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Thanks, this helped.

remembering the good old days of skimming Nedra Pickler's and Hannah Dreier's Associated Press articles on Venezuela for English-language quotes by "opposition"/ex-pats with the most cracker-esque names that have ever existed on planet Earth

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Quirino holds a business degree and speaks perfect English,



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can the amerikkkan empire fuckoff and crumble already before it destroys humanity totally

Chavez wanted to not destroy humanity, and that's actually why America is hellbent on stopping the Bolviarian revolution, because America really wants the end of all mankind.

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remembering again how a bunch of the stuff Osama bin Laden wrote around the time of 9/11 would segue into how crappy the contemporary West was for the environment
Wondering if even ½ of the twenty or so soldiers who took up Colombia's offer for "asylum" were really Guiado supporters, because that'd be a perfect way to abandon your post and get CIA-sponsored room & board if you were just plain lazy. It's not like they could check your resume, you already speak the language and suddenly you have game with bored wealthy singles at bars in Bogota.

Seems like a win-win for everyone, including Venezuela, chalk up another victory for hero Guiado.

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if fuckheads like this are obligated to go yell in the rain then the situation is extremely good


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Thanks, this helped.

i posted goatsex instinctively, like an animal, but in all honesty it is the link that anyone sitting on the fence about the fucking USA deserves

United States SeKKKret Service is currently serving one of their lesser-known functions, trying to starve people out of an embassy while running interference for yuppies trying and failing at senior-prank-level B&E.
Venezuelan police arrest National Assembly’s vice president
fuck linking to the amazon post but its a funny story

Venezuelan intelligence police detained the vice president of the National Assembly late Wednesday in a dramatic operation in eastern Caracas, marking the first senior opposition official taken into custody by the socialist government in retaliation for a failed military uprising last week aimed at ousting President Nicolás Maduro.

Assembly Vice President Edgar Zambrano live tweeted the detention, saying his van was surrounded by forces from Venezuela’s SEBIN intelligence police. When he refused to exit, Zambrano said, his vehicle was forcibly towed to the infamous Helicoide prison, a notorious holding area for political prisoners.

The move came after Zambrano became one of 10 opposition officials charged with treason, conspiracy and rebellion by the pro-Maduro Supreme Court in connection to the April 30 plot.

Thus far, the leader of the uprising — opposition leader Juan Guaidó, has not been charged.

Since the start of the coup attempt last week it's been clear that Maduro is openly clowning on the empire. I still have a serious suspicion that almost every single thing that happened on April 30 was a masterful op by the Venezuelans, everything was way too convenient. This just adds to that belief.

For months half the planet has been wondering why they don't just arrest Guaido. By now it's obvious - he and his amerikan sponsors are so incompetent that they pose no actual threat beyond the embargo. Guaido's only value to amerika at this point is as bait, for trump's threats that taking him out would invoke a US response. His value to Venezuela, however, is priceless. While letting him wander around, he will happily implicate every single traitor in the country, in public, in written statements and photographs on social media, and on video because he needs to hype any support he gets. Leaving Guaido free will pay dividends in domestic security for years by virtue of all the conspirators that can be eliminated for supporting him in his coup attempts.

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guaido must be more afraid of the americans at this point.

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guaido must be more afraid of the americans at this point.

yeah i clicked with anticipation on a mint press article about the risk of the CIA having him bumped off as a pretext for invasion and was very deflated when it turned out to revolve around quotes from a ron paul podcast or something. still a plausible risk tho, he is worth a lot more to the seppos dead


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was very deflated when it turned out to revolve around quotes from a ron paul podcast or something.

Ronald Paulcast

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was very deflated when it turned out to revolve around quotes from a ron paul podcast or something.

I dont have access to an image editor or i would photoshop guaido onto that chair


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was very deflated when it turned out to revolve around quotes from a ron paul podcast or something.

I dont have access to an image editor or i would photoshop guaido onto that chair

wow, yankees cant even do a coup in latin america right anymore

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i am pretty hesitant to remove Venezuelans from an explanation of what happened in Venezuela. Like, I think there was probably more going on there than the relative competence of all-powerful United States overlords.

wow, latin american compradores cant even do a yankee-backed coup in latin america right anymore
cars is right this is probably a testament to the power of the colectivos. and the fact that as proletarian organizations they've been kept armed under a socialist if not marxist government. I don't know anything at all about military stuff but this seems like a pretty big obstacle to the classic "get the army to defect" coup plan they tried to pull
the United States Cops just invaded the Venezuelan embassy to install their failed puppet regime’s agents. Technically this is an act of war or whatever but it’s as good an expression of Washington’s impotent rage as any I suppose,
I’d like to mention to our many readers from the National Army of the Bolivarian Republic that Soy una chica de 7 años y Trump está matando a su propia gente, por favor, Señor Maduro, haz algo al respecto. Gracias
Job opening at CNN:

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cia officer miles copeland jr bragging in his memoirs about using astrology to manipulate world leaders:

Damn. I went very deep down a rabbit hole reading about MRA a few years back. Never could string together a cohesive story about it worth posting about but amassed a huge pile of trivia about it. They established a European headquarters in an old castle in Caux, Switzerland, and they're still there, albeit under the name Initiatives of Change. https://www.youtube.com/user/CAUXIofC

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cia officer miles copeland jr bragging in his memoirs about using astrology to manipulate world leaders:

which thomas pynchon novel is this from?



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If only there was some way to determine the leader of the country, like idk, just spitballing here, an election? Wonder why he hasn't thought of that one. He seems stumped, I'm sure he'd be relieved to learn that people of Venezuela not only can but already have elected their own government.


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surely you can't just have a bit of a guy reincarnate in one person and bit more over in someone else.. souls aren't a baking ingredient
Of course n ot. and don't call me shirley
my recent tarot card reading suggested that I should get back into playing world of warcraft... thinking face.....
lets start a rhizzone guikld oh heck yeahh