Its badass
every day
I forgot to buy weed yesterday before the blizzard so now I have like 2 grams of shake left over in my jar to last me till tomorrow. Goid thing I can walk down the st and get beer np
FBI anti-marijuana hiring policy problematic for cyber security program
The FBI may need to loosen no-tolerance drug policies to counter cyber criminals.

The FBI is struggling to tackle cyber crime lately and that’s partly because the agency is having a difficult time hiring new cyber security experts.

EmanuelaBrolandi posted:

I forgot to buy weed yesterday before the blizzard so now I have like 2 grams of shake left over in my jar to last me till tomorrow. Goid thing I can walk down the st and get beer np

123 never forget

If you're still smoking it, seriously buy a vaporizer. A Vaporgenie or E-nano will pay for itself several times over within a few weeks or months depending on use and prices of weed because of how efficient they are. If you're not in a legal state or have an apartment like mine that will throw you out for weed, they add the benefit of smelling like nothing at all instead of tons of weed smoke. And almost no choking and coughing for those of us with sensitive baby lungs.

I'm getting blazed every night and buy like a gram or 2 a week, it owns. Inhale scientifically optimum THC vapor every day.

Also to keep from making waves with the neighbors, always remember that consuming alcohol along with cannabis in any form has been scientifically demonstrated to dramatically increase the amount of THC in the blood stream, allowing you to continue DYTD while getting EVEN MORE HIGH.
I have a vape pen its ok but i cant get cartridges and its too annoying to load wax. Im gonna get a dab nail for this big ass bong i got tho.
I smoke weed pretty much whenever I'm awake and I'm not ever getting a vape pen or whatever because I doubt I would reduce the frequency of my smoking and I'm concerned about the psychological effects of smoking even more. Although I know for health, I should do it.
Although one of my homies decided to move to the middle of nowhere in oregon to make endless trays of shatter and he seems mentally stable so maybe I'm just being weak.

EmanuelaBrolandi posted:

I have a vape pen its ok but i cant get cartridges and its too annoying to load wax. Im gonna get a dab nail for this big ass bong i got tho.

i have a vape pen with oil cartridges that i just dispose of and periodically buy from the dispensary. i stopped using it because weed makes me eat too much. anyway, the "% of THC" was super high, like 60% (can't remember what the other cannabinoids were) and i found myself building extreme resistance almost immediately.

just got me thinking that this whole concentrated weed thing is getting out of hand. i would rather just be able to smoke a joint every now and again. the only reason i even bought the vape pen was because there was no smell and i could do it inside.

Ya the resistance is real quick to build up. The wax i get is high end medi from california so its like 80% which i could smoke all day but if someone who smokes normal weed every day could take 1 hit and get destroyed.

The problem for me is i have to get it in a silicone container and put it in the pen myself which is annoying af.
My friend opened a bike courier company in california and they had to put a no dabbing clause in the employment contract bc too many workers were getting too high. Considering the degree of substance abuse bike messengers engage in thats like, really really high
You can get vapes that just use bud, not concentrates. That's all I've used. You're just heating the ground up bud to release the thc, basically the same as smoking it, but without smoke.

Epicvape.com is where I got my mine and i really recommend that or something similar. It's a plugin unit that I keep at my desk at home, click it on when I get off work, and bitch at myself for again failing to stop for munchies on the way home.

I am trying to mix a bit of wax or reclaim into the weed to kick it up a little but I probably need a tolerance break for a bit.
i had a hand-me-down volcano back in the day but i only used it every once in awhile. turns out i like breathing smoke
give it to me
ive yet to find a vaporizer that satisfies me to the same degree as burning the ol flowers except the aforementioned volcano, that thing owns, but its stlll like $400+ and my little chillum cost me like $12. also, hard to bring the volcano with you to bars/concerts/everywhere

dabs are terrifying, its proof that the old people who are like "todays weed is 10000x times stronger than the stuff we smoked at woodstock" are basically right. weed doesnt need to be a hard drug, people. just smoke dmt or some research chemical if you want to trip out for less than 8-12 hours
i don't think dabs are terrifying so much as they're fuckin dumb. the guy i know who dabs routinely probably spent a couple weeks getting high as fuck but then the tolerance caught up with him and now i'm pretty sure he just spends twice as much money to get the same thing

also i already gave my volcano away sorry pink wario
one of my friends who lives the Dab Life was explaining to me the virtues of quartz bowls as opposed to titanium as he showed me his dab instrument collection that cost several thousand dollars
Smoking wax is fine, you just have to not be dumb. Being sorta poor and smoking weed is pretty great since you're forced to have a tollerance break every few months
wax boy here. industrial dabber, bernzomatic reporting in
before you completely rule out dabs TG i want you to buy the nicest most elegant & classy dabs kit you can buy and give it one more try and then if you still don't like it give it all to me.
i'm so high

I just got some cherry ak
do you understand that i just posted a VIDEO documentary about Weird Nightmare, a tribute album to Charles Mingus, by Hal Willner, arguably the greatest tribute album producer ever about (arguably) the greatest tribute album ever executed in concept that i had not know about until a half hour ago. jesus christ. enjoy yr your back to the future part kush.
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nothing wrong with baby food
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i get the co2 oil cartridges. they are good, around 50% thc and the high is a lot clearer than buds. less burnout.

i have a hard time regulating intake. no one at my job cares if you get high at work so theres not even that to force a break. basically whenever i get a cartridge im high for 2 weeks straight and then i take a break for a week or two. i really wish i could stock up a few varieties and keep them around without hitting them 24/7, but that's never what ends up happening. i finished my last one about a week ago and i might just quit altogether this time
i now realize that that is the problem with those things. because there is no smell i use them continuously, without stopping. i got some again and man, the tolerance builds up immediately and its like nothing, but it's so easy to do that i just dont stop.

66% THC extracted from OG Kush too and still nothing.
Finally had a talk with my parents about drugs. Turns out it's genetic. Like me, my dad had always noticed that other people seemed to get trashed off a few hits but we can smoke a ton of weed and just get buzzed. We've got some freak hyper tolerance to cannabis.

This is the worst mutant superpower in the history of DNA.
is there anything unusual about your memory or how you experience/appreciate novelty?
turn it up
In honor of yet another reagan becoming dead, I'd like to invite my fellow DYTD goons to join me and Just Say Yes! to Drugs today. right now. repeatedly. while drinking.
i'm going to amsterdam next month and i'm gonna smoke that loud
Guys im high on weed
I just smoked some of that sweet indica and now I'm high on weed