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cnn audience knows no culture but marvel films and YA novels

that woman put up wallpaper that looks like a full bookshelf, then hung many small frames overtop of it, as though she regretted her choice of wallpaper but did not want to go through the trouble of replacing it, ending up with the most visually jarring result possible

i assume that the “historian” talking about “bad guys” on CNN realized too late that “2D graphic of fake bookshelf glued to wall” was a little too “‘historian’ talking about ‘bad guys’ on CNN”
remembering that CNN reported this dossier as fact, which cited some of its claims to CNN, and what it was actually citing were anonymous comments on CNN's discussion forums. Salute to the posters.
Uphold Gonzalo Pinochet Thought

(Do not actually uphold that thought)
UPDATE: the missile, reported launched today, has now been alleged to be sighted in attendance at a party thrown for Kim Jong-un's cousin's birthday, hey macarena.

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that one's extra funny because only doctors' offices subscribe to print news magazines anymore, so TIME in 2022 has the same page count as a kids' magazine where every issue is about a different circus animal. But i repeat myself
Tbh Mickey Mouse always been gang shit... I seen some shady fools in Mickey Mouse shirts before...

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And people here say Obama wasn't anti-imperialist. smh

Not that it will be much of a shock to anyone here but that seemed a strange place to bound the graph, so I went to look. I’m not sure if “per capita” makes sense as a metric for looking at these amounts, or if 2015 dollars is the right balancing point - but besides those points there are gaps in the per capita data I don’t care enough to fill in.
Regardless of that, from some rough calculations seems to me that ever year of Obama’s term had higher per capita spending then the Bush years - with ‘09 being the peak which was roughly 30% more than ‘05 levels and double 2000 per capita spending (and like 8% higher than where that graph starts in ‘12).

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Despite that old adage, "speak ill of the dead", and although they were a miserable, lonely, soulless, coddled fool of a person, we should remember Proyect wrote one of the hilarious crank letters of all time. Perhaps there is nothing else they need be remembered for. https://louisproyect.org/2013/04/19/snail-mail-to-robert-de-niro/

just to be thorough they should also have "UNRELIABLE SOURCES" with the red circle and line that means NO over it
Congratulations to LF alumnus Donald Hughes on his new CNN gig. You made The Show, big dog!!

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just to be thorough they should also have "UNRELIABLE SOURCES" with the red circle and line that means NO over it


on Ukraine Nazis, the Western press vs. itself:

^ recorded that video sight unseen & literally laughed out loud at what I saw

posting it itt was a matter of posting persona integrity....................... it just keeps getting funnier
it just keeps going lmao

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it just keeps going lmao

I Mean Damb

please ifap mustang again
hello cryptomustang19 :)


In the parts of Australia where the extraction of an incisor is not practiced, puberty initiations usually include circumcision, followed, after some time, by another operation, subincision.
Some ethnolo­gists regard Australian circumcision as a recent cultural phenome­non.
According to Wilhelm Schmidt, the custom was brought to Australia by a cultural wave from New Guinea.
Whatever the case may be as to its origin, circumcision is the outstanding puberty rite not only throughout Oceania but in Africa too, and it is also docu­mented among some peoples of both North and South America.
As an initiatory rite of puberty, circumcision is extremely wide­-spread, we might also say universal. The problem does not demand our attention in all its complexity. I shall of necessity confine myself to one or two aspects of it, especially to the relations between the rite of circumcision and the revelation of religious realities.
The first aspect that strikes us, in Australia as elsewhere, is the
fact that circumcision is believed to be performed not by men but
by divine or "demonic" Beings. Here we have not merely the repeti­tion of an act instituted by the Gods or by civilizing Heroes in
mythical times; we have the active presence of these Superhuman Beings themselves during the initiation. Among the Arunta, when the women and children hear the bull-roarers, they believe that they
are hearing the voice of the Great Spirit Twanyirrika, come to take
the boys. And when the boys are circumcised, they are given bull-roarers (churingas).
Hence it is the Great Spirit himself who is supposed to perform the operation. According to Strehlow, the
Arunta imagine that the ceremony takes place in the following way.
The novice is led before Tuanjiraka, who says to him, "Look at
the stars!" When the boy looks up, the Great Spirit cuts off his
head. He gives it back to him the next day, when the head begins
to decompose, and resuscitates him.
Among the Pitjandara, a man comes rushing out of the forest with a "broken flint," circum­cises the novices, and immediately disappears.
Among the Karad­jeri, the novice is circumcised in a sitting position, his eyes
blindfolded and his ears stopped up; immediately after the opera­tion, he is shown the bull-roarers, and-after the blood of his
wound has dried-the flint instruments with which the operation
was performed. The Kukata perform the circumcision while the
bull-roarers are whirled and after the women and children have
fled in terror.
The Anula women think that the noise of the bull­-roarers is the voice of the Great Spirit Gnabaia, who swallows the
novices and later disgorges them as initiates.
There is no need to multiply examples.

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