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the bit that made me especially laugh is the idea that "j sakai" is a collaborative project of multiple authors - of all the contemporary marxist authors out there this is the one you think is a group effort - like buddy, have you even read any of his prose? give me a mechanism, give me anything, throw me a frickin bone here

maybe it's the inevitable result of how the term "agency" has been extended unquestioningly from fictional characters to real-life human beings. The belief that no one could possibly have an idiosyncratic writing style if that quirk hadn't been cooked up by a writers' room to make them more believable

He did an interview on KPFA so there would have to be at the very least a representative not only assuming the authorship but also capable of casually discussing its contents in a fashion indistinguishable from that of whoever they instead suppose to be responsible for its writing... a classically low stakes racist conspiracy theory that says a lot more about the people who believe it than it does about Sakai
new theory: j sakai is a real guy, but he's also secretly thomas pynchon
also just so everyone knows i dont control the site anymore i passed it on to the next generation.
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