its fucked up that people read the biography of "pete buttigieg" and think "normal person" rather than goku smashing their fist into a novelty usb spook button as hard as they can

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its fucked up that people read the biography of "pete buttigieg" and think "normal person" rather than goku smashing their fist into a novelty usb spook button as hard as they can

i remember the first article i read on him outside of those pusher CNN puff pieces was Current Affairs or something like that, and the writer was like “Mayor Pete speaks fluent Arabic, I must assume; and he is a handsome young gay man, but he doesn’t have as much experience or virtue as good as my true friend Senator Bernard, and it seems he may have ties to Saudi Arabian interests who—“ and i’m like okay sure right but this guy was a naval intelligence officer in Afghanistan, which is landlocked. And then the next line was that he toured around African regime-change hotspots for a couple years and joined McKinsey but uh let’s talk about South Bend, Indiana some more, and the rest i don’t remember because Clown Balloon.jpeg flew out of the screen and took me to Sizzler.

i refuse to ever vote for Pete Buttigieg. I will never forgive Joseph for not translating the entirety of Gramsci's prison notebooks.

"Complete edition" my butt! I condemn thy ventriloquist dummy son to forever wander the halls of Langley! !
naval intelligence officer in a landlocked central asian country? doesnt sound so intelligent to me

hello, i just finished reading a book called 'aberration in the heartland of the real' by wendy painting, which is about timothy mcveigh and the oklahoma city bombing. this is an incredibly detailed and copiously researched book that basically examines all of the different stories told about the bombing, from the 'lone wolf' story propagated by the government and the prosecution at the trial through to really out there conspiracy stuff that brings in ufos and such(interestingly, something that she uncovers is that all of the different stories originated with or were at one time told by mcveigh himself). painting takes a sort of fortean approach where she examines all of the stories and looks at the evidence for each without necessarily arguing for any one in particular, however it becomes very obvious just from looking at all the information laid out like that that the lone wolf story(that mcveigh conceived and more or less carried out the bombing alone) doesn't seem to hold up very closely to examination(there's a lot of stuff that the trial prosecution had to explicitly ignore to make their case, like that they didn't actually call any witnesses that saw him on the morning of the bombing, because every single witness who did see him saw him with other people lol).
it's clear that mcveigh was in contact with many different people in the white power and militia movements, some of whom seem to have had a role in the bombing as well, and, something that shouldn't be a surprise to anyone on this forum, many of these people also had links to intelligence, or were part of organisations absolutely riddled with government informants(there is a part in the book where we're repeatedly told about informants from all these different government departments inside the white nationalist community elohim city, such that i started to wonder who in there wasn't an informant). some of these informants explicitly told their handlers that a bombing was being planned, and one even reported that the murrah building in okc was one of the targets. mcveigh himself also at different times explicitly said that he was part of an undercover operation to infiltrate white nationalist groups, which could maybe be interpreted as fantastical boasting, but it turns out that there was such an operation, called PATCON, that was active at exactly the right time, and had been based out of a facility that mcveigh worked at as a security guard. as you might expect PATCON ended up empowering and encouraging nazis rather than just infiltrating them, and it seems possible that this is what lead to the bombing(though obviously a lot of the specifics are far from clear). there is a wealth of other information in the book as well(there's a whole section on mcveigh's time in the gulf war that is really well written and gets into some of the american atrocities there as well as some of the bizarre stuff around them dosing the troops with untested injections and similar things; there are also brief dives into MKULTRA and feds in the UFO scene when it relates to some of the narratives about mcveigh) and the level of research that's gone into it is really impressive. i think it's also appropriately skeptical when discussing some of the more outlandish stories that bring in ufos and so on, she's happy to look at them and the reasons why people believe them without necessarily buying into them herself. i really can't recommend this book enough, and apparently she has another book in the works that is following up some of the loose ends that turned up while researching this one, which i am excited to read whenever it comes out.

Multipolarista has been doing a series on the US deep state. the content won't be surprising to most people here but still interesting nonetheless.

road to damascus moments
what's that from tears

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what's that from tears

Seven Myths About Education by Daisy Christodoulou. just some normie getting so very close to the truth without having the breadth of knowledge to cross the rubicon


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FOIA request results for the crash of Dag Hammarskjöld's plane. If you don't know the story: Hammarskjöld was Secretary-General of the United Nations, and it's very likely he was murdered by the CIA over his support for independent governments in post-colonial Africa.

Just thinking about this again, and about how two of the three documents reviewed were denied for release under FOIA, and how likely it is that one of them was a carefully worded reply from the CIA—or a message sent through Belgian or UK/Rhodesian intermediaries—telling the NSA nerds, "Yeah thanks, but we did it"

heading down, down to the sir leonard valentinovich blavatnik school of government where they aim to train current and future leaders in the practice of government, in oxford town

maybe ill snag me a rhodes scholarship while im at it too

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Blavatnik made his initial fortune after the collapse of the Soviet Union in the privatization of state-owned aluminum and oil assets. He refers to himself as a self-made billionaire.


and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel
lot of people talking recently about a "sudden rightward shift" for the German "green party" Grüne, so I will have to make a post sometime discussing how they were originally created as a stalking horse for a NATO-funded Gladio operation in DDR called "Initiative for Peace and Human Rights"
cool article about how a guy who was present at kanye's recent dinner with trump is a spook working for boeing with an 'interesting' employment history

https://booty.substack.com/p/the-mysterious-fourth-man-at-yes posted:

While working for Booz Allen Hamilton, Ye’s new buddy Jamar Montgomery developed modeling tools to help military and intelligence leaders analyze population sentiments on social media and forecast the movements of migrants and terrorists under conditions of major societal stress. He also deployed his legal expertise to figure out how to convincingly accuse nations in U.S. crosshairs of “terror financing and money laundering.” That’s what I call civil rights activism!

Simultaneously, Montgomery was employed as a policy analyst by New America, a “left-leaning” (lol) D.C. think tank (a.k.a. an intelligence cutout that exists to provide palatable intellectual justifications for global slavery to capital). New America is of course heavily funded by the usual suspects (e.g. the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, the U.S. Department of State, the JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Bloomberg Philanthropies, the Omidyar Network, the Open Society Foundations, etc). We can get a hint of New America’s policy orientation from its response to criticism of Google (another of its major funders) that was published by some of its employees: they were fired. During his time at the think tank, Montgomery “conducted tech policy research in the areas of national security, privacy, and cryptocurrency, investigated compliance complaints against the US government and private corporations, and briefed congressional staff on compliance with privacy laws and regulations.” All for The People, baby.

Following this period in the belly of the beast, Jamar bounced between a series of companies and organizations working jobs related to cryptocurrency, law, or both. He served as a “CryptoEconomist” for “CryptoNomics Wealth,” an adjunct instructor at his alma mater, a public defender in Louisiana, and an appeal hearing officer for unemployment claims. And for JFJ-FPU LLC, he “eveloped risk framework to evaluate potential tenants based on credit, employment, and previous housing history”—a crucial service for America’s oppressed and underserved community of landlords. Finally, while running for Senate, he became a managing partner at his own firm, FEPS LLC, where he helps corporations integrate cryptocurrency and “non-fungible tokens” into their business models. Notably, Montgomery’s LinkedIn doesn’t provide any information about his current Boeing employment.


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lot of people talking recently about a "sudden rightward shift" for the German "green party" Grüne, so I will have to make a post sometime discussing how they were originally created as a stalking horse for a NATO-funded Gladio operation in DDR called "Initiative for Peace and Human Rights"

I would like to know more, cars-san..


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I would like to know more, cars-san..

okay I will try to do that soon.

The Bolsonaroids' patsy gunman failed so they pulled the second trigger on Kirchner, a prison sentence for "corruption" whose purpose is less to lock her up and more to keep her from becoming president again. My guess is the plan is either settling for a re-elected Fernández government, newly disciplined and purged of the Kirchner wing, a less ideal outcome for the conspirators… or, if Kirchner and her allies can’t be pried loose, trying again for Sergio Massa, probably the ideal president for the loot-and-run Monroe-Doctrine bourgeoisie if he can be run on his own bespoke-party ticket again with better results. But who knows, maybe they have someone even sketchier planned.
while people keep an eye on Peru, i'd note that Sergio Massa is the rough Argentine equivalent of Dina Boluarte, a figure who split from their party with fanfare in an attempt to build an independent career as president on a "business"-friendly center-right coalition. It's just that Massa didn't succeed, and he eventually slid back from the legislature into the president's office this year so that he could have his hands on the Minister of Economy portfolio, a job Fernandez's administration gave him knowing who Massa's friends were and that "the markets" would respond well. So that's why I think Massa is probably the foreign-creditor's choice in Argentina in 2023 for pragmatic reasons instead of a returning Macri or another PRO or similar candidate, though they would of course be thrilled with that outcome too. And imo if someone is forced to "step down" from the presidency in Argentina some time soon, Massa is probably the default replacement, a faux-compromise candidate perceived as friendly to foreign business and without PRO's baggage.
i found out recently that there was an australian branch of the croatian ustase that carried out terrorist attacks in australia with explicit support from australian intelligence as recently as the 70s and i wish petrol was here so i could talk to him about it

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australian branch of the croatian ustase

and i thought the regular ustase was bad enough!

ive been reading 'programmed to kill'. there is a lot of interesting stuff in it, and much of what he argues about serial killers seems reasonably convincing to me(and even in cases where they maybe weren't literal mkultra assassins it seems pretty clear that something weird was often going on, contradicting the lone psycho narrative). one slight criticism i have of the book is that it maybe tried to do too much, in that he is presenting a sort of grand unified theory that explains serial killers, pedophile rings, etc, basically all these phenomena at once. it seems like there are genuinely a lot of connections between the phenomena going on but it does feel a little too neat at times. dave also seems to think that satanism is a real ideology with actual deep historical roots, but i was never really convinced by this partially because his actual understanding of occultism and related movements seems pretty superficial. he also relies a lot on secondary sources, especially media reports, which often do indicate strange things happening but probably require buttressing with deeper research looking at primary documents etc. any one of the cases he mentions could easily be looked at in so much more detail, and i guess individual researchers are now doing that with some of these cases, so the book seems to have been useful in that sense. fun book though if you like reading about this stuff.
a funny dave mcgowan mannerism is that seemingly 85% of the time that he mentions a date he will be like 'this was exactly 2 days before walpurgisnacht, or the day after hitler's birthday', and it's funny to imagine him saying this kind of stuff any time someone gets him to look at a calendar

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this seems like a probable gladio connection, since that nsbm festival attracted bands from across europe most of whom are active members in their local nazi orgs, and they also had a conference before one of the earlier editions with various nazi intellectuals giving talks. probably a lot of networking going on at those things and you can bet at least 50% of them are spooks.maybe a relevant quote from some article i read a while back..

Alarmed by Russia’s February invasion, other European intelligence services have activated long-dormant resistance networks in their own countries, who in turn have been running operatives into Russia to create chaos without CIA help, according to a former U.S. military official. In addition, as has been widely reported, Ukrainian intelligence and special operations forces are running their own operations behind Russian lines.

yeah the German security services wear those same guys as their gloves when they’re elbow-deep in shit. their cops keep getting in legal trouble for it and the CDU bails them out. so probably some direct connections.
cars can u do an update in your series of thoughts on that capitol attack person who was like totally not a fed who was thrown under the bus. if you have not already. i forgot the plot to the capitol attack arc
this sentence was designed to make malthusianism look good