what causes gravity is little gremlins with invisible strings that tug exactly like GR does. in the weak-gravity range where GR fails, it's their big brothers with very long strings. the strings tug exactly like the equations do.

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sorry for the last few years of posting everybody, i uhhh, i've been high
advice to my homeslice toyathan, embrace the shitpost, let it flow thru u
i'm editing this stupid shit

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it's kind of like one of those halloween soundtrack lps
oops, shit, fuck

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stupid shit

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15:20:00 smoke weed every day
Shia The Beef is a DIII super unique with a 4.20% chance of dropping purps on hell difficulty
rhiz is back, and right as i'm cracking open this old version of Capital! bye again rhiz
what a world, where weed thread is stuck to the top of a forum but goddam readmarxeveryday thred is not. wjat a fuckin world
love the metal flavoring i get from my vape pen.
That's just what not having a soul tastes like after falling for the devils lettuce.
Furthermore does anyone else time their inhalation and exhalation. I find it productive. Also ghosting, is it as good as it sounds?

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what a world, where weed thread is stuck to the top of a forum but goddam readmarxeveryday thred is not. wjat a fuckin world

idea for fake weed: "Weeg"
everyone and their mother has some bullshit cbd shit going on, i'm p. sure you could sell it as weeg
like "wig" for fake hair only weed..... yeah..
hanging out w/ friends and one of them told me she tried a DMT vape pen?... bad trick of a weed pen
writing the word "Weed" with my weed pen, the pen that is only for writing the word "Weed"
Ingested cannabis and watched the Belgian-American classic Pinocchio in Outer Space. Wouldn't recommend
Injekted cannabis and became the Belgian-Italian classic Pinocchio on the Rhine. Would recommend.
how many beethovens have been killed by capital

i'm the guy on t6he timpani at 2:14... killed it

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how many beethovens have been killed by capital

7 is underrated.

Could be, but personally I feel that even one Beethoven killed by capitalism is one too many.
well, thats just like your opinion, man
i'm high as fuck, and i think "Lowdown" by Boz Scaggs should be the national anthem.

edit: clippy but for CD burning software: i see you're making a mix CD, would you like to include "Lowdown" by Boz Scaggs?

edit2: when i bought this weed i asked if the guy'd tried it, and he said "yeah i put that shit in my blood. regularly". cool man...

: imagine 4 minutes before every sporting event amerikkka letting that smooth 70s funk beat into her bones, everybody gettin down to that fine boogie, brothers and sisters grooving as one...

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I tried to take a T break which corresponded with a gastroparesis flare up so no breaks for me.
merry christmas
tell me tears, what good is weed, if you are unable to inhale?
let them eat weed cake
*trying to talk shop w/ paleontologists* i think that's why a lot of dinosaurs then, made the switch over to healthier lifestyles like with seeds, nuts, berries. like legumes. but the big carnivores that made all those big bones? they ate too much meat scavenging, after that big meteorite. heart failure. i think a lot got hit by the meteor's rocks, but there's no way of taking count so long after.
theres so much time in a day, wow fucked up, so many minutes, damn, and thats not even counting the seconds, so fucked up
Turn his brain to some BBQ!/She ask me what I like, baby I pick you!
I was going to quit weed, then I met a very attractive new neighbor who smokes a huge amount of weed, then I hung out with them for a bit and became less attracted to them, now I'm fine to quit weed again. It sucks. On the other hand I fucking love weed....... ............. ... ............. you know.... .. .