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the klanadian kold front caused hurricane force winds around where i live knocking out my power, internet and mobile for the past 2 days

you're welcome

went fishing with my dad and caught this huge carp. also caught some very small fishes but they were too small to do anything with them so we let them go. fishing is a very soothing activity, and i can do it right outside of my home too since theres a pretty long and deep canal passing by. these two chinese guys told us we needed a permit to fish around that part and it made me realize how much i despise bureaucracy and its endless series of permits. probably the most despicable part of bourgeois legislature
after that we played some ping pong on a table in the little garden square. completely outclassed him and im not even that good at ping pong really. made me realize how despite his pretty good physical condition for a man in the first part of his 60s he's getting old and all...

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oh good my hometown is in the news :)
hanging out, drinking some beer, feeling relaxed. gf browsing something on her phone, said she was surprised that the PSL made autumn-themed emojis before realizing that she was looking at adverts for the Pumpkin Spice Latte offered annually at the Starbucks,
i'll save you all time

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let me talk to her