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We vote, because it's not like we had something politically effective to do that day

i vote because i am a curmudgeon and enjoy the distress in the election judges' eyes when they have to push an override button on the ballot-eating machine to get it to accept a blank ballot

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WElcum 2 mAh ReAlm
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at least they're open about it being science fiction

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Anyways, long-time lurker and first-time poster, so I might as well start out with the big prediction that Bernie will take over from the Carter-like Trump who ran against his own party in some ways, and you'll get some kind of restructuring. Notice Bernie doesn't have much to say on Trump's trade barriers. Bernie is a curious inverse of Trump where he offers to use economic nationalism to solve social and cultural problems, rather than using social and cultural nationalism to solve economic problems. Call it "left nationalism" maybe and this is still imperialist, and Bernie Sanders is an imperialist, but it does threaten some of capital's gains in the past half-century which is why he has faced a greater degree of opposition than other presidential candidates.

it's fun being drunk and high. this is the right forum yeah
you got to be drunk and high to vote my друг

oh boy.
beb jush
(butt-head voice): hey Beb......
oh my god you guys Beto was part of the Cult of the Dead Cow our stupid shitty cyberpunk future really is here
A serious candidate for the President of the United States is a Socially Liberal Fiscally Conservative punk rock hacker dipshit and I am opening a beer at 10 am
secretary of state: Razor
secretary of the treasury: Blade

Soon after, PDNG hired a marketing firm—one founded by Sanders’s father—to present a vision for El Paso’s future to the city council. The presentation depicted the El Paso the city wanted to move away from with a picture of an old Chevy pickup truck and an older Hispanic man in a cowboy hat, accompanied by the words “Dirty,” “Lazy,” “Speak Spanish,” and “Uneducated,” while the El Paso of the future was shown by pictures of a smart new SUV, Matthew McConaughey, and Penélope Cruz, accompanied by the words “Educated,” “Bi-lingual,” and “Enjoys entertainment.”

technocrats are racists, everyone feign mortified surprise


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Beto was part of the Cult of the Dead Cow

this reminded me years ago i surrepticiously installed backorifice on a friends family computer along with an audiofile of me screaming and laughing slowed down with microsoft sound recorder and waited till i saw my friend logged on msn then remotely activated it and the cd tray repeatedly. i later heard they walked into the living room to find their dad shouting at the computer believing it was demonically possessed. i was not allowed back for a long time. thanks beto!

backorifice was the best
the social-fascists are already adorning their beloved with SS lightning bolts.. sick
The saddest part of all the Jacobin/DSA right Bernie stanning is that the dude doesn't stand a chance of even winning the primary. He's already botched the reparations question yet again (social fascism proven correct example 2,727) and shows no signs of changing his "class-only" stance to make inroads with black voters, and the hive mind knee-jerk defenses of Bernie can do no wrong don't help. I think the Verso Loft crew has underestimated how much the professional class libs who make up the overwhelming percentage people who give enough of a shit to vote in the primary despise him. He's gonna dominate the first three primaries and then be dead in the water on Super Tuesday behind Harris and Biden. DSA is going to utterly implode once that happens
i can hardly wait