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i had never seen clips before but holy shit, i guess this is the motivation i needed to embrace hook grip as my fallback
Wrist straps are a good investment. As I see it, there's enough to think when deadlifting, and there are at least 1 other exercises that could target forarms
who cares, where the lifting women at?
IF I WAS STALIN, i would make lifting woman-only and end the ban once i felt things were correct. guys could do bodyweight shit i guess. go fuck yourselves. not me though. my idea.

Scrree posted:

started the starting strength program by mark rippetoe last week. the guy seems totally insane from his writing style in the book but it's v. detailed and i feel safe performing the exercises as directed sooo. it's also dead simple which helps.

i'm feeling quite a bit stronger despite putting up baby-numbers for my height+weight, but i'm really excited to eventually Get Yolked. also every other day i get to wake up to the mantra of squats, squats, squats, squats! which is fun.

it's a good program. i wouldn't look down when you squat like he suggests. skip the power cleans, even (read: especially) if you're interested in Olympic weightlifting. and don't listen to a word he says about diet, unless your goal is to be an interior offensive lineman or nose tackle in the NFL and you don't give a shit how much fat you put on.

Constantignoble posted:

the thought behind the overhand focus goes, in rough order of emphasis, A) more grip strength development, 2) not having to think about asymmetries or imbalances and the possibility of injury along those lines, and D) just a personal thing but i find it simpler to regulate the bar's effect on my palms this way; it's a little harder to gauge the exact settle point of the bar in advance with mixed, and that leads to just a bit more wear -- not even 100% of the time, but just often enough to be annoying

A) your grip is never going to keep up with your posterior chain. people who start really pushing the weight on unilateral lifts (lunges, split squats, etc) eventually run into the same issue -- the grip becomes a limiting factor, and you either gotta strap up or find another way to load.

IMO, this is not an issue. the point of the deadlift is to gain strength in the back/legs, and limiting your weight just for the sake of your grip seems counterproductive to me. it's pretty telling that strongmen competitors, the strength athletes with the strongest grips, use straps when they deadlift. they don't see deadlifts as the best expression of grip strength.

there are plenty of other ways to build up your grip strength, from farmers walks to Captains of Crush.

2) if you're really worried about asymmetries, you can switch up your mixed grip, but honestly i would't worry about it much. yes, there's an increased risk of bicep tear with mixed grip, but frankly, there's not something you need to worry about in the 315 range unless you just have the world's worst form.

D) getting those calluses are obnoxious, but it's way better than feeling a heavy-ish deadlift start slipping out of your hands with a double overhand grip (and it inevitably will), and have the lift go to shit, with the accompanying injury risk that goes with it

Callouses are a good thing anyway. It's better to have them 24/7 than to be in pain from blisters if you do something different. But I get them from work as much as from weightlifting so idk
i wouldn't have thought i'm at risk of having my bicep roll up like a windowshade at 315, no, but i don't see any reason not to start start building habits with an eye to scalability early on

fwiw in D i am drawing a distinction between the calluses that are inevitable with this stuff (coming along pretty decently) and the gnarly ones that result from getting your palm north of the crease pinched up and ripping off a few layers of skin. i've been able to avoid that by taking a few extra seconds to triple-check that I'm starting high on the hand without any slack before curling my fingers, but mixed grip has still surprised me a couple times
im doing straight leg deadlifts with 360 lbs right now and there's no way i could use a pronated grip without straps right now. kudos to your grip strength

shapes posted:

Scrree posted:

it's a good program. i wouldn't look down when you squat like he suggests. skip the power cleans, even (read: especially) if you're interested in Olympic weightlifting.

could you elaborate a little more on this? is it just 'the book will teach you wrong and then your form will be fucked'?

Olympic lifting is much more difficult from a technique standpoint than the powerlifts. i'm not entirely convinced they can be learned properly without good coaching. i used to go to a gym run by the former head of US Olympic Weightlifting, and in a year i went from "complete doofus" to "still bad, but not entirely" (i had a fair amount of lifting experience but no Oly, so i wasn't unlearning anything). i saw tons of Crossfitters come in who wanted to get better, only to get their egos shattered when he had them go back down to an empty bar to completely re-learn their form. those guys usually didn't show up again.

it's been a while since i've read Starting Strength, but iirc, he makes the powerclean sound very similar to a deadlift (it's not). he also has this weird idea that low-bar squats will have carryover to the pull-phase in a snatch. even if the muscles used are similar, the form is radically different, and the form is the hardest part to get down. there's a reason that every single Oly lifter sticks to high-bar and front squats.

if that is something you're interested in, find yourself a coach. make sure they know what they're doing... it probably won't be at a Crossfit gym. if you live in the US, they probably have some certifications from US Weightlifting, and either have gone to Nationals themselves or sent people there.

if you're not particularly interested in, don't worry about it. for beginners, increasing power isn't a big priority. just increasing your strength will increase your power initially. you can add some jumping exercises (box jumps, single leg stuff) to prep you for more advanced exercises (weighted jumps, depth jumps for the very advanced).
i like to exercise my lungs with cigarette
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You want to see something swole? Check out the malignant nodules on my lungs
i think my favorite way of exercising is lying on a bed and reading a book, occasionally making another coffee
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thanks for the detailed answer shapes. im definitely doing this to get stronger in the more general sense than any going after any technical goals, so i'll stick to the four basic barbell lifts until i find a gym with a good coach.

that said, i realized that the way i was doing squats was leaving a tingling sensation and irritation down my back which was Not Good, so i avoided adding weight and readjusted my grip and wow, completing squat sets where you don't Damage Your Nerves feels surprisingly good! to the extent that i thought the music i was listening to sounded better, and the water from my bottle tasted better. ive never done long-distance running and gotten 'runner's high' before so feeling that way after physical exertion was new + cool
no way im touching a barbell till an irl person shows me some actual form like. im under 200lbs for the first token since high school tho. this does involve eating the exact same thing for lunch every single day but im ok with that
What's that you're eating?

I got rear-ended by two teenagers and whiplash/a concussion, and it's been about 3 days so I feel like I'm inefficiently using my time not being able to weight lift 😒
don't fret over it, you're more of a danger to yourself if you get antsy and rush back. i remember seeing a bunch of studies that say you can program in an occasional week (or even two) off without interrupting your gains in a noticeable way but i can't be bothered to dig 'em up right now, just take the word of an amateur on the internet

i just took three weeks off due to that iliolumbar thing (about 10 days to feel normal, then another 10 to be safe), it is what it is; pick up and drop off when you can, and listen to your body
on an unrelated note, i experimented with a slightly wider squat stance and my hamstrings got too cramped up at 90 below my target to continue. maybe a little torn? i dunno, we'll see how they feel tomorrow. lol

lesson learned

next day edit: hell yeah i feel fine, even good. got all worried for nothing, but im still glad i stopped when i did

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Constantignoble posted:

i experimented with a slightly wider squat stance

this is a good technique if you keep falling in the toilet


marlax78 posted:

What's that you're eating?

I got rear-ended by two teenagers and whiplash/a concussion, and it's been about 3 days so I feel like I'm inefficiently using my time not being able to weight lift 😒

im eating a single sad little turkey sandwich and a bowl of microwaved broccoli w mrs dash sprinkled on it

the dumbbells i just ordered for germany are full of sand and if you put all the weights on them there's no room for your hand. what the fuck.

marlax78 posted:

the dumbbells i just ordered for germany are full of sand and if you put all the weights on them there's no room for your hand. what the fuck.

sounds like the real dumbell here, is you

damn dude
sounds like the real dumbbell is a different product that's closer to your expectations!!
still off sugar, started my dumbbell routine again yesterday after like 3wks of not doing it thanks to seasons making me sad
(slaps tummy)

my "winter weight"

when you're boutta put Brazil on your shoulders
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fucked it all up and started w sweets again

littlegreenpills posted:

fucked it all up and started w sweets again

"Relapse is part of recovery"

down 40 lbs from my high water mark (kinda stagnated the last 2 months but back on track now), mile time back under 8 min. just did a fully pronated dead set of 365

definitely shelling out for straps one of these days; just waiting on :effort:
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that reminds me, you guys know the weight bands? for arm exercises, I got ones like this and they're simply too big for me (my wingspan is 6'0 having inherited my dad's t-rex arms) whereas the ones like this are solid, but tend to rip easily. Any suggestions?
i'm just doing a lot of romanian deadlifts with the pronated grip, sometimes with straps so if i start doing regular deadlifts ill probably use the alternating grip, just because its what im used to