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how do i grow watercress, a water-weed?

its natural habbitat is chalk and limestone streams so u need slightly alkali water; u can grow it in standing water, like a bucket or tray: roots in mud then water on top - basically the roots need to be waterlogged or (ideally) in slow, shallow running water like a watercress bed, though obviously that requires access to running water of the right type. look up British watercress beds for an idea


oh look at that, yet another victory for the light of Marxist Leninist DYTD(SWE) thought over the reactionary teetotal front

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https://www.forbes.com/sites/emilyearlenbaugh/2020/09/22/researchers-say-thc-from-cannabis-may-prevent-covid-19-mortality/oh look at that, yet another victory for the light of Marxist Leninist DYTD(SWE) thought over the reactionary teetotal front

Knew it was good that I valiantly fought through a suspicious cough in February to smoke a fat bowl every single day this year

good av
a friend gave me some THC infused coconut oil so i made brownies, but i FUCKED UP the ratio so i need to eat like an Applebees nightmare portion to get 4mg

"live and learN"
i've got a tin full of chocolate peanut butter truffles in the deep freeze with the exact opposite problem, you need to chisel off a tiny splinter if you don't want to be too stoned to move for the next 48 hours
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when i was in a state psychiatric facility for 6months i was invited to smoke salvia out of a pepsi can
welp, they did it, i'm finally out of weed. i smoked my last bowl and just upvoted everyone that i missed i think. i have this messed up tincture i made that will probably keep me going until i see my dealer next time. it was a hell of run. i think i've been high every day for at least 5+ years. i count the days where i didn't actually smoke weed because of all the thc i had built up in my fatty cells.
aint trin to tell me you caint ghost hit yr bowls for shitty resins highs na
ate a spacecake and drank some beer and wine out in the banlieu with some old friends...very pleasant...never really been crossfaded before I think it's called...planned to watch naked gun with them sometime soon...very pleasant...
the first time I ever had weed I was a lil' teen already a mickey of JD deep, cruising around rural BC backroads in the back of a jeep. getting crossfaded rules

I'd be crossfaded right now if we had any alcohol in the house
i found a little bag of hash
made another batch of brownies, this time with a reasonable dosage per serving. strain is "girl scout cookie"
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peshay ftw
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Smoked weed and watched The Hainting of Bly Manor. Couldn't follow a goddamn fucking thing

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The Hainting of Bly Manor

TV Tropes/Freemason conspiracy to erase The Turn of the Screw

I'm high on weed. Can you imagine?
weed. has occurred.
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I probably should take a day off from weeding ...
i looked into it but apparently it's only against the rules to not drink here
thank you for reading the dr cat corrections section. today's corrections:

weeding is actually ok and good.
I have once again consumed the drug, "weed".
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