coca-cola two liter
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mango flavored sparkling water. with jack daniels fuck mods catch me if you can
Box of Traders Joe Pinot noir + marijuana cigarettes
crossfading is hype now for candy season

variety pack of ciders & choc peanut butter weed truffle
my breath smells like absinthe and cigarettes
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tubthumping with the comrades:

whiskey > vodka > lager > cider
amerikan-style adjunct lager > whiskey > vodka > cider
rum + rum = rum, rum > rum
take it to math thread
second last diet coke 1L I drank was so horrendous I almost became an avowed PepsiCo partisan. thankfully the first last one met my expectations (not flat, flavor a tad limp but within acceptable limits) and led me closer back to a position of soda neutrality
bout to make vodka+coke
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Tea, but with winter flavors
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water with bubbles
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88888 posted:

water with bubbles

aka bourgwater


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88888 posted:

water with bubbles

aka bourgwater

CO2 dissolved in water is no more bourgeois than the CO2 exhaled by the masses everyday... club soda's class character should be apparent to anyone who understands this

amerikan kountry klub soda is clearly a scam to upsell healthy fluoridated flat tap water to labor aristocrats at extortionate markup prices
instead of paying for someone to blow bubbles in the water, at least purchase some alcohol so that the fermentation also effectively captures a molecule of methane, providing the body with a convenient source of chemical energy while preventing that CH4 from being released to the environment where it can cause global warming. drinking alcohol makes you, and all of us, cooler

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business conecpt: sequester carbon dioxide, in fruit flavored tap water & sell at prices comparable to the finest beers (hamms, natural light)

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mods please delete every post between 88888's post and this one

i have not been empowered to improve threads by deleting posts, only to make them worse by editing posts
rum+coke out of a large mcdonalds cup
an absolutely filthy martini. pickled onion + like half an ounce of the brine
eww (respectful subtext)
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some beer, while i make the stuffed vegetables
rose gin & tonic with a lime the other night, vodka and milk yesterday, one or the other tonight
flat water
lately ive been drinking about 50% of my daily calorie intake. still under tdee tho, except this time ive started tracking things so i can watch the cycles go round like a dumbass merry-go-round
tfw u find a plastic miniature of novelty naga infused vodka with a label that looks like it was run off on an hp inkjet, but u tip the whole thing into an evening coffee
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Canned wine
vodka+coke out of a large glass goya peach nectar glass

drwhat posted:

rum + rum = rum, rum > rum