came here to post this last night but was unsure if bombing ever stopped
This does not bode well for the life expectancies of certain individuals. Again, a specter has returned to haunt the halls of the White House...

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the assad curse is the best meme of the 2010s

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dimashq posted:

the assad curse is the best curse of the 2010s


may it come to pass that everyone maintaining assad curse collages will end up having to categorize the faces by decade


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After feeling mild symptoms similar to those of infection with Covid-19 virus, the President met #الأسد And mrs #أسماء_الأسد Examination of the PCR and the result showed that they were infected with the virus, knowing that they are in good health and in stable condition, and they will continue their work during their home quarantine period, which will last for two or three weeks.

Global Pandemic defeated by the Assad Curse, entire world owes a debt of gratitude to the people of Syria
it is imo really unfair to the virus to act as though it called for overthrowing the government of Syria. Please think this through
in that piece he mentions the US sanctions on Iraq for the decade+ before the invasion, and it reminded me of an article Foreign Affairs ran in 1999 entitled "Sanctions of Mass Destruction." one of its authors' conclusions was that the US sanctions on Iraq during that decade caused more deaths than all the WMDs used in history up to that point