I think it's Very Interesting Indeedo that "tankie" is getting more widely adopted because anyone using it seriously sounds weird & stupid automatically, and when challenged none of them can explain what it means or who it includes because understanding its origin requires knowledge of history the people using it never have. A triumph of self-ignorance and, as expected, Good For Communism

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I think it's Very Interesting Indeedo that "tankie" is getting more widely adopted because anyone using it seriously sounds weird & stupid automatically,

to normal people, sure, but last i checked it was still doing a pretty good job of creating cointelpro wedges in non-denominational (for want of a better term) leftist communities online

nearly got blasted by some lightning earlier, just abt scared the piss out of me, couldn't see or hear nothing for a min there. then i got back to work, the children of this community can rest assured that their supply of fluoride has not been interrupted and their teeth are safe

fuck lot of floodwater around here though
ganbatte Aquaman.

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anyone using it seriously sounds weird & stupid automatically

not so fast


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ganbatte Aquaman.

im stationed out in a pump house in a lake surrounded by floodwater making sure the sluice is opened juuust the right amount so the whole thing doesn't flood. usually we pump from the lake, now we're pumping our raw water out of the pumphouse basement, at around 6250 gallons a minute. if the lake rise much more ill have to make a break for it over the bridge that's usually like 15ft above the water, currently around 1ft

the volume of water that falls out of the sky is ridiculous, a quarter inch of rain falling on one square mile would amount to well over four million gallons. my county is a bit over five hundred square miles in area so that rain event would come to over two trillion gallons of water. over the last week we've had twenty-five times that much rain, what the fuck

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It's time we declared war on the sky
Sir we’ve tried drowning the sky in carbon dioxide, but it’s just making it stronger!
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Five strings? I think you got scammed dude, thats a banjo
found an unopened box of T-shaped earplugs.... party time
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finally found a buyer for my old banjo.. had to convince em it was a guitar. sold it for ten bucks which is great, i only paid six for it myself
looking for some legal advice re: neighbor playing banjo (badly) at all times of day
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all jokes aside thats a nice looking banjo
imagine posting a ukulele against a featureless white wall to fool people into thinking you haven't actually bought a banjo

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now if only i could find that box of T-shaped buttplugs i lost, i need them for my tiny butthole. plz hmu if you find them
liceo are you sure thats not a six string guitar with a string missing

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looking for some legal advice re: neighbor playing banjo (badly) at all times of day

teach them to play well


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liceo are you sure thats not a six string guitar with a string missing

imagine buying a six string guitar with a string missing and telling everyone online that you bought a banjo

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for christs sake!

Anecdotal evidence proves nothing

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Why would you ruin a perfectly good banjo, by adding a sixth string?

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Why would you ruin a perfectly good banjo, by adding a sixth string?

you get your money for nothing and your chicks for free


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guess what motherfuckers i got a pack of strings today

that puts you at 11 strings; what you've got there is an oud, friend


you've probably already seen this but i thought it might help you starting out with your banjo, which you have (It's a banjo)
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I think I'm officially old and boring now because I considered a celebratory wake and bake but then stopped and thought "Wait... would that actually be fun. Do I even want to do that." Not really.
saw some anarchists had dropped a banner on a pedestrian bridge, it said "EAT MOЯ LANDLORD" in chikfil cow font. at the same time a rage against the machine song was playing on npr and i was transformed into a teenager for a few minutes
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sorry to hear abt yr wrist. i was given ibuprofen after i had my wisdom teeth removed and got shitlisted for drug-seeking behavior when i said that wasn't cutting it
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Tramadol could provide performance enhancement for cyclists, study finds

Scientists find five per cent increase in time trial power under certain conditions

Tramadol, the controversial painkiller allegedly used by some professional cyclists and blamed for causing crashes in the past, has been found to improve cycling performance under certain conditions, according to a research paper.

The paper, by scientists from the University of Granada and the University of Kent, found that Tramadol, which isn't banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), improved cyclists' power by an average of five per cent in a 20-minute time trial.

In the experiment, 19 male and nine female with a "medium to high" level of fitness were asked to perform two 20-minute time trials, one after being given Tramadol, and the other after being given a placebo.

The scientists asked the participants to warm up before performing a 20-minute time trial, during which their average power and heart rate were measured.

The results showed that riders' average power after being given Tramadol was on average five per cent higher than when given the placebo (220 watts compared to 209 watts).

Riders also had a slightly higher average heart rate after taking Tramadol (166bpm compared to 162bpm), despite there being no difference in the rate of perceived exertion.


Tramadol to blame for classics crashes says Lotto-Belisol doctorLotto-Belisol team doctor Jan Mathieu thinks that use of powerful painkiller Tramadol by some riders is causing spate of crashes

Lotto-Belisol team doctor Jan Mathieu has said that the ongoing use of powerful painkiller Tramadol by some riders is a contributing factor in the recent spate of crashes in the opening classics races of 2014, and has renewed calls to have the drug banned.

Tramadol is an opioid, and like other substances in that group it causes drowsiness as a side-effect. Mathieu says that it's this that has caused riders to lose concentration and cause crashes, according to an interview published by Belgian website sporza.be.

Teams that have voluntarily signed up to the Movement for Credible Cycling (MPCC)'s stringent charter do not use the drug, but teams that have not signed up - including Sky, Omega Pharma-QuickStep and BMC Racing - are free to use it as it is currently not on the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) list of banned substances.

"Tramadol is a really strong painkiller and has a central effect," said Mathieu. "It is dangerous for your concentration and you can become addicted to it. The MPCC has asked the UCI and WADA to ban its use."

Lotto-Belisol have suffered more than most with crash-injured riders, not least with its star sprinter Andre Greipel, who will miss the rest of his spring campaign after suffering from a dislocated collarbone at Ghent-Wevelgem.

WADA added Tramadol to its 'watch list' in 2012, and is monitoring its use and abuse within sport.


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laying on a hospital bed. yesterday i broke my left wrist in another bike accident and its so bad theyre gonna put a titanium plate in my wrist area. if they fuck up i might lose control of my fingers and possibly my whole hand. i was cruising at very high speed after a 70km ride when this asshole jogger moved from the curb to the bike lane out of nowhere. in the ambo the girl nurse was in my 9 th grade class so we talked for a while. then i arrived and immediatlu complained about excruciating pain so they wuld getme high on sth. one valium and some nurse prepared a syringe of morphin. i won. every five min she gradually injected 1/5th of the content but i kept saying it didnt change or just slightly so she got out another syringe and after this one was 3/4th slammed in my veins i was high so i told her ahh i feel better . i had no cigs left and was tied w an sodium iv and the other bullshit. i was already on 550 of tramadol cuz it helps w bike performance but it had slightly worn off by then. then they took me into a room gave me haha gas and snapped a part of my wrist back in place while i was zoned out. to be honest i understand whippit addicts now. few hours later they got me on ketamin to snap another part back up... the nurse was injecting 2 mg by2 mg... who gets high on 8mg of ket. i basically told them nobody touched my arm until i had 50mg or more spiked in. they caved in .... ahhhh now i felt great, then they let me wait 30 min for the ket to wear off n to measure my blood pressure etc... had me waiting til 3am in the lobby cuz it wasnt good enough n i had to get opened by a surgeon... of course during that time i complained about pain, even dropped a few tears n was given another full syringe of morphin.. then some doc gave me a whopping two scripts for tramadol ... thanks doc! but im already forging my own ones im used to it... so i told him in so many words i can get higher so i got prescrptions for oxys. ownage.!'´ now im bored high waiting to get cut up

that really sucks man. i've broken both wrists at various times, not fun. i hope you can wean yourself off painkillers during this time so that your bones will heal faster.