tbh I find it hard to believe that an entire state's votes in a national election were an aesthetic choice
you're dodging what I mean: as you say, they rejected Trump as a candidate because his person clashed with Mormon values of masculinity. but then they fell in line and defended Trump in office because that power enacted deeper material priorities of white supremacy. that's all.
No I genuinely think that the objection I had is important to the topic I'm discussing, I think it's at the heart of it, I'm not trying to deploy some rhetorical feint. I don't think the different ways Mormons order the household under patriarchy to be explicable as a question of aesthetics. it's by definition one of economy, which suggests some deeper and rapid shift here. And I'm saying this suggests to me the need for a lot more rigorous analysis, because honestly I don't think, for example, either of us have anything like a good explanation for it.
of course since this is a discussion forum it also comes down to whether the topic interests anyone else at all on the level of deeper material analysis, in contrast to a third-worldist contempt for discussing the dialectics of culture and household economics in an idiosyncratic part of the U.S. And who knows, that contempt may well be the right choice and it's certainly the Poster's Choice on these forums, that's why I put my big old post in the trash dookie balls thread. So anyway, I started blasting,
I guess I just have a different perspective on it, I think cultural values of masculinity and the particulars of patriarchal religious family structures have a common root in dominating violence that when push comes to shove takes precedence over whichever surface level posturings they offer for why/how they do it. To me, the power relationship comes first and then the half baked justifications follow afterwards, contorting themselves to fit the needs of the present moment. Which does ultimately make me see less significance (but not none) in the particular differences between how Evangelicals, Mormons, Jehovahs Witnesses, Catholics, etc attempt to explain away their abuse of women. I don't think you're wrong in wanting to dig deeper and examine this particular shift in Utah but I guess I have little to offer picking it apart in this case, just wanted to offer something because I liked your post.
Mormonism is Good, actually
serious question for the scholars: what are some good books or articles to read about Mormonism? asking for a friend
*dunking on your driveaway basketball hoop* Might I suggest the Book of Mormon by Joseph R. R. Smith?

Sunday posted:

serious question for the scholars: what are some good books or articles to read about Mormonism? asking for a friend

If you want to understand how Mormons view the world, start here:


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post this in your local dsa chapter
some people think the PSL is good, but jair bolsanaro is a member of the PSL so i'm not sure what to think