*saunters up to the press podium*

we do not reveal sources and methods, im sorry
picked up a few books for source material on chapter 12:

Our Thing is Drum! pamphlet by Jim Jacobs/David Wellman
Equality of Opportunity: A Union Approach to Fair Employment by John Hope II
Blacks In The United States by Norval D. Glenn & Charles M. Bonjean

i don't think they're referenced in other chapters but putting it out there that i have hard copies

picked up the pamphlet at Lorne Bair Books, don't know how well known they are but they seem rad, wish I knew of them when I lived in VA Lorne Bair Books
that store looks cool as shit

i got a bunch of old books from a guy whos moving to new york, including some pretty rare stuff, like the first english translation of 3 vols of capital. i might sell some of to them and then send the proceeds to .... the aclu
I support your proposal to send money to All of the Communists Living in Uttar pradesh

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The requested URL /settlers-data/xiii/17-botc-1981-p403.pdf was not found on this server.

png, not a pdf

*streams of ftp messages reflect off my sunglasses in the pitch darkness of my lair* im on it
i'm about to bite the bullet and re-activate my NYT archive account and will be sourcing all NYT shit that isn't sourced - wish me lunch
Good luck, were all counting on you