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i think a lot of people have a sensation of synchronicity while killing time by clicking through links on wikipedia. the thing is though, that's a result of the closed topography of wikipedia, it's like tracing a circle with your finger and then when you come back to the same point where you put your finger down, declaring that the circle can predict the future. also in this case the circle was drawn through a bafflingly herculean joint effort by U.S. government agents, libertarian computer janitors and Trotskyists, around the made-up word "Holodomor".
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was thinking about how if i was on a desert island with a genie and he was like "you get one book to pass the time" i'd choose the dictionary, because it has every word and that'd be like getting all the books.

thinkin of going on shark tank and when i open the briefcase to reveal my invention a bunch of hammers and sickles fall out, i'd act embarrassed

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im back in IFAP

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the distortions lightming makes is cool


watching julio cesar chavez destroy these men, holy shit

can you imagine the career of a professional boxer, you win the sport by staring down and defeating in combat, this insanely powerful, undefeated, terrifying man
as of tomorrow, weed is legal in canada
as of today,

shriekingviolet posted:

as of tomorrow, weed is legal in canada

meanwhile, i just spent 100 dollars on fake pee

life hack: you can make real pee for cheaper with fresh ingredients in your own home!

all the news is about weed now. there is nothing else. it is difficult to speak in our old languages.
i hope your whole country gets high and watches YouTubes of your prime minister and Timothy Treadwell playing at the same time & like realizes they are fundamentally the same person
here KKKlanada tolk on this! http://www.youtubemultiplier.com/5bca951403c00-weed-canada-canada-weed.php
ok we did it everyone, weed is over now. you can all go home
cat wouldn't stop licking itself and its tongue fell off. she'd been lickin herself all summer and lately, while she was sleeping. she'd lick by us and sometimes lick our arms for minutes. and the tongue wore out, and it came off... she won't stop drooling now, to dilute the bleeding i guess. wondering what i should do.
jesus what the fuck, get to a vet
it was hard, but i upvoted toyo's cat tongue post because i promised to, also, i'm high
i once lived witha cat that licked everything al the time but its tongue never "fell off" what the hell
comrades, i was just high!! on weed! the cat is fine
weekend at last

*exhaling big cloud of smoke like dragon* turns out the prophet (pbuh) predicted that the last sign before the world will be replaced with a better world would be a fire that rose in yemen to cover the whole world, god is greater, death to amerikkka, death to israel, smoke weed every day
https://google.org/crisismap/google.com/2018-camp-fire massive fire in the emerald triangle, 5 confirmed dead, can hardly walk a block w/o coughing #blazeup
am i too old to learn to skateboard
you're too old for kids to not laugh at you

actually i don't know if kids even skateboard anymore
i feel too old to learn gow to use those electric scooters what that you pay to ride with you cell phone? then you get to just leave them in the middle of the side walk or throw them in a ditch or something?

toyotathon posted:

am i too old to learn to skateboard

no, but you're too old to recover well from injuries.

coffeethred crosspost
look, all the scientists know is that the matter out there is dark, alright? and that's bad news

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weekend at last

i only made this post like 4 days ago wtf

weed :(

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how do i combine the vape with the weed so i can remove the final barrier to being high all the time

i use this thing and its pretty fantastic. helps if you have legal weed stores selling like 12 kinds of wax and 20 other kinds of extracts


ialdabaoth posted:

do they make juul pods that got dabs in em yet

i actually tried to do this with some almost-liquid extract but it failed miserably (too viscous)


tears posted:

tears posted:

weekend at last

i only made this post like 4 days ago wtf

i only made this post like 4 days ago wtf

it's just like that movie, Disorderlies