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cnn audience knows no culture but marvel films and YA novels

that woman put up wallpaper that looks like a full bookshelf, then hung many small frames overtop of it, as though she regretted her choice of wallpaper but did not want to go through the trouble of replacing it, ending up with the most visually jarring result possible

i assume that the “historian” talking about “bad guys” on CNN realized too late that “2D graphic of fake bookshelf glued to wall” was a little too “‘historian’ talking about ‘bad guys’ on CNN”
remembering that CNN reported this dossier as fact, which cited some of its claims to CNN, and what it was actually citing were anonymous comments on CNN's discussion forums. Salute to the posters.
Uphold Gonzalo Pinochet Thought

(Do not actually uphold that thought)
UPDATE: the missile, reported launched today, has now been alleged to be sighted in attendance at a party thrown for Kim Jong-un's cousin's birthday, hey macarena.

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