CIA plan D to kick trump out of office by leaking his Epstein connections failed, so plan E is now in action to... show Trump trying to “drain the swamp”?


Endlessly amusing to watch Trump do the political equivalent of drunken boxing on his way up the ladder to 2020. Posterity would have probably regarded him as a notable statesman of empire in decline if it weren’t for his horny idiot personality.
What’s funny IMO is that it’s possible some gang behind three security gates in north Virginia decided to burn Biden’s primary chances for this, probably because Biden keeps forgetting on camera who where and what he is, which works fine for the party of Reagan but not for a party whose voters’ lack of enthusiasm put the current guy in office.

What I mean is, every time this latest Trump story appears, like 10-12 times a day on big news sites and dozens of times on their TV channels, it’s mentioned that Joseph Biden is massively corrupt, and then the story’s like “but that’s totally unproven, you shouldn’t even listen to us. We’d never bring it up, except...”

And they’re right, they wouldn’t, and I feel like the self-styled Democrat puppeteers in the Intelligence Community™ had to endure night after night getting booed by the audience, and the sudden death of the C-list celebrity they flash-hired to spice up the cast, before they decided to risk this particular stunt.
OTOH it could have the side effect of immunizing Biden in the same way that no one in the press is allowed to point out that Bill Clinton raped at least a couple women and got away with it. Time will tell I suppose.

cars posted:

What’s funny IMO is that it’s possible some gang behind three security gates in north Virginia decided to burn Biden’s primary chances for this

Biden's literally in the same position Hillary Clinton was in 2016 now, if he wins the primaries, all the GOP's gotta do is blow the dust off the old fox news reels and scratch out the words Hillary and emails and replace them with Biden and Ukraine. And the CIA blew the lid for him! Fuck, Trump is so goddamned lucky I can't believe it.

I’m just thinking, what’s the best scenario for the alphabet boys, like, the less-likely-but-ideal outcome at the top of their stack?

Like this: Trump is somehow convinced to leave office early, Pence or some last-minute sub-in replaces him as his party’s candidate in 2020, the Democrat field remains divided and weak... and whichever pushover or faux-rebel wins in 2020 knows exactly who was responsible for that stuff and why.

So even if they’re not someone like Pence, Warren, etc. who would give the CIA everything they wanted no questions asked if they were president, 2020’s president-elect would still come into office ready to pay attention to the loaded gun the boys wave vaguely in their direction, the one thing Trump refused to do that led to all of this.

Working down from that scenario, no matter how it turns out, everyone still knows exactly who’s making or breaking U.S. “democracy” now, thanks to those saintly anonymous Washington sources beloved by the Times. The spooks have to make sure no one makes Trump’s mistake again in their lifetimes.

dimashq posted:

Biden's literally in the same position Hillary Clinton was in 2016 now, if he wins the primaries, all the GOP's gotta do is blow the dust off the old fox news reels and scratch out the words Hillary and emails and replace them with Biden and Ukraine. And the CIA blew the lid for him! Fuck, Trump is so goddamned lucky I can't believe it.

I guess it comes down to how divorced the default, CNN-style, anonymous-source-driven U.S. news sources are from voters, since those news outlets will paint anyone who brings up Biden’s nepotism and corruption as Russian agents, and now, they have a decent chance of people outside Washington understanding what the hell they’re even talking about with those accusations.

But if not enough people trust the non-Fox-News press or listen to them anymore, it won’t work, and up until now, they’ve depended on a slim majority of the country accepting their stories, however insane-looking, as basically true, probably because of osmosis by repetition and a lack of polite alternatives, and because even Fox and friends tend to back them up on establishment lies about Iran, Venezuela, Syria, etc.

I’ve talked about evidence of that rift between the Washington press and average slobs over peace in Korea, but probably the best argument for it is that Trump was elected at all, an outcome the OP of this thread predicted over and over here on tHE r H i z z o n E.

Another funny thing here is the nostalgic momentum behind the new accusations: I doubt anyone in the U.S. thinks that presidents don’t “abuse” their office to take down political opponents, but every other story here invokes Richard Nixon.

The folks who sent that CIA agent to dig dirt on Trump know how it works in Washington: cowardice keeps most people from acting until it looks like they’d better get on board or get left behind as their job pulls out of the station. This has the air of, “We might actually pull it off this time, remember Nixon, right? You don’t want to be caught on the Nixon side of Washington folk history, do you?” no matter how it ends up.
biden will win because the funniest outcome is having his teeth fall out at his inauguration
sad that trump isn't referring to him as "joe hidin'"
In 50 years How Dare You Sir will be treated the same as the Tonkin Gulf fraud and the current mainstream news press position will be considered fringe insanity among historians. The argument will no longer be whether this was an attempt by the intelligence and security agencies to overturn the results of a national election that put the wrong booj in office, but over whether that was Bad, or Very Good and Clever, or Unfortunately Necessary Given, You Know, Everything And All

Chthonic_Goat_666 posted:

biden will win because the funniest outcome is having his teeth fall out at his inauguration

he's probably going to lose the first 3 states to Warren (unless Bernie has a miraculous turnout somehow) which will likely erode his support going into South Carolina. barring a big win in the south during Super Tuesday, he's done.

I remember telling my therapist about the Epstein stuff, and that I was worried nothing would come of it, nobody would face any sort of punishment, etc. and I was completely right

Zoe posted:

I remember telling my therapist about the Epstein stuff, and that I was worried nothing would come of it, nobody would face any sort of punishment, etc. and I was completely right

Well an older man did get his neck broken over it...

*stares into camera*
I'm becoming blackpilled on the Boston Bombings. The FBI is really looking out for Daniel Morley, the guy who (most likely) made the bombs for Dzhokhar and Tamerlan.

From this article: https://www.newsweek.com/2018/01/19/boston-marathon-bomb-maker-loose-776742.html

"FBI officials also have yet to explain why bureau agents were in the Tsarnaevs' neighborhood, which is roughly a mile from MIT, the night Dzhokhar killed Collier."

"The FBI maintains to this day that the bombers were not known to the bureau before those photos were made public, despite the fact that federal agents interviewed Tamerlan and his family multiple times in 2011"

As Topsfield cops and state police continued their search of Morley's bedroom and a shed in the backyard, the FBI suddenly showed up, leading one trooper to say, "Who called the feebs?"

"Morley was arrested by Topsfield police that day, charged with two counts of assault and battery against his mother and her companion, and with making a bomb threat. And then, nothing. The FBI showed up at Topsfield police headquarters and seized much of the evidence taken from Morley's home after Hayward executed a search warrant. Morley was never formally arraigned in connection with the charges that Hayward swore out in a criminal complaint, and those charges were abruptly dropped without explanation by the Essex County district attorney."


lenochodek posted:

a few years ago i had a colleague who was kyrgyz (like the tsarnaev bros) who was working as a researcher at umass dartmouth at the time of those bombings.. he said he used to play ball sports and chess with those guys quite regularly and that they were totally normal guys and that he was 100 percent convinced they were framed. also he didnt say anything about his mysterious return to europe (where he rejoined the research group he had angrily quit a year beforehand) shortly after the attacks

Looks like Dan deleted the tweet I linked. Really boils the noodle, eh?
Dan Schneider has deleted about half of all his tweets in the past few days after some guy retweeted and QT'd some of the more creepy and sexual ones. He's terrified of being the next Epstein. Really crazy watching this stuff happening in real time. https://tiffanyfitzhenry.com/breaking-news/dan-schneider-is-deleting-thousands-of-creepy-old-tweets/
uh the man has at least 12261 tweets what else could you possibly add to his rap sheet that would make a difference
The real goal is getting one of his victims, like Amanda Bynes, to come forward. The tweets are just more evidence he's a creep, which he is certainly aware of considering he deleted them all.
Well, looks like at least one of his victims has talked to the press! Maybe his victims will actually get justice soon. Dan Shneider is most likely gonna get the Epstein treatment, though.
i've been slowly reading through those mintpress articles on Epstein and it blows my mind how interconnected everything is to blackmail and pedophile rings. from the government, to the media, celebrities, religious authorities, etc. it's an ugly horrifying mess
Funny enough, the co-founder of Nickelodeon is in the Epstein flight logs. Also coincidentally the same person who originally invited Schneider to write and produce for the company. It's a bit of a conspiracy theorist cliche, but it really is all connected if you look hard enough.
The upperclass keeps class solidarity by fucking kids and taping it so they can blackmail each other into solidarity.
[account deactivated]

AZ_IZ_OT posted:

are you implying communists have to start fucking kids

Presenting: The Spartacist League

(a) Oct. 23, 2019

(b) Oct. 19, 2019 / Washington Examiner

Jeff Schoep was once America’s leading neo-Nazi, propagating anti-Semitism and building an army to wage “racist violence” in his role as leader of the National Socialist Movement.

But now he claims to be renouncing his racist past to help wean far-right extremists away from white supremacy using the blueprint developed by his mentor, a former al Qaeda recruiter.

They launch next month with an anti-fascist magazine that uses all the techniques that Jesse Morton once used to convert young Americans into jihadists, first attracting recruits with propaganda before sucking them into a network of online activists who radicalized them to fight at home or abroad.

Schoep, 45, said a former neo-Nazi and a former jihadist may seem like odd bedfellows, but they shared a common experience.

“What Jesse did with the jihadists is that he had a magazine as a propagandist that reached people interested in extremism, and now he is countering it with the same template but for good purposes,” he said.

Morton was sentenced to 11½ years in prison in 2012 for conspiring to solicit murder. His Revolution Muslim website, which he ran while a student in New York, became a focal point for American-born extremists who were groomed for militant groups. His magazine was the template for al Qaeda’s English language publication, Inspire.

(c) Jan. 25, 2017 / Washington Post

Jesse Morton made national headlines when he was accused in federal court of using his Revolution Muslim website to encourage attacks against the creators of “South Park” and others he said were enemies of Islam.

After he was convicted, the Virginia man became an FBI informant. Once released from prison, he joined a D.C.-area think tank focused on studying extremism, saying he hoped to “make amends” through his work.

But Morton, now 38, again faces legal troubles after being arrested and accused of bringing cocaine to meet a prostitute. He is due in court next week and could return to prison.

Morton is no longer working as a research fellow at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, a spokesman confirmed.

Morton was once deemed by federal prosecutors as dangerous to “the very freedoms on which our society is based.” But even before leaving prison, he has said in an interview, he began working undercover on counterterrorism operations. He was released in 2015 after serving less than a third of his 11½ -year prison sentence and hired by GWU the following year.


In an interview last fall with the Center for Strategic and International Studies, Morton said that after his plea and while in prison, he began doing work for federal agents. According to court documents and a defense attorney involved, after his release Morton was paid by the FBI to help build a case against a supporter of the Islamic State.

(d) Sept. 6, 2016 / AlterNet

U.S. media outlets are eagerly broadcasting the supposedly redemptive story of Jesse Morton, a Pennsylvania-born former “Al Qaeda recruiter” turned FBI informant and counter-terror expert, transformed into a force for good thanks in part to his run-ins with federal agents. The 37-year-old Morton’s story is capturing attention because he was recently hired as a fellow at George Washington University’s Program on Extremism, which functions as a feeder school and think tank for the federal war on terror and domestic surveillance apparatus. In his new position, Morton will, as New York Times reporter Rukmini Callimachi put it, “research the very ideology he once spread.” Lorenzo Vidino, the director of the GW program, boasts that this is the first time a former jihadist will take an academic post in the United States.

In addition to the Times article, titled, “Once a Qaeda Recruiter, Now a Voice Against Jihad,” Morton was featured in an interview on PBS news hour and covered by publications from CNN to the Washington Post. Each of these stories is remarkably similar, echoing Morton’s narrative of being “rehumanized” by an FBI agent and reformed by reading western philosophers and writers like John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau. Reporters overwhelmingly take Morton’s story of “de-radicalization” at face value, failing to raise the most basic questions about the federal agents he lauds.

It is easy to understand why the FBI would be thrilled with the positive media coverage its informant program has received, thanks to Morton. The program has been subjected to lawsuits and accusations of gross human rights violations, including mistreatment of the people it coerces into cooperation. It is also worth questioning whether Morton's story, as it is being told by major media outlets, is entirely true.

A closer look at Morton’s story raises serious questions about his past and the way it has been exploited. Two expert researchers who interviewed Morton before his conviction describe him as a provocateur who had little influence and no operational role in Al Qaeda. With the help of self-styled national security reporters, Morton may be exaggerating his past to advance his career ambitions, while providing the FBI with desperately needed public relations help.


Those unwilling to become informants face retaliation and threats. In the lawsuit Tanvir v. Holder, four Muslim plaintiffs charged that the FBI put them or kept them on the secretive federal no-fly list in retaliation for their refusal to inform on their communities.

“Individuals have recounted how the FBI threatened them with baseless terrorism charges or deportation to gain their cooperation, or have brought charges against them in retaliation for their refusal to work as an informant,” explains the Center for Constitutional Rights, noting that it is difficult to calculate the exact extent of this coercion.

Under this massive program, informants play a critical role in entrapping those individuals targeted. Human Rights Watch concluded in a 2014 study that “nearly 50 percent of the federal counterterrorism convictions since September 11, 2001, resulted from informant-based cases. Almost 30 percent were sting operations in which the informant played an active role in the underlying plot.” The organization notes that discriminatory investigations often target “particularly vulnerable individuals (including people with intellectual and mental disabilities and the indigent), in which the government—often acting through informants—is actively involved in developing the plot, persuading and sometimes pressuring the target to participate, and providing the resources to carry it out.”

This critical background has been omitted from the media narrative of Morton, who has instead emerged as a poster boy for an FBI informant program that supposedly helped him better his life and correct the wrongs of his past.

But as Aaronson put it, “There are 15,000 informants, and most of them are not working for the FBI because they want to turn their lives around. They have been coerced. The coverage of Jesse Morton’s case has been poor for not providing that context. The narrative has been overly simplistic and doesn’t acknowledge that the FBI is not a social welfare agency looking to set people on a good path. It is law enforcement and it will use and abuse people.”

Edited by trakfactri ()

This group also just flew to Istanbul for a conference. Hrm, well, it's interesting how, with the medieval swordplay loser division in decline and disarray thanks to independent antifascist action, we get to witness the formation of a new alphabet-run "anti-fascist" / "de-radicalization" / "watchdog"-type cutout group led by paid "formers" who each share a sudden, miraculous story of a turnaround. And look how successful it worked for Al Qaeda, according to the newspapers. No... don't mention the same government was arming and training the same group to tear up Syria the whole time. Yeah it's a real head scratcher but let's not ask too many questions. *skips to summer 2021* What, there has been another attempted pogrom on the streets of an American city? Thanks for tuning in to CNN as have on former extremist Jeff Heydrich from the Institute of Advanced Counter-Radical Studies in Washington, D.C. on how such acts can be prevented in the future
they should just hire some DSA guys instead
Yeah, I know it's another tweet post, but did you know there is a thread connecting that coup agent descended from the Bolivian generalissimo who lost the War of the Pacific with a weird music fan cult involving Jared Leto connected to various "humanitarian" projects and spooky military-intelligence people? You want me to post it? Okay

and yet he still got owned by joaquin phoenix lol
I like to call him, Joaquin Trailmix
HK signal-boosted us on Twitter again so I'm bumping this good thread where Rhizzone is right about everything and podcasters play catch-up months or years later. Bernard Sanders proudly promotes a capitalist platform from the peak-rape-of-Asia era of United States policy, he is not a socialist and his counterparts in Europe are dismantling their parties' previous concessions to organized labor. Sanders only continues the DSA's lifetime legacy, Red-baiting recuperation of workers' struggles against the bourgeoisie. thank for reading
what do you think's different between this era than say the 50s-70s wars, the value-extraction is humming along rather than being in construction?

cars posted:

Bernard Sanders proudly promotes a capitalist platform from the peak-rape-of-Asia era of United States policy

Edited by toyot ()

5 million dead Koreans, 2.25 million dead Vietnamese, a policy of labor discipline and extraction through attempted genocide of Asians... you know, the Great Society
Twitter lurkers delete ur account and saddle up here, on the rhizzone
we will support dual carding on probationary basis
i will say it again, DSA's platform is seriously like, It Is Most Important For United States And Nowhere Else To Switch United States Over To Multilateral Interventions Because We Need The Bomb Money For Other Stuff. as though capitalists spend money on bombs because they are Harry Potter bad guy, no good reason for it, the bourgeoisie just needs to be told to quit thinking bombs are neat. as though the super-exploitation cash flow the DSA wants to turn into the Neo-Eisenhower administration comes through a magic portal from Harry potter land, free blood money from another dimension.
oh, i way misread your post, sorry i thought you meant that today is the peak. yea mr. bernard sanders wants to get rid of our rube goldberg health system, designed by dull yankee cretins & working as intended. it prohibits a specific 20% of ppl from good health, & traps workers in life-debts, & traps us on medication dependence. in place of these traps, he wants medicare for amerikans. but mainly, he wants loyalty, social peace, and silence when he starts the wars to pay for it, cuz social-democrat presidents have been all our most bloodthirsty.

universal healthcare can mean actual universal healthcare, the world's riches are enough to feed doctors-in-training in every country, there is physically enough metal wood plastic to build hospitals and pharma plants up to world-capacity, and there's expertise to do it in less than a generation. we could rocket up world average life-expectancies, at maoist china rates. empires like france, UK, japan, belgium, amerika, in actual practice, transfer health away from the colonized, to empire's citizens. if imperial militaries were defeated, & countries regained economic control over themselves, they'd put their surplus to this specific use. it's what poor, but liberated countries in the 20th century all did first thing, make UHC. so it takes continuous effort by imperial militaries to deny the world its health. amerika's debt collectors, wailing mothers dying outside hospitals, fish tank antibiotic pharma, are a taste of the world's common misery, what'll become a post-UHC export.