Just dumping this stuff in here from U.S govt / NGO copy from back then

Mayor Pete
He's mayor alright...mayor of Langley, Virginia!
I realize Langley is an unincorporated community and doesn't have a mayor, absolutely do not correct my joke
*tv ad rolls*

"3 out of 4 CIA operatives give Pete Buttigieg a thumbs up."

*guy comes out of unmarked van* "He sure would make my life a helluva lot easier!"

*4th guy couldn't raise his thumb because it got cut off*
~8 months after Laissez's Faire Rhizzone forums identified Mayor Spook as a CIA plant... and "Current Affairs says he worked for Oxycontin and the Saudis" has now been 100% replaced by "He Is A CIA Plant".

Mission complete
Who gives a shit about mayor buttmunch and his neoliberal policies.

posting this mainly for the replies in which it is revealed that 90% of Twitter personally knows someone who has a True Story about, yeah Ted Bundy almost killed me, personally as the person you know, here is the story, you know it's the truth because it's exactly the same as everyone else's story and serial killers have a Em Oh. imagining Ted Bundy rushing from spot to spot all over the country every single evening, wiping his brow with a bloody rag, Whew I just can't seem to kill anyone this month, they all just barely escaped with an bonechilling tale from the crypt! Tarnation!!

respect though to the mega power move of the one person who tries for, You Are Like A Little Baby, I know someone who hit Bundy with their car when he was escaping from jail and nobody ever found out
my uncle works at ted bundy
i can think of no better representation of twitter than a horde of white americans tripping over themselves to seem closer to a serial killer than each other
My Uncle is so annoying, that his inane workplace mannerisms drove a coworker to go postal

this is the bizarro idea of Herzog belonging to people whose entire exposure to the guy is the one short monologue from Grizzly Man about "a half-bored interest in food". just that one bit, not even the whole movie, the idea of his movies where it's exactly opposite to everything he puts into his movies. 11K DSA voted for this and counting
he made a movie to show gorbachev in a sympathetic light lol
god loves dead troops.
Death to Amerikkka

cars posted:

p impressive to write an article that goes on for like thirty paragraphs without admitting once that important iraqis were also killed in the attack and that the militias in iraq are in fact composed of iraqis


he went on to make a bunch of tweets about how actually, according to criteria i just made up, the vote doesn't count, and also if it does count, it has no authority. lol

i'm pretty sure we're fucked

Not the slashfic we need, but perhaps the slashfic we deserve.....

real weird seeing the blue checks baffled as to why a bunch of people are cheering in the video. he's doing the normal thing where parts of conversations he's had get passed down to his mouth by the neural equivalent of a bucket brigade across the Toronto ravines, but idk how any of these particular superstar posters could miss that e.g. low-flush toilets have been a Blut und Boden issue for his current base for thirty years and counting
*i open up the jurassic park gates & all the forums posters swarm back out of Twitter and gut me with their untrimmed toenails*
Yasha call it KKKlanada. Mr Levine I know you're reading this, I'm a seven year old girl and I'm going to kill you if you don't call it KKKlanada
i made a post on twitter about how we should have "roofer lives matter" shirts and some roofing company started following me
theres now an option to "hide" tweets you don't like - and the opcw is using it:
not voting for Bernard but Boots Riley wrote something on the bird site that offers imo the only worthwhile argument for it. pbwy
president sanders: after the hard decision to send the national guard in to shoot the BART strikers

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i, personally, enjoyed the corn more than anything