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mark ames wrote a good article about curtis' source for the russia shit a year beforehand

Thanks. Yeah the hypernormalization stuff originally came from a lesser-known book by Alexei Yurchak which I haven't read but focuses specifically on late-Soviet culture and seems a lot better than this other stuff about Putin's secret dream twisting machine to take over the planet. He gave an interview touching on some Soviet avant-garde art groups such as AVIA that were kinda like Laibach that I thought was interesting.

Oh the Russian liberals... Ames and I think some others have pointed out how blazingly racist and hostile the Russian liberal opposition has been to BLM. Apparently one of the reasons, which I read about in some article, is that they have a reflexive need to reference their own politics with a stable, liberal west in contrast to Putin. Ksenia Sobchak is one of the bigger players and has been feted at D.C. think tanks. But if the U.S. system is showing cracks then that's an enormous problem for them.

from the same person that glorified shooting the black kids at CHAZ:


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*banevoice* I just wanna point out that July 4th celebrates a violent revolution against authority in order to set up an autonomous state

i'm doing this in my head for every tweet now


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i'm doing this in my head for every tweet now 😇

*banevoice* banevoice
Who's gonna tell him?


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Who's gonna tell him?

He already has a mirror, if he can't see the problem with his hair I don't see what telling him will achieve

Ah yes of course Marxist-Sakaiism.

no click zone, i warned you
i hope all three of them die of covid

Corona karma just killin folks left and right (literally in 5...4....3...2...)

twitter was just hacked/compromised and there were a bunch of posts soliciting btc to this address: https://www.blockchain.com/btc/address/bc1qxy2kgdygjrsqtzq2n0yrf2493p83kkfjhx0wlh

Now all u gotta do is type in readmarxeveryday.org
i'll make the viborg

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Now all u gotta do is type in readmarxeveryday.org

That looks like it would have been so fun.



yesterday lol

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i love how many little pigs are freaking out about "responsibility" as if they're facing down a lunch rush and cespedes just tossed his apron on the floor by the deep fryer and bailed
that player set a good example and should be applauded.

Dept of homeland security caught trying to tie PissPigGrandad to foreign powers.
that's a p rude way to treat someone who volunteered to play diy regime change and help overthrow the tyrant assad


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https://www.thenation.com/article/society/dhs-antifa-syria/Dept of homeland security caught trying to tie PissPigGrandad to foreign powers.

i never liked the guy but credit where credit's due, i lolled:

“The US government has been spying on and smearing communists for 100 years, but they usually have the decency not to call a Red an anarchist!”

tfw you're inappropriately called an anarchist

mad. shoulda read the thread title

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sensible chuckle that the guy who went to be a mercenary for the SDF defiantly said he had never been an anti-fascist
he wasn't saying that

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It's very funny, to me, that both peterson's admirers and detractors entirely blame his evil manipulative daughter for his current predicament, the poor old professor manipulated and bullied into grave illness by an evil bikini-clad young harpy. Anyway im glad he has covid and i hope he dies lol

jordans petersons succubus daughter with an insatiable lust for flesh
It’s very funny to me that (buzzing of a million locusts as they pour from my open jaw)