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oh! a new cars post! :-D

oh! it's in the star trek thread! >:-)
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Deep space nine is now anime. The other Star Trek shows and movies are still not anime but no one knows what the future holds, for Star Trek.
Is deep space nein worth watching if you enjoyed TNG?
Yes, I like Next Generation fine but Deep Space Nine is a better use of the same general setting in pretty much every way
Bold move to show New York City as part of slave-dependent dystopia The Dominion but I have to respect it.

Populares posted:

Is deep space nein worth watching if you enjoyed TNG?

yes, it took the best elements of tng and the best characters of tng and put them into an infinitely superior show

I harsh on Trek a lot and even I like DS9

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Bold move to show New York City as part of slave-dependent dystopia The Dominion but I have to respect it.

Similar setup


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so i've been trying to get through Star Trek: Enterprise recently

being the post 9/11 show, it was understandably ramped up with all the americana bullshit, as the title sequence and absurd theme music indicates

interestingly, they changed the title sequence for a two-part special set in the mirror universe (EARTH BAD GUYS)

the imagery drops the americana shit for Stuka dive-bombers and various Soviet aircraft, including the MiG-25/MiG-31, T-72 tanks, and Buk SAMs

enterprise gets fun starting third season when they remake Voyager but about 9/11 and it’s still better than Voyager
starting with season 3, the first half of the “they will cancel Star Trek forever if you don’t watch us” double header, Enterprise suddenly has editing like a TV drama of its era instead of a mannered mid-90s holdover, it’s pretty funny if you’re binging it now. Like when they go to commercial they phase out the fade to black. facts about things with your posting buddy cars
That reminds me of a relative who was in the Star Trek fan club in the 60s and still has some of the newsletters, and it's fun reading them because it's Roddenberry writing a hurried plea to fans to harangue the studio bosses before they shitcanned his ass along with mail-order lists of episode scripts. Not a lot of merch except for that and an IDIC badge stamped out of sheet metal.
finishing up the first season of ENT - better than I thought the series would be, but still extremely zizek-voice-trashcan. my favourite contrived racism is this dude putting on an eastern euro accent, with maori tā moko on the chin, pretending to be some sort of Auda Abu Tayi looking for his Lawrence of Arabia

I wonder if there were skeptical Bajorans who were like "Look, I get that he's the Emissary, but Vedeks and Prylars keep getting attacked on his station, and he's disappeared 1 Kai and 1 Emissary in the wormhole he guards".

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I wonder if there were skeptical Bajorans

The Bajorans may as well have been written up by a sober Christopher Hitchens. They're utter dumbasses. There was a whole "imminent civil war" thing in the early seasons that just got dropped hard for no particular reason, and when the virgin emissary was discovered they stopped cargo-culting the chad Sisko in favour of reverting to aforementioned Hitchenseque caste zealots.

I am finally of the opinion that Enterprise is Basically Good. Also the mirror eps gave Travis a mild Simon Phoenix vibe which should have been more overt. And Punished Trip, An Engineer Denied His Warp also pleases me.

I'm watching the DS9 episode It's Only A Paper Moon, the one where Nog hides in the holosuite after losing his leg. At one point Sisko has a meeting with Ezri, his therapist, to discuss Nog's treatment. Present to discuss Nog's progress with his therapist: his boss, his uncle, his stepmother, his roommate.
The best part of Enterprise season one is the first episode with Jeffrey Combs, only it's not a scene with Jeffrey Combs, it's this slow, dramatic dolly shot of Jolene Blalock and a minor guest character delivering a deadpan joke about how all the humans smell terrible. It's not the first time they use that bit, but it works a lot better as something that's been going on ever since without you knowing, one of those gags that only works because of what the medium doesn't convey, like a joke in a prose story where a puffed-up character uses a grade-school-vocab-quiz word properly and someone else corrects their pronunciation.

Those "mirror universe" episodes prove that fourth-season Enterprise produced decent TV, because after Deep Space Nine slowly steered the concept into the ground and before Discovery shoved its best actor inside and drilled it into a lake of magma, there's somehow that Enterprise two-parter where they pretend the entire show's always been about a cartoon-evil crew from the cartoon-evil place whose every waking moment finds them consumed with envy of Star Trek as though it's something ridiculously wonderful they'll never be, and it's cute and fun and one of the high points of the franchise, even though it's about nothing except the franchise itself and the show's failed relationship with the rest of it. This is impossible but it happened.

Travis Mayweather is Enterprise in a nutshell. The actor who plays him, Anthony Montgomery, improves his craft over the show's run almost as much as Blalock does, but even when he seems like a kid who thought his audition was for a one-shot Law & Order suspect, he still appears in every scene with this glittering cloud of charisma around him that outshines everyone on the main cast but John Billingsley. There's a run of four episodes where Enterprise finally figures out what to do with that. The next episode is the last episode of the show.
Really want to write up my blast furnace on how Picard sucks. but I keep getting distracted because to do that I have to bring up the one good episode, which is cool and clever and dumb and gross in a way I don't like so much as I admire it. It's like something from the first season of a different show that's better than Picard but doesn't have its shit together enough to last and isn't named after famous Star trek Picard so it's cancelled before it airs.

The one good episode of Picard's House follows the last-second cliffhanger where Jeri Ryan shows up, the most talented actor in the entire short history of Picard the show. She has the same name as her Voyager character but instead of that character, she plays a shell-shocked alcoholic who flash-boils a bunch of weird '90s fan diddling over Seven of Nine and Captain Janeway and pops out as a monologuing lezploitation monster-woman whose only goal is to ray-gun her psychopath ex-girlfriend into cinders, along with Gene Roddenberry's Democrat dream and every argument anyone has ever tried to make for Star Trek as some kind of social movement, also she succeeds. In the middle of Patrick Stewart's seventh performance as an extremely British man from France, he plays a frog-accented flesh peddler with an eyepatch he flips up to register shock that his disguise didn't keep anyone from recognizing a big-time celebrity who did an interview on space CNN a few days ago, a plan of vast & obvious idiocy that the show plays completely straight right up to the punchline as the genius brain child of the two ultra-smart fan favorites from other shows. Picard's sad-sack burnout best friend gets humiliated in front of everyone when the sex planet they visit sends her a personalized advertisement for weed, then she goes to visit her estranged son, who cringes when she tries to touch him and tells her awkwardly to leave him and his polite young wife alone. It's like someone convinced David Lynch to punch up a Star Trek script, and he couldn't come anywhere close to fixing it before he sobered up so he made them take his name off the credits. Any way the rest of the show is a lot worse.