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the bit that made me especially laugh is the idea that "j sakai" is a collaborative project of multiple authors - of all the contemporary marxist authors out there this is the one you think is a group effort - like buddy, have you even read any of his prose? give me a mechanism, give me anything, throw me a frickin bone here

maybe it's the inevitable result of how the term "agency" has been extended unquestioningly from fictional characters to real-life human beings. The belief that no one could possibly have an idiosyncratic writing style if that quirk hadn't been cooked up by a writers' room to make them more believable

He did an interview on KPFA so there would have to be at the very least a representative not only assuming the authorship but also capable of casually discussing its contents in a fashion indistinguishable from that of whoever they instead suppose to be responsible for its writing... a classically low stakes racist conspiracy theory that says a lot more about the people who believe it than it does about Sakai
new theory: j sakai is a real guy, but he's also secretly thomas pynchon
also just so everyone knows i dont control the site anymore i passed it on to the next generation.
theyre way better than us its ok
are they planning on introducing themselves or no
no theyre not here. at least I dont think they are.
well, tell them i said hi
*booming voice from behind the web server* get them an account!!!!

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"Sakai is an anarchist fake-Maoist revisionist, if he's even real"
*does the most basic research into the New Left and the black liberation movement*
"My God...the conspiracy goes even deeper than I imagined"

this was by far the funniest development from this skeptomai guy. "Woah... Weatherman?? Black Liberation Army???"

There's a podcast series out now where they go chapter by chapter through Settlers, I've been listening but only at the gym so distracted by my own muscles and cant really think about if theyre right or wrong
maybe if you tell us what it is someone else can do so

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maybe if you tell us what it is someone else can do so

guessing they meant The Antifada, I think the full episodes are only on their Patreon feed.

the other day i was driving alone in my car and i said to myself in a norm macdonald like cadence "to their white surprise, they lost bigtime!" while chuckling. that's just the kind of fun you can have from reading j sakai