Portlandia is fucking atrocious also, yet another unforgivable crime of the Armisen family.

apparently the opposition has ditched guaido
in the grim darkness of 2020, at least we have stubble boy juan guaido in a clownsuit being thrown off the fence around the Venezuelan parliament


Brazil’s right-wing government helped support military attacks on Venezuela in hopes of inciting a coup and violently overthrowing the country’s leftist government.

This plan was revealed by a major pro-government newspaper in Brazil. Oddly, the shocking story was not covered by any mainstream paper in the US or Europe.

Outside a lone report by Venezuela’s state-backed teleSUR — which US-backed coup plotters are now trying to usurp – the story was completely ignored in Anglophone media.


This is is folks, the big play, here's the hail Mary to the big man
Sanders' foreign policy advisor

And chaser:

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Sanders' foreign policy advisor

And chaser:

Nobody gets within barking distance of the Head Hitler In Charge throne without the agency getting its claws in somehow.

the clown prince returns and is appropriately honored by the people

this thread, unstuck
time to stick it right back up

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fuck to mike pompeo, marco rubio, and the united $nakkkes terror state
i am clinically calm, and forever chill, throughout pandemics and personal struggles, i never even raise my voice, it is almost as if i were dead inside, and yet, this stuff makes my blood fucking boil
This is the same bullshit they used as a pretext to get Noriega. Only difference is he actually was a narco-terrorist funded and abetted by the CIA for years.
2 things YOU can do to prepare these forums for the perfect post:

1) petition dr cat to establish the :umaduro: emoji on these forums
2) personally infect pomeo with his beloved "wuhan virus"
delegations that go to venezuela bring back a consistent message with two main points: build the anti-imperialist movement in the us and build the movement against sanctions. in pretty much every major city, there's people and groups organizing around those points.

this isnt a fight we are going to win in 1 month, 1 year, or 1 decade, but weakening the empire and attacking it on these fronts is doable.
the movement against sanctions, anecdotally, appears to be on the rise, which i find a very hopeful development. sanctions have been front of mind for me since my dprk trip (which i promise to maybe finish posting about some day) - the people there face some serious and devastating challenges, all of which are wrought by the evil of sanctions
Flying horse in DPRK

In addition to the indictments, Attorney General William Barr offered a $15 million reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of Maduro, as well as $10 million rewards for Diosdado Cabello (president of Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly), Tarek El Aissami (vice president for the economy), Hugo Carvajal (former director of military intelligence) and Cliver Alcalá (retired general).

The indictment has backfired already. Hours after the announcement, Alcalá posted videos online that threaten to cause further splits in the opposition and exposed a violent plot that could result in the arrest of Juan Guaidó.

Venezuelan Prosecutor's Office is already investigating Guaido and Alcala. That little rat is finally going to prison.
I look forward to a last helicopter rescue by the snakes.
US Imperialism going for a new strategy it seems, Guaido has proven himself time and time again to be more idiotic than useful. So now they're trying to cut a 'deal' with Maduro, the person they just indicted for narcoterrorism, and a heavily lopsided one at that. https://www.washingtonpost.com/world/the_americas/us-proposes-transitional-government-for-venezuela-without-maduro-or-guaido/2020/03/31/8642a99a-7352-11ea-ad9b-254ec99993bc_story.html
Seems like a fair deal. Screenshot is from a Politico article on it, WAPO left this part out for some reason.