sorry cars, now i have to join witch crew
thee presence of a doctor during the "15 person murder party" really throws doubt of the murder story - you dont bring a doctor to murder someone, brutally or otherwise, you bring a doctor when you're torturing someone and you dont want them to die

30 fucking seconds of wikipedia reading would have told any of you that this guy was a spook lmao
this ones for u petrol <3

https://www.news.com.au/world/middle-east/saudi-doctor-accused-of-killing-and-dismembering-journalist-trained-in-australia/news-story/b8cc1f8c374385648ea803ca86e53666 posted:

Saudi doctor accused of killing and dismembering journalist ‘trained in Australia’

A SAUDI doctor suspected of killing and dismembering a prominent journalist honed his craft in Australia, it has been revealed.

A SAUDI doctor accused of the grisly assassination of a prominent international journalist in Turkey studied forensic medicine in Australia, it has emerged.

Turkish authorities say Dr Salah al-Tubaigy was among 15 men present at the Saudi Arabian Consulate in Istanbul, when Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi is believed to have met a brutal end on October 2.

The Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine confirmed that Dr al-Tubaigy spent three months training as a forensic pathologist at the Melbourne facility in 2015.

Institute director Professor Noel Woodford told the ABC he did not meet the Saudi surgeon during his Australian placement but understood he voiced a particular interest in the field of mass disaster victim identification.

However his predecessor, Stephen Cordner, was one of the Saudi surgeon’s Australian mentors and recalled the experience in a radio interview on Wednesday.

“I remember Dr Tubaigy,” he told ABC radio.

“He became really the senior forensic doctor in Saudi Arabia, he was head of the Saudi forensic medicine commission.”

Washington Post columnist Jamal Khashoggi was an outspoken critic of the Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Picture: SuppliedSource:Supplied

According to Prof Cordner, one of Dr al-Tubaigy’s responsibilities was dealing with disasters, particularly deaths of pilgrims during the annual Hajj pilgrimage in Mecca.

“He did get familiar with the use of our CT scans in a post mortem context,” Prof Cordner said.

“He didn’t do any autopsies. He observed autopsies, attended academic meetings, so really just attended things that happened in the building.”

Prof Cordner said the institute took a “generous view” of people who had indicated they wanted to spend time there observing.

“We approach them as though they’re honest people dealing with us wanting to improve the lives of the people in the country they come from,” he said.


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30 fucking seconds of wikipedia reading would have told any of you that this guy was a spook lmao

to be fair i hadnt actually done that myself but its nice to know it confirms my suspicion that he had a more official intel role with the saudis


As Head of the Legal Medicine Department of the Saudi Ministry of the Interior and Vice President of the Saudi Legal Medicine Society, alleged assassin Dr. Salah Mohammed al-Tubaigy is one of the leading forensic scientists and medical ethicists currently working in the Kingdom.

Dr. Salah Mohammed al-Tubaigy graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, at King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia in 1997. Three later he ranked first in his class at the Saudi High Institute for Security Study, during which period he also worked as a general practitioner in Riyadh.

In 2004 he left Saudi Arabia in order to study for a masters qualification in forensic medicine, at the prestigious University of Glasgow Medical School, UK. For the next five years he worked as a forensic pathologist in Riyadh and Dammam, publishing a number of papers on homicidal deaths in the Kingdom, as well as contributing to an Arabic-language textbook on forensic pathology.

In 2009 he was accepted as a member of the UK’s Faculty of Forensic & Legal Medicine (MFFLM), winning admission to the Saudi equivalent the following year.


gina haspel is a stone cold bitch and the most powerful woman on the planet, she doesnt strike me as the sort of person who likes to leave her office on pr trips

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I have zero doubts about him being a spook to some extent, I think what I mean is that if he were really well embedded with the CIA the Saudis should have known that he's off limits... but the backlash to their actions actually indicate he really was tbh
well to reiterate i believe he had an asset relationship with cia rather than an agent. its kind of like the difference between a snitch and an undercover pig

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https://www.news.com.au/world/middle-east/saudi-doctor-accused-of-killing-and-dismembering-journalist-trained-in-australia/news-story/b8cc1f8c374385648ea803ca86e53666 posted:

A SAUDI doctor suspected of killing and dismembering a prominent journalist honed his craft in Australia, it has been revealed.


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well to reiterate i believe he had an asset relationship with cia rather than an agent. its kind of like the difference between a snitch and an undercover pig


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wikipedia reading

tbh this is one of the big problems with wikipedia, besides me fucking with its articles constantly all the time on purpose, its recent-event-related articles are a summary of liberal mainstream news lumps crammed together by cherry-pickers so it supports nearly anything by the same method while not providing any new information to a conversation. it's like Noam Chomsky farmed out to Sierra Club canvassers.
wow these lovely kind american directors, wonder where their sympathy was when 6 million were displaced by bush's wars

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30 fucking seconds of wikipedia reading would have told any of you that this guy was a spook lmao

any of his wapo stuff works too

I think the outcry from the spooks and people like Graham indicate that Washington is split over MBS. Israeli lobby and the Trump family want him in, but common sense and the Qatari/Turkish lobbies want him out. Think tanks and some big business figures have terminated deals with Saudi, probably for optics, but it may also be an attempt to pressure the Saudis to push against MBS. If he doesn't moderate they may have to push him out. The war in Yemen has been a boon to D.C fatcats but is costing hundreds of millions a month for Saudi, Bibis government has somewhat fallen out with the lrft of center anti-Trumpists, UAE is not as significant as Qatar in terms of global importance regardless of their Israeli backing and deep ambitions... now would seem like a good time to shift the ME back to the pre-2016 order before its too late.

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rumors are that uae is reopening its embassy in damascus

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and it won't be the last
...............................................embassy reopened in damascus *extreme applause and cheers, i gather it in with my arms like it's piles of money*

UAE sees the Muslim Brotherhood as its number one enemy, far above anyone else. Their shift toward Damascus is explained away by this, but what's weird is that the Russians are on board with them in Libya, backing Haftar. Haftar is very much for sale, current U.S/UN/NATO support for his rivals is half-baked, and this could easily bite Russia in the ass if Haftar (unlikely) managed to get control over Libya on behalf of the France, the UAE and Egypt. It's not a long road from being in NATO hands in that scenario, since the West is playing both sides to start with. I don't really think the U.S is all that vexed by France taking the initiative in Libya, the country has become a sideshow and I think they believe whoever comes out on top will be their guy eventually, regardless of Russian posturing. And even if no one comes out on top, there are more pressing matters to attend to, and Gaddafi is no longer a worry. Any serious Russian involvement would change that of course.
Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud (Arabic: محمد بن سلمان بن عبدالعزيز آل سعود‎ Muhammad bin Salmān bin ‘Abd al-‘Azīz Āl Sa‘ūd; born 31 August 1985[2][3][4]) or MbS more like iritable bowel syndrome

i'm really out of the loop on what's happening atm, personal circumstances and all. but this is so fucking peak i had to share it.
Just saw a Facebook screenshot of a Syrian student/study abroad association warning Syrian students to stay safe in France due to social unrest. So ironic.

Let me put it this way. I'm gonna be very blunt with you: If it weren't for the United States, they'd be speaking farsi in about a week in Saudi Arabia. Their military can't fight out of a paper bag. They give us 9% of our oil imports. We need them a lot less than they need us. So, I don't buy this idea 'you've got to hook up to a murderous regime, a thug like MBS to protect America from Iran.' Quite the opposite: I think by hooking up with him we hurt our ability to govern in the region.

hold up a sec why are we trying to govern in the region
Remember when their guy explained the U.S. goal was to “destabilize” Syria & the Middle East, saying it like six or seven times in separate interviews over the span of a week, and all the Democrats were like, Wow, this is big... that guy must have meant to say “stabilize” but forgot how. lol.
I said it then and I’ll say it again, it’s one of the real-if-superficial differences between this administration and pretty much every other White House in the last 75 years: a lot of the people who speak for the Trump White House, including Trump, keep coming out of classified “real talk” foreign policy meetings thinking the buzzwords and catchphrases they hear behind closed doors are their talking points to repeat to the press.

I say “pretty much” because Reagan also started doing this soon after getting to Washington, and if you look back at D.C. news mob coverage to see how the people around him tried to cover for him at first, it’s like a year-long flipbook where the horrified looks on his handlers’ faces transform into big manic Joker grins as they realize most of the people who voted for Reagan genuinely love the idea that the president might nuclear bomb the entire planet by accident tomorrow.
things are relatively quiet atm, by which i mean, western media aren't really interested in the war on syria right now, and i don't speak arabic, so i've been doing some googling and spent a couple of hours on the syrian war reddit to try and get up to speed.

anyway, something interesting is happening in idlib atm - jihadi group commanders are being popped, and nobody seems to know who is actually doing it. any answer is as likely as any other at this point i suppose. i'd guess it's glorified gang warfare - there is now no chance of victory, so it makes sense for different militias to fight over what few spoils are left. could always be good old mutiny, too - these dipshit commanders have led their guys into what amounts to a gigantic kill box, and the window of opportunity for reconciliation is almost closed. that's gotta smart if you're one of the grunts who started out as a true believer and are now waking up every day knowing the SAA and a fucking shitload of russian war machines are only a few miles away. speaking of which...

intermittent shelling continues, russian spy planes clocking targets. i just read about how SAA units packing the front lines, more arriving by the day, all straining at the leash, pissed off and ready to get on with it. thing is, this has been building for months, and keeps getting delayed until another round of diplomatic talks have the chance to fail. i'm trying to find out more about how the reconciliation attempts are going, but it's hard to find reliable info. what do we think the most likely outcome will be at this point?



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yesterday the state department announced turkey was buying some patriot missiles
today WSJ reports trump is ordering the immediate withdrawal of invaders.

it seems that the kurds trust in the whimsy of a transactional white supremacist coward to whom they have nothing to offer was misplaced, and erdogan will get to do the genocide

hahahahahahah neocon blob types are crying

and of course, then there's the #resistance clowns:



we literally cannot Mossad the Assad


MarxUltor posted:


we literally cannot Mossad the Assad

npr had a bunch of folks on bitterly weeping about the us allowing russian and iranian meddlers to take over syria & how those countries have no right to be there + rip usa empire
Funny that the official line just a few days ago was that the US will stay in Syria "indefinitely" following the defeat of ISIS https://www.washingtonpost.com/graphics/2018/world/syria/us-troops-in-syria/ ...I doubt anything has changed except the PR
i mean, make no mistake they will, but it'll all be black budget stuff
Looks like all discussions pertaining to whether or not the YPG/Kurdish autonomy is "leftist or imperialist" will be rendered moot.


Never trust the Yankee.