lol - i would be remiss to say that i loved my elementary school years, but it's because the teachers there were basically subjugated parents, thankfully they were up for the job

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the thing about those MOOCs, or even just course materials + lectures posted by universities by MIT, Stanford et al. is that basically no one who starts one finishes it. they were mostly started over a decade ago as universities were experimenting and planning for the upcoming internet revolution of teaching. overall, for a university, they are low investment. you can set up a camera in a classroom and post pdfs of lecture notes for basically nothing. active grading of assignments and tests requires actual labour investment. there was a legitimate effort by universities to allow accreditation for at least some of their courses. what they found was that completion rates of ungraded courses was basically non-existent, and for graded courses, there was rampant cheating and high failure rates. some schools settled on a kind of hybrid system, where the lectures, homework, and readings were all online, but testing was done in person in a computer lab. even elite universities would be willing to offer diplomas if people paid for online courses and legitimately passed them. they have been experimenting with getting such things off the ground for over a decade now, to very little success. a lot of the drive to post classes online though is done by individual professors or departments, who just want a repository of lectures and material for their own organization and so that students can easily reference back to material, so it's not done out of cynicism, just smaller and more pragmatic motivations.

the truth is that autodidacticism on the length of a university education is incredibly rare. there is a reason why communists built schools and organizations, and did not just dump university textbooks on the doors of literate peasants.
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I'm chemically off balance again. If I I'm more of an asshole than usual, don't take it personal.
i had to watch an HR video on the "Growth Mindset" which basically comes across as a poor man's dialectical materialism at best and completely ripping off Marx at the worst
Yeah "growth mindset" cognitive psych has become popular with businesses as an attempt to harness antipathy to racist pseudoscience for the purpose of exploitation of workers. Like, science has proven you're not tied down by your genes, therefore dedicate all your "free" waking hours to learning skills at your own expense to be exploited as skilled labor, and you'll become the best little wage slave you can be, then (STEP MISSING), then you're a happy superior being.
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cars posted:

an attempt to harness antipathy to racist pseudoscience for the purpose of exploitation of workers

Thinking lately about how defenseless the current batch of online, DSA-style "post-left"/"populist right"/etc. social fascists are against this stuff, for the exact reason that they think they've got it all figured out. They've utterly lost sight of the necessary concept of "ideology", if they ever had it to begin with... like, the idea that the bourgeoisie can exploit your beliefs through your employer without those beliefs being wrong or bad, and everyone involved in exploiting them can even deeply believe they SHARE those beliefs, e.g. anti-racism, without that making racism or racist pseudoscience any less a type of bourgeois ideology itself. Thug Lessons alienated that mob recently after he explained to them that "small business owners" are just as bad for workers as "big business", potentially even worse given how they're exempt from a lot of worker-protection laws in many countries... pretty much just explaining to them that ideology exists, that they shouldn't take things they see on TV at face value. Extremely upsetting for that online gang, to the point of blind frothing rage at someone they counted as one of their own just the day before. But all of that is way off topic for this thread lol.

tldr If the essence and appearance of things directly coincided, all science would be superfluous
...I guess it kind of IS a "real life" question, because it's not thinking of ideology AS ideology that gets it propped up as a god, sometimes as THE God. And the contradiction is behind a lot of the posts in this thread about work and employment and employers.

Like: for most people, it's a correct belief that they enjoy time away from alienated labor for their employers more than the time they spend at work. Work does not fulfill them; its absence does. That causes a conflict, because within current social relations, they need to spend so much time at alienated labor to "earn" time off. Ideology tells you that the "solution" to that conflict proceeds from your equal position in the marketplace as a seller of your own labor, so: just be "good" at that and you'll get to a position where you have "enough" free time to overcome alienation. And since the initial belief is correct, but the ideology is... ideology... it's hard to look reality in the face unless you keep the concept of "ideology" in your head... how someone selling their labor hours to meet their basic needs is absolutely NOT an "equal" in the labor market to the buyer, and no amount of vacation or sick days will conquer alienation in the worker as subject, let alone contribute to the benefit of workers as a class.

Losing track of that tricky concept, "ideology", is how you get Marx-influenced pseudo-intellectuals describing themselves as "populist" or "socialist" while subscribing to crude sub-economism bourgeois-serving ideas, like, "Big business says it's anti-racist so it must be pro-worker to be racist," or, "Small business owners are just regular joes like you and me so they're the worker's pal." And then they're already caught in the net.
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Acdtrux posted:

anti-idpol rhetoric is entirely reactionary in all respects imo

I mean, sure, I agree, except maybe in the exact sense of ideology... like, "liberal idpol", if it's taken to mean e.g. black capitalism as a "solution", etc. is real and real bad, but in large part because it's objectively white supremacist in the same way that Barack Obama objectively served global white supremacy as president, it doesn't really help black people at the expense of white people or anything like that. Both its supporters and the "anti-idpol" sector of its detractors are either blinkered by ideology or are just lying about it for whatever reason.

I guess what interests me more is HOW those sorts of politics (what's normally self-described as "anti-idpol") are immediately REACTIVE, instead of just reactionary in the wider sense, how that reaction works as an ongoing process.

It seems to be a group of people, some loud pseudo-"left" minority whose fan base is almost entirely right-wing, apparently capable of burning calories on questioning the status quo.. they see some social ill get bashed by the enemy in a way that's at best pure ideology—sometimes not even that, just as cynical opportunism, even accounting for ideology I don't know how much a McDonald's franchisee cares about Black Lives Matter—and the "anti-idpol" people say,

"Well, since the wealthy people are talking bad about the bad thing, the bad thing is now the good thing. Racism is now good and proletarian. Whoa, that's exactly what the rich Democrats say on TV, the working class are all truck-driving KKK members who want to bomb Iran, so I will take time off from seeing the rich Democrats on TV as villainous liars and accept everything they are saying about this one topic, and I will not question it. I will not buy a truck or join the KKK or join the imperialist U.S. military, but I WILL talk about those things as necessary for representing the working class and express anger at other people as a form of insecure contempt for myself."

Because like... that's social fascism for you in the DESTINATION reached, the left wing of fascism... but in the current configuration, it's still fascinating to me in terms of all those calories burned for so little movement, right back where they started, believing everything Hollywood tells them on a screen.

It didn't take all that frantic activity for social fascists in the past to go exactly nowhere, is what I mean. The sizable minority spouting this stuff is almost all at the center of empire, which means there's always a Heil Hitler rally right next door for them. And horseshoe theory is liberal horseshit, like, the ultimate destination of these folks is always to become rabid anti-Communists... so this group I'm discussing REALLY took the long way around to attend the local Nazi mixer. The rally was next door and they got there by pointing themselves in the exact opposite direction, hitting the loop and going all the way into another county and back, to end up almost exactly where they started.

Trying to figure out how this happened—and like, not whether it's surprising it happened, because it's not, and that's part of what interests me about it, how easy it's become in political discussions to become Vox dot com "explainers", to slip into "this isn't surprising, I can explain it away with a Just-So story, therefore it's not necessary to think hard about it" and elude explaining it—it interests me. Because it seems important to understand how ideology works as power in the world and how to change that world. Which is supposedly what our politics is about.

And it feeds into this sort of nebulous idea I have, not something I can really argue for yet... but that seems to unite a lot of performative bourgeois politics nowadays... about a certain sort of ideology-hyped, media-hyped, consumerism-hyped excitement that seems to be in great demand as a reward for engaging... a mutable neo-fascism that extends creaky antisemitic cliche to any possible target, but not in the sense of traditional colonialism or xenophobia, because it's ESPECIALLY a target that LOOKS like YOU in that antisemitic-fear sort of way, except even closer to home than the night-terror of the "Eternal Jew"... the excitement of battling non-humans wearing human skin, specifically in the West, white human skin, and even more than that, YOUR human skin... where you can see them plain as day, and so can the real humans, it's all so very simple, everything exciting you see on TV is real and true, but it's also all a very simple structure of flat-out lies, because the non-humans can't THINK like WE do... neuroscience must prove that Democrats and Republicans have entirely different brains, the desire to explain politics in terms of goofy "tribalism" pseudo-anthropology... the President is in charge of a bad system, and he says racism is bad, so racism is therefore good and the bourgeois racists are the prophets of the working class... someone has probably formulated all of this in a real way already and someone will point it out to me and I'll feel a lot less compelled to ramble about it.
The lazy explanation for me is that it's just the stress of politics getting to people, and they just want to relax, and so they sink back into the old ideological narratives again and stop questioning things because they're always rewarded for that sort of pseudo-intellectualism, since after all, that's another function of ideology. That it's former lefties just wallowing in their grade-inflating far-right mini fan bases, like a pathetic copy in miniature/multiple of all the Ivy-league Trots who turned "neo-conservative", since telling Republicans that the U.S. should run the world is such an easy A for a fed-up Trot. In one way, I'm all for a simple explanation to relieve my own calorie-burning, give myself a couple days off for a job no one hired me to do... but I suspect it's not that simple, and I doubt I'll accept anything that simple when it doesn't really explain what's happened.

Right at the core of this for me is the idea, which I think is so well-proven that arguments against it are sheer pseudoscience (see all the stuff about Sam Harris on this site), that under the expanding global flattening of culture from capitalism in the 20th and 21st century, people's subjective lives are just not that different beyond the material fact of class. "Generations" are marketing bullshit; ideology is real, but it shapes even the bourgeoisie by its nature... and most people alive today, the vast majority, think in mostly the same ways, with no great insurmountable boundaries between the socially constructed, socially accessible, partially socially operated machines in each of their brains.

So I want to know how people who at some point thought essentially the same way I did, and have at least gotten the gist of stuff I've read in the same way I have, turned into performative believers in the corniest, cheesiest, laziest bourgeois idea of what "worker" means, and have made it the absolute center of their performance of themselves to the world in a way that's objectively opposed to the politics they seem to think they're performing, however cynical they're being about it. How they end up as America's / Australia's / UK's / Compradors' Dumbest Neo-Nazis. Because I'm from their planet too, and further, I'm typing this post on the Internet, in English, and so there but for the grace of etc.
i just got a 32 hour a week job for more than 11.50 an hour and it comes with a company vehicle. moving up in the world baby. next year i'll buy a tig welder
I'm making beef jerky

cars posted:

I'm making beef jerky

the jerky store called, they'd like to buy all your jerky!

let me talk to her

cars posted:

I'm making beef jerky

i love enduring the nepotism and moral midgetry that comes with working for a small company. love it.
i love enduring the gaslighting/posturing that comes with living with a bunch of reactionary amerikkkans. love it.

karphead posted:

i love enduring the nepotism and moral midgetry that comes with working for a small company. love it.

same here

If you loved reactionary Amerikkkans you'll love reactionary Kkklanadians. The white supremacist power trip is the same but the stakes are so much lower

kinch posted:

cars posted:

I'm making beef jerky

sorry i'm too cool to understand what this means.

anyway the beef jerky turned out great i made like 2 pounds of it.
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today's team "captain" at work (not actual manager) had a huge meltdown over everyone "telling him what to do" and "insulting him". As i was the new guy he dragged me into the alleyway next to the store and tried to tear into me. several times people came out to haul packages or smoke or w/e and he yelled at them to go away because he wanted me cornered in private

this went on until i asked him if he thought the other captains faced the same level of disrespect as he perceives, and he did not like that at all. he went off to get me fired by the real manager and all that happened is they gave me the day off. i'm back in work tomorrow.
challenge him to a duel

Horselord posted:

this went on until i asked him if he thought the other captains faced the same level of disrespect as he perceives,


do your hall monitors get extra monetary compensation for being management's social triangulation whipping boys or is the prestige all the reward they need
god hall monitor is the exact energy, he's mad with a microscopic amount of power. berating people for posting the "wrong kind" of work information in the official work whatsapp (lol) or demanding that when theres no work we have to stand to attention instead of sitting down. just absolute divorced vibes and he looks about 23
cut his brakes
job update: store manager admits captain underpants is a dick who's causing riders to quit; cannot discipline him as "he's the only one in his position who can do the workload", but says that if he's really unbearable I can just quit. So i did.

according to the store manager one of his own responsibilities is solving the problem of riders quitting after only a few days. this is the first time i've ever seen WONTFIX on a bug ticket irl

going to work for their competitor now
today's weather forecast: "neighbor shouting along to My Heart Will Go On so loud the whole block can hear"
when i used to live in england i'd occasionally get visited by the pied piper of drunk shout singers. the road i lived on was very long and wide, so you'd hear him faintly in the distance. it would take him five minutes or so to get to my building, where he would be screaming his song so loudly that you could hear him three floors up and through double glazing as if he was sat right next to you. then his voice would slowly ramp back down again until he made it over the other horizon

i've never seen his face. i don't know where he came from, or where he was going. but i'll always remember his lyric: "I WAS WALKING ALONG, SINGING A SONG, (unintelligible)"

god bless this man, wherever he is
odds are he's living a fantastic life, free of the weight of capital crushing down upon him
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i've done my civic duty this week on my commute - a few days ago there was about a 20x20 foot fire next to the bike trail that me and some other dude put out and then yesterday i saw someone get t-boned because they went 5 miles an hour thru a busy intersection. at least 10 people there saw it with me in slow-motion but i was the only one to stay and talk to the kops because i didn't want the t-boner person to get screwed. but they will anyways because they don't have insurance which they can't afford. the goddam kop was lecturing them telling them that he was going to have to give them a $500 dollar ticket on top of their car being totalled.