lmao at the idea that a nice even 60% of young people in the United States love too look at and blow kisses at pictures of Ronald Reagan
sure The Who are selling out stadiums but do you know who the kids really think is “hep”? That’s right... Dwight Eisenhower.
according to the latest survery, one in two millennials say theyd prefer socialism or communism over capitalism.
(gets optimistic, starts nodding along)
whas more, a surprising number see joseph stalin and kim jong un as heroes. really, thats what the numbers show
(starts hooting and hollering)

looks at the numbers
Ronald Reagan 60%
George W Bush 39%

fuck this shit
(probates self in a rage and gets a django error everytime i open the forum for the next 12 hours)

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cars posted:

the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has uncovered that more donations are needed to construct Memorials to Victims of Communism

to be fair, the Prague victims of communism memorial is in a poor state of repair - donate today


Right, so what happened this weekend?

"The details remain sketchy, but according to the police, someone planted an as-yet unknown explosive substance on statue number three in the series, and detonated it some time in the early hours of Sunday morning. The explosion ripped a hole in the statue, which will have to be removed for repairs."

You say the explosion happened in the early hours of Sunday morning - it's now Tuesday, why has it only come to light now?

"Well the police say they weren't told about the incident until Monday, when they were contacted by local people. So the story has taken a few days to reach the media; it was only reported in today's papers."

And I gather the monument is no stranger to controversy?

"Absolutely, the monument certainly isn't to everyone's liking. Earlier this year, a group of local artists held a demonstration at the memorial, saying it was kitschy and in poor taste. Feminists don't like it because the figures are all male, and many women were among those persecuted by the Communists. Then in August - around the 35th anniversary of Soviet-led invasion of Czechoslovakia - someone covered the statues in red adhesive tape, forming various abusive slogans. That was obviously a political act, though once again the police don't know who did it."

And this isn't even the first time someone has detonated a bomb at the site, is that correct?

"Apparently so. TV Nova claimed last night on their main evening news programme that this is actually the second bomb attack - according to locals there was another explosion just a month ago, on October 10th. That was later confirmed by police."

Right, so the big question is - who could be responsible for these attacks?

"That's very hard to tell. All I can do is quote Stanislav Drobny, head of the Confederation of Former Political Prisoners, who said he believed the people behind it were hard-line sympathisers of the former Communist regime. But it's up to the police to find out."

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there's a beautiful statue in DC as well, in case anyone in the states feels like taking some time out of their day to protect the statue from graffiti, explosions, obscene gestures etc

http://www.libertyheadlines.com/protesters-make-obscene-gesture-victims-communism-memorial/ posted:

Protesters Make Obscene Gestures at Victims of Communism Memorial

April 13, 2017 Admin 3 Comments

(The Daily Signal) In late March, a group of protesters staged a demonstration at a memorial dedicated to victims of communist regimes by raising their middle fingers toward it.

The group gathered at the Victims of Communism Memorial in the District of Columbia and proceeded to broadcast their obscene gesture against the statue on Twitter. According to The Federalist, the small protest was part of a larger one held against the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s conference—a pro-Israel gathering.

Im starting the victims of the the victims of communism memorial foundation memorial foundation to forever commemorate the suffering of those who had to read this study. Plz join my patreon or donate via paypal tia
It's such a shame that even in the 21st century, where capitalism permeates into every aspect of our lives, and everyone is free and full of bounty. That even to this date, we find victims of communism. Men and women fighting for the evils of equality. A shame. Such a shame that they'll have to lose their jobs, go to prison, or just straight up murdered. What a shame. If only people would reject all anti capitalist thought we wouldn't have any more victims. So sad. Why do people keep doing this to themselves.

Spatial_Reasoning posted:

have some words

it's a real testimony to the strength of the propaganda campaign being leveled against venezuela that Maduro is at the very bottom of this list. death to america

wait a minute.
"View as a Hero: A Personal Hero, Hero for Their Country, or the Hero World"

Well to me, Lenin is a big personal hero, while George W. Bush is clearly a hero for his parasite monster country. But I have to say that ol crafty Stalin is definitely the Hero World.

what is the Hero World. is that the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Cinematic Universe.

Dry clean only.
Totally Not A Psyop

agreed, but for stalins purges

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i will perfect a gesture so obscene it will turn all memorials into Stalin pointing at the sky
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NYT actually made an entire feature article about how "ironic" it is that China's state news agencies have a Facebook presence and even - gasp! - buy ads
damn wait until someone tells the nytimes how ironic it is the U.S. "bans" propaganda aimed at their own citizens but publishes a variety of Radio Free propaganda outlets in other continents
wait until someone tells them about the BBC

A video posted by Xinhua, which already has about 100,000 views, presents a series of man-on-the-street interviews with Chinese people talking about the United States. It begins on a positive note, with questions about Mr. Trump and what they like about the United States.

About halfway through the video, however, the tone changes and people are asked to describe the problems they see with the United States.

At that point, the interviewees get critical. “U.S.A. interferes with others’ lives arrogantly,” one woman says. “Every person and nation has its own culture and customs, no need to interfere.”

Another woman addresses America directly: “Don’t be so self-important and arrogant.”

Even children are asked about the relationship between the United States and China. “Sometimes they went too far in bullying others,” one says of the Americans. “They don’t respect China and use South Korea to spy on China,” says another. “They also sent weapons to South Korea.”

When asked what advice he would give Mr. Trump, one man says: “Let him learn from China.”


i really like how incensed US propaganda is getting about foreign media organisations being mildly critical in their opinions
Every time I read NYT headlines I get so fucking mad, reminds me of that Chomsky anecdote. Imagine if the old man had fucking twitter, he'd have blown his brains out by now

Anyways they had a story about how the poor Vietnamese were disappointed after the big meanie Trump scrapped their much anticipated 'American-led trade pact', the TPP. Those orientals are being seduced by Chinamen now, since the torch of McGlobalization has been snuffed out by the Big Meanie.

NYT is a voice heard around the world, they should be legally classified by all governments as foreign propaganda

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hi dipshit420
hello cars

dipshit420 posted:

"Now if a parent may own his child (within the framework of non-aggression and runaway freedom), then he may also transfer that ownership to someone else. He may give the child out for adoption, or he may sell the rights to the child in a voluntary contract." Rothbard The Ethics of Liberty

Libertarians, the party of NAMBLA.


Populares posted:

dipshit420 posted:

"Now if a parent may own his child (within the framework of non-aggression and runaway freedom), then he may also transfer that ownership to someone else. He may give the child out for adoption, or he may sell the rights to the child in a voluntary contract." Rothbard The Ethics of Liberty

Libertarians, the party of NAMBLA.

damn it @dril identity revealed, bid farewell to the last Good Boy on the internet
incredible to think that popular twitter user "gigantic Drill" is actually Andrew Hussie, creator of tumblr.

Caesura109 posted:

damn it @dril identity revealed, bid farewell to the last Good Boy on the internet

i dont really get all these eulogies, i mean obviouslt there was a human being running that account, does knowing they have a name really change anything. i had already assumed they had a name

Dril doesnt give a shit

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