watching snippets of the dnc i am certain trump will win
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Jeb will fix it.
change the thread title back please
I've figured out the meaning behind the DNC logo... it says Death 2 Amerika

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change the thread title back please

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just noticed the arrow... mind blown

dungeons and dragons....... nice
i would consider voting for biden if all i knew abt him was what i learnt listening to trump

when biden says he is not a radical socialist he is telling the truth

why would you say something so controversial and yet so brave


on the one hand, I have deep respect for the Bolivarian and Cuban revolutions as represented by Joe Biden; on the other hand, the Taliban have proven to be one of the most effective forces against American imperialism in the world today, just like Donald Trump...hmmm...
trump has managed to kill more americans than the taliban too so he might currently be the most successful anti-imperialist operating today
wrote in La Riva in a state where i guess she isn't an "official write-in candidate" which like.. what does that even mean. i can write whatever i want, how is it any more or less official when you didn't let them be on the ballot to begin with.

anytime i try and think for more than 5seconds about how all this is structured i get really mad and then i remember learning about the electoral college in like 3rd grade and how no teacher had a good answer as to why (and i get mad at myself! for not pursuing the question more / thinking it over on my own time. but also i was 10 so i forgive myself). it's all just so exhausting and depressing, and i know that's part of what's expected/desired of me. it sucks when you still feel a certain very strong emotion despite your entire logical self knowing you oughtn't

ty for reading, this felt like livejournal kinda, which was nice
im sure its different in every state, some places require aspiring candidates to file their write-in campaign with the state, usually fees are involved. then they become official write-in candidates. you can write their name in on your ballot and it will count as a vote for them. if you write in the name of someone who has not filed their write-in candidacy with the state, your selection on that particular ballot line is ignored / treated as blank

that's how it works in il. votes for mickey mouse are not counted
a friend of mine asked who they should vote for; I said Gloria La Riva, and he said ok

it’s cool that there’s basically nowhere to find who the write-in candidates in one of the most populous states, a cultural and economic center, are.
sleepy joe got owned by some maga people on motorcycles


Hell yes, one step closer to socialism comrades
your move jimmy dore
my hope is that like maybe one or two people will learn from this that DSA politicians are craven booj scum who will treat any fleeting news story as "socialist". probably too much hope tbh
as far as i can tell, the DSA has no mechanism in place to hold the candidates they endorse for election accountable, let alone the power to get their candidates, if elected, to push for truly socialist demands. for the time being, there's no reason to hope for anything from a "DSA politician" other than, at best, watered-down social democratic reformism. just my 2 cents

edit: also, for the record, i'm drinking myself to death while posting this. cheers
oh I didn't say I hoped for anything from the DSA politicians. but I am an optimist about a small chunk of people who join DSA regularly getting turned on to actual socialism and coming to join us in our love grotto of social media 1.0.
It’s true, universal healthcare is the stepping stone to thinking that the kulaks had it coming
yeah sometimes.
I mean if there's one idea that's objectively anti-communist, it's the idea that any communist today was born a communist.
I wonder if we all just agree on so much stuff now in this age of darkest reaction that these forums can no longer support a flame war economy without pretending for a couple pages at a time that we don't know we agree with each other. Maybe we should hold interviews for a couple anarchoprimitivists or invite back one of the comedy Trots we drove away through our exacting science.
I agree with you, I think it's a funny observation. I don't think my post was very clear so that's on me.
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If we start posting anti gonzaloite stuff on the frontpage we might be able to start attracting newer weirder posters

cars posted:

oh I didn't say I hoped for anything from the DSA politicians. but I am an optimist about a small chunk of people who join DSA regularly getting turned on to actual socialism and coming to join us in our love grotto of social media 1.0.

DSA is the only organization i'm an (inactive) member of, so at least some DSA members are aware that it's not a fully socialist organization and not to expect much from it or its candidates. i don't know whether i can extrapolate from my case to conclude much about the overall nature of the organization and its membership though, for in some ways i'm not exactly representative of their base. for example, i got interested in the left and started reading marx around the time of the financial collapse, but it seems like most people in the DSA got interested in socialism because of bernie sander's primary campaigns. like, if you got into socialism via the latter, it makes sense that your political horizon would be similar to the political horizon of bernie's program. i think the lack of actual socialism in the DSA is, at least partly, due to inexperience, so i'm mildly optimistic that some of the membership will become more radicalized over time

edit: if you're looking to adopt a flamewar posting style, feel free to flame me for giving money to the DSA lol

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optimistic that some of the membership will become more radicalized over time

unenthusiastic video game character with x button.jpg

Don't feel bad Dave, I've been in a liberal org (not DSA) for a few months now and we've managed to do some fun stuff like yelling at cops, helped some people out of jail, distributed some cold weather gear for houseless people around town, and had some interesting conversations about ~communist theory~ and whatnot in between the campaigning for democratic party candidates. It's not all bad.

For a while I also thought that maybe since everyone in this org genuinely wants to be radical so much, we would start moving in a properly communist direction and develop beyond liberalism. But the one thing we all kinda agreed not to do was to collaborate with the police, and now we're in a situation where it's convenient to collaborate with the police on a couple of things, so after a couple of meetings to discuss the question where I was the only one arguing against it, we voted to go ahead and ask the local pigs for help. It really made me accept that the "they'll get more radical" hypothesis wasn't gonna work out. I mean, individually I'm sure all of the people I've been working with will absolutely get more radical but the org just isn't gonna be able to hold that kind of energy, and we'll all either just slip out of it one by one or fracture off into some other little group together.

And from what I've seen out of the local chapter, none of DSA's organizational offspring will be viable at all, unfortunately.
Agreed, working in a lib org isn't necessarily a total waste of time, it's just that the usefulness isn't going to come out of reforming it into a radical powerhouse. what you're going to gain is experience organizing and socializing politically, and hopefully you will make valuable connections with other likeminded people that will help you in the future.

especially if you're new to political action, nothing is wasted so long as you are learning and growing instead of burning yourself out.