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bottles of $50 pauillac i've been taking from a home in fenwick connecticut i clean weekly, along with 23:1 OMAD fasting to reach spiritual delirium so i can go out like simone weil raving about the Great Beast

88888 posted:

second last diet coke 1L I drank was so horrendous I almost became an avowed PepsiCo partisan. thankfully the first last one met my expectations (not flat, flavor a tad limp but within acceptable limits) and led me closer back to a position of soda neutrality

the flavour of this coke reappeared to me in a recent dream. starting to think I might be a moron

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getting nice on my wife's saliva
ginger beer
midnight coffee
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natty light tall boys
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Thanks for carrying the torch, weirdly enough due to covid restrictions I've been falling behind in my DYtD exercises lately. I miss being able to go out and drink socially, drinking alone just doesn't feel right at the moment.

On new year's though I made a full batch of eggnog out of habit before realizing that it was just me & my partner at home with no guests, so we had a giant punchbowl with half a litre's worth of hard liquor to grind through between the two of us. That was a good night
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is a pity your "friend" didn't send you real pisco, which comes from peru 😈
heading out right now to buy some miller high life 32 oz tallboys. the closest gas station has a deal where you can get 2 of them for 5 bucks. good deal, imo.
o'hara's leann follΓ‘in
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it's only authentic toilet wine if it comes from the toilet region of america
chileans drink so much pisco they're the world's #1 importer of peruvian pisco
finally down to the garlic flavored polugar
walking out of the grocery store with a case of natty light at 10:01 am on a sunday, someone ask me if im getting ready for the super bowl. i sorta squint and go, o is that today
it is today. i only know that because my family likes amerikkkan football and they asked me to watch some of the game with them. they bought some beerand snacks, so i'll probably join them for a bit, if only for the beer :cheers:

edit: and now i'm enjoying a 'super bowl' to myself, haha (drinking/weed thread crossover edit)

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fortified piss
3-buck Chuck (formerly 2-buck Chuck). had the option to buy organic 4-buck Chuck, but to that I say "fuck to 4-buck Chuck"
Radical dave has a good av.
I am drinking beer.

Flying_horse_in_saudi_arabia posted:

I am drinking beer.

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liceo posted:

this one

11.2 fl oz.. wtf are they trying to pull
330ml is a common beer size

... for me to poop on
330 ml is only for the drink of gods, coke zero