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has anyone looked into whether or not their food bowls have gotten bigger
they ran a camera up there for me... just springtime for the tapeworm
hiked down to the border of occupied chickasaw, on the way back picked some greenbriar shoots & wild onion for a stir fry. also threw some mushrooms in there but i had previously harvested those from the produce store

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hiked down to the border of occupied chickasaw, on the way back picked some greenbriar shoots & wild onion for a stir fry. also threw some mushrooms in there but i had previously harvested those from the produce store

Reminds me of last time I was out round Santa Barbara and I picked a whole mess of wild sage on a hike with my friend. Make a bunch of Pomme de Terre Dauphinois (like a gratin, potato, swiss cheese, half and half, sage all stacked up in layers in the oven til it's melted golden brown heaven) with that and it never tasted so good.

Been avoiding this thread for probably half a year because until recently I have not been working out or eating right. However, past couple of weeks really got into it. Doing solely bodyweight exercises and no cardio yet, will probably start running on the 11th when it becomes legal again. Sticking to squats, lunges, push-ups and planks. Feels really good to keep building on them. Would like to get into lifting when I can get into a gym, unsure how to start.

Been cooking a lot, eating a lot of chicken. Roast it first and eat your fill, keep the carcass in a tub in the fridge so it marinates a few days in all the juices, then strip it and break it up for making bouillon stock. Just finished the last of mine from the previous batch, it tastes incredible, like liquid gold, so flavorful and filling you could drink it on its own, though I've been adding curry rice and stripped chicken leftovers from the original roast to it.

Made my first attempt at baking bread to day and it didn't go off perfect but I am learning and will keep trying. Working out and Eating right is making me feel good. I feel good. Stayed up a little too late tonight but am tired and will be asleep soon.

Roasting a chicken sounds like such a good smart idea. I avoid this thread for the same reasons, so I can cover up my unhealthy habits and depression with elitism (very effective!).

My bad eating habits were going to kill me, and I've been getting better and better over lockdown. I am crossing my fingers that I don't fuck it up. I don't want to jinx myself.
I made cassoulet baby. take you out to dinner?
apparently self-crusting quiche is something that already exists and i didn;t invent it while fucking around during coronantine

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apparently self-crusting quiche is something that already exists and i didn;t invent it while fucking around during coronantine

like, a frittata?

i don't think so but maybe!

instead of using beaten eggs with milk i used buttermilk and added some flour to make a thin batter, and didn't make a crust. the edges crisped up into a sort of a crust and the cake itself was more solid than a quiche but it didn't really affect the texture

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feeling a little peckish... might treat myself to a midnight grapefruit
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where's the "Eating Literal Shit" thread so i feel more inclined to share that i downed an entire bag of hot cheetos?

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where's the "Eating Literal Shit" thread so i feel more inclined to share that i downed an entire bag of hot cheetos?

That section of the forums isn’t on the main page but you can view it as a direct link

This morning I did a set of pushups 17-17-19. Couple of hours later 46 straight, 125 squats, plank for 115 seconds, lunges 95 on each leg and adding bicycley crunches 20. Feels good and all that. Think I'm definitely sublimating rl frustrations into it though, not that that's necessarily bad.
Up to 59 straight push-ups, 175 squats, 165 second plank, 145 lunges on each leg, 50 bicycle crunches. I ran three times last week, going to run this evening in about an hour, a little farther on the route than I did last week. Very cool how even though while doing some of the exercises it feels like dying, those suspended moments that feel like eternity when you're not really yet done yet but the effort is making sweat pour off you, when you finish you feel incredibly good. Can't wait until I can get into a gym. Already notice slight hardening up, slight reduction of the natural fat layer over the abdominals, etc.

Completely stopped drinking beer and now potato chips too, eating "clean." Working out and eating right for the day of each day feels darn good.
I normally stay away from those Facebook fundraisers but somehow Facebook has not noticed some of the bail funds are on there, and I picked one that didn't seem to be getting as much as Minneapolis was a few days ago and set a target of 350 push ups in a week for the fundraising challenge. That may sound low but unfortunately I have not been exercising since the rona closed my gym and my being a woman means an irritatingly lower level of upper body strength. Anyway I am as ever devastated to discover the "exercise is good for your mental health" lot are absolutely correct.
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Been doing that for years, it's pretty awesome frees up alot of time.
hell, you think that's efficient, did you know how much free time you lose sitting on the toilet when you could just shit your pants?
been eating about as well in the last two months as at any point in my life, with home-cooked meals including fresh veggies 5-6 nights per week. on the other hand, havent been to the gym in three months so my exercise consists of dog walks, medium-length hikes in the mountains, and bike rides. i might start running - this morning i jogged the half mile to the doughnut shop and back. ive probably lost a good amount of upper body strength but such is life.

my gym opened monday but i really cant see myself going in there any time soon. got into it with my friend who started going this week to her bougie crossfit box. it does sound like theyre doing all they can to keep it clean and safe, but i dont see how its worth the risk when you can exercise at home or outside. maybe its not the same if you dont have someone screaming at you to do another 20 burpees?
if my gym opens i will pay any entrance fee, including blood

Hitletr, 1942, Armband colorized
as god is my witness i'm gonna run 42km in less than four hours this fall or winter
my short-term goal is 3 miles in 27 mins. i started running around a month ago after not having participated in any athletics for ~5 years. for the past few weeks ive been running 2 miles every other day and gradually ramping up speed, with the idea that when i hit a 9 min pace ill then ramp up the distance until i hit 3 miles (im at around 9:45 rn). after that who knows
Going to start calling working out "doing mass work."

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Going to start calling working out "doing mass work."

if you work out the right muscles it can also be called "ass work"

i am opposing liberalism by refusing to indulge in irresponsible and gossipy criticism of a flakey comrade behind his back (this is the second type) and instead venting that frustration by going to a garage and doing squats

edit: turns out it was his birthday, all is well. the squats were good. mao wins again

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i haven't been up to much for months because of nothing feeling real anymore so fuck it, but recently i've been doing every-other-day pushups (up to 2x20 so far!) & my gf picked up "Ring Fit Adventure" so i've been doing exercises i normally wouldn't, to fight sentient kettlebells & swole dragons in tapout gear

also been slamming some hard boiled eggs after each session, forgot these were a food for like years

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cute colour comrades

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cute colour comrades

work out and color coordinate for the day of today posting

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its harvest season, im poaching pears & drying figs. seeing if i can't manage to land some apples tomrrow. good to have neighbors with gardens n trees n shit

e: this persimmon is not fcukin ripe afhgfdfghph

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I broke my ankle 5 weeks ago, lucky it was a "stable fracture in place" so no cast needed. The broken bit of bone isn't connected to anything so its basically the best fracture you can acquire, in your fibula bone. Still, I won't be walking normally again for a couple more weeks, largely because the entire sole of my foot got bruised which takes forever to heal up well. I bought myself a rowing machine, should be here in a couple weeks - i'm getting too old to continue breaking bones + I love the rowing machine at the closed gym so, its time for a serious bike alternative. Praying this will get me back into functional shape over the winter.... and praying I can resume long distance running by next May/June... whoever the other poster was who also broke their ankle this summer, i feel ur amigo
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i lost 30lb in 6 weeks to prove that i could, im skinny now

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should have bought elastic bands (+ a gym mat but i assume you already got one) for rowing instead of a whole rowing machine. another lost soul falling for the fitness-industrial complex and their sick schemes

You also need a skateboard under your butt for this to work

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