi,

i think thats part of the same network as libgen but it seems more prone to takedowns

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CIA deliberately financed abstract expressionism as a cultural weapon against Communism
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CIA deliberately financed abstract expressionism as a cultural weapon against Communism

http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/modern-art-was-cia-weapon-1578808.html posted:

Unknown to the artists, the new American art was secretly promoted under a policy known as the "long leash" - arrangements similar in some ways to the indirect CIA backing of the journal Encounter, edited by Stephen Spender.

This reminds me, something I've been meaning to bring up for a while. Discussions about the Congress for Cultural Freedom, the CIA front that acted as the funding conduit for journals like Encounter, normally accept that the editors of those journals had no idea where the money really came from until the scandal broke in the mid-60s.

For obvious reasons I've read more about the Australian offshoot of the CCF and its journal, Quadrant. It turns out that at least in this case, the supposed ignorance doesn't really hold water. It's hard to tell how broadly this applies to the other journals. Quadrant is notable for not really succeeding in its intended role as the voice of an anti-communist left - it was obviously right wing and often made little effort to hide it.

http://jacketmagazine.com/12/pybus-quad.html posted:

Even as they continued to shell out the money, the CIA paymasters remained unhappy with the Quadrant’s refusal to court left-liberal intellectuals. The whole point of the covert operation was subtlety; to win over the left-leaning intellectuals to the American position, not further alienate them. The fierce prosecution of the US position in Vietnam was disturbing to both Josselson and Hunt. Like many in the CIA, they were appalled by the US engagement in Vietnam and wished to keep the Congress for Cultural Freedom clear of this political minefield.

Anyway, Quadrant's response to the CIA funding scandal was very interesting.

After a series of exposes and repudiations of the CIA connection, in 1967 McAuley published a careful response in Quadrant admitting the funding from the CIA was ‘deplorable’, but no more than ‘a well-intentioned blunder’. His defence that he had been an unwitting recipient of CIA largesse has been restated by the new editor of Quadrant and by its previous editors. Yet how was McAuley so unaware when Clem Christesen knew the money came from the CIA as far back as 1956? How was it that the editor of Quadrant had shown so little curiosity as to the source of money being so liberally handed out? A quick perusal of McAuley’s editorials give the flavour of the invective he would employ should the editor of a left-wing magazine discover he had ‘unwittingly’ been receiving 40% of his income from the KGB.

As an observer at the General Assembly of the Congress of Cultural Freedom where Josselson and Hunt offered their resignations in May 1967, McAuley wrote to Krygier that he found the stance of ‘outraged innocence’ among Congress members was totally hypocritical, since ‘none of them had been really much deceived’. Himself included, it would seem. He knew all along that Quadrant was on the American government payroll in the service of American foreign policy. It didn’t really matter to him where the money came from. ‘I had assumed it was probably State Department funds and that didn’t give me any worries’, he admitted in an interview with Catherine Santamaria. ‘None of it caused me any internal distress’.

Catherine Santamaria, by the way, was the daughter of the infamous B.A. 'Bob' Santamaria, the preeminent figure in the Australian Catholic Action movement. Evidence has been mounting in recent years that Santamaria was a willing and enthusiastic CIA asset. I'll write more about that at some point in a new thread or maybe just a blog post somewhere (ugh lol). But suffice to say that when the founder of Quadrant was looking for an editor, he came to Santamaria, and it was he who recommended McAuley. It seems an unlikely coincidence that a CIA asset should be involved in the appointment of a friend to help run a CIA funded operation without both of them knowing who was paying the bills..!

Here's another great article by the same author I've just been quoting, Cassandra Pybus, about Quadrant and the CIA: https://pdf.yt/d/zsZMTDCS1MK0T6PN (Pybus also wrote a fantastic book called The Devil and James McAuley which I will get round to scanning someday)

Now, I'm not suggesting Jackson Pollock was at all aware of his CIA patrons, or even his surroundings most of the time. But you have to wonder how seriously to take the protests of the CCF journal editors. After all, the expose just forced the CIA to leave funding to the Ford Foundation.


yeah so my friend bob santamaria, just got a job at an academia factory down in australia, check it out he gave me a gross!

oh by the way, that academia i gave you? don't use it, it's CIA
Very good but bob santamaria was a real person, honest. A real man with real opinions

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Look, the CIA is not some kind of monolithic war cult. Sure, some CIA were directly responsible for the genocidal counterinsurgency programs in Vietnam, but some otehr CIA kept their hands clean and only ran a cultural program to cleanse the left of any vestiges of communism,

CIA is all about maximizing leverage and Vietnam was a big oorah fuck you fest
new addition. get your read on


War Criminals Welcome, Mark Aarons, 2001

This is like 650 pages and I had to scan it myself so I hope somebody appreciates this lol.

I've been raving about Mark Aarons for a while now. He's been investigating war criminals in Australia since the late 1970s, when he exposed the Nazi propagandist background of Ljenko Urbancic, a senior operative in the conservative Liberal Party. In the mid 1980s he began to collaborate with the American war crimes investigator John Loftus, who had access to classified US files that exposed the depth of Western intelligence services' collaboration with and protection of Nazi war criminals.

To a certain extent, 'War Criminals Welcome' is an update of material Aarons first published in his 1989 book 'Sanctuary!', including newly declassified information. However, he also expands his thesis to include cases of post-WWII war criminals given similarly favorable treatment. Australia remains the focus, but you hardly need to be Australian to find the material both interesting and relevant. (Incidentally, I'd be interested to find similar work about other Western countries, especially Canada - the few things I've found look like whitewashing.)

There was relatively little discussion of the book on its release, and for some reason it is long out of print, despite the publisher still carrying a more recent book of his (about ASIO's files on his own notoriously communist family). Secondhand copies currently go for upwards of $150. So here it is. If the publisher gets mad, maybe they can think about releasing a damn ebook?


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i hope the publisher sues you for millions in lost income due to the people who would have bought and read the book otherwise
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old news perhaps but w/e:

"minor war crimes" lol

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old news perhaps but w/e:


looking forward to whatever fresh material is in this but

John Fox, the bureau’s chief historian, said: “In hindsight, it is clear that Hoover, and by extension the F.B.I., was shortsighted in dismissing evidence of ties between recent German and East European immigrants and Nazi war crimes. It should be remembered, though, that this was at the peak of Cold War tensions.”

lol this is what happens when a NYT writer tackles this kind of stuff. yeah we recruited and protected nazis, and they didnt really help much if at all, and in fact did more harm than good, but it was the cold war, and uh, communism, so the truth is probaly somewhere in the middle

anti-Communism is the single consistent common thread uniting every atrocity and abomination of the entire 20th century
in 1946 fascism was beginning

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in 1946 fascism was beginning

haha nice. These links are great. Getting back to the post world war 2 era really illuminates a lot of later events in history is my jam right now and god damn its horrifying how many "ex" Nazis were put in serious positions of power by America and her allies during that time period. I think that Nazi spies turned by America against Russia greatly exaggerated Russian capabilities, goals, and resources as a way to both improve their value to the Western world and avoid persecution as a member of the most murderous group in all of history.


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...and avoid persecution as a member of the most murderous group in all of history.

employees of the US government?


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Barbarossa posted:

...and avoid persecution as a member of the most murderous group in all of history.

employees of the US government?

OP just updated to include everything up to this post.



Conjuring Hitler: How Britain and America Made the Third Reich, Guido Preparata, 2005

Guido Preparata is a paleoconservative. He's kind of crazy. He thinks the solution to the world's problems hinges on moving to some kind of 'perishable currency'.

He's also kind of a genius, and none of his later work should detract from your appreciation of this book. It started as a research project into Nazi economics; the evidence led inexorably to the conclusion that the rebuilding of Germany as a military power after WWI, and the rise of the Nazi Party, were impossible without the willful involvement of the UK and US at the highest levels. Preparata's style is idiosyncratic and his conclusions go further than most are prepared to, but his research is impeccable, and his major contribution is a focus on the vital role played by the capitalist western financial system in fostering demons.

Klaus Theweleit
Male Fantasies Vol 1: Women, Floods, Bodies, History, 1987
Male Fantasies Vol 2: Male Bodies: Psychoanalyzing the White Terror, 1989

Theweleit's Male Fantasies is a sprawling and brilliant psychoanalysis of the Freikorps, the private and technically illegal militias, mostly composed of young petit bourgeois men, of post-WWI Germany. They were employed to put down internal proletariat revolution and to fight the Baltic Bolsheviks. Their leadership was mostly drawn from embittered veterans of WWI whose vicious anticommunism was inspired by the stab-in-the-back myth. After the Freikorps were dissolved in the early 20s, many of its members went on to support the rise of the Nazis, including prominent SS leaders. Theweleit reveals not only the misogyny of the Freikorps but their passion for killing as an end in itself. One can only wonder what he would make of the diaries of Blackwater contractors.

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good tune

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...and avoid persecution as a member of the most murderous group in all of history.

employees of the US government?

Radio Yerevan is asked, what is the difference between Capitalism and Communism?
Radio Yerevan answers, under Capitalism, man oppresses his fellow man, but under Communism, the reverse is true.
check this shit out. im reading an article about the sex slavery trade in america and this pops out

The New York Times posted:

Donna M. Hughes, a professor of women's studies at the University of Rhode Island and an expert on sex trafficking, says that prostitution barely existed 12 years ago in the Soviet Union. ''It was suppressed by political structures. All the women had jobs.'' But in the first years after the collapse of Soviet Communism, poverty in the former Soviet states soared. Young women -- many of them college-educated and married -- became easy believers in Hollywood-generated images of swaying palm trees in L.A. ''A few of them have an idea that prostitution might be involved,'' Hughes says. ''But their idea of prostitution is 'Pretty Woman,' which is one of the most popular films in Ukraine and Russia. They're thinking, This may not be so bad.''


link to the article: http://www.nytimes.com/2004/01/25/magazine/25SEXTRAFFIC.html?src=pm&pagewanted=2


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Donna M. Hughes


getfiscal posted:

Barbarossa posted:

Donna M. Hughes

it's a sign

"but of course all straight sex is rape," she added earnestly
completely unrelated, i happen to share the lab where im working on my time machine with a thai surgeon who's building an instant sex change machine. sometimes i wonder what could happen
you didn't mention guido preparata's incredible web design http://guidopreparata.com/ (also he has a bunch of stuff available on the site)
Derek Bailey was famous for playing a prepared guido
i think the instant sex change machine would be the greatest thing to happen to Humanity since the 3D printer. unless.....it IS a 3D printer....
currently uploading the mein kampf scans i did by hand painstakingly over the last 3 months at the public library on all of my days off so when it goes up i'll post the link and you can add it to the OP

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completely unrelated, i happen to share the lab where im working on my time machine with a thai surgeon who's building an instant sex change machine. sometimes i wonder what could happen

thats actually a super convenient thing to have next to a time machine, so u can change into a man going into the past ruled by the patriarchy, and into a woman when going into the future ruled by the gynocracy

its even more convenient if youre a big Heinlein fan