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ah it is United State election time. soon swirlsofhistory will be back around on his commando mission to trick us all into not voting for the Democrat Party, that we otherwise love too vote for.

extremely angry people storming in to berate everyone over a position that literally no one in the history of tHE r H i z z o n E has ever held is my favourite Posting Mystery

luxemburg_42 finishes his masterpiece, a devastating condemnation of the rhizzone's fundraising activities for the salvation army. a bead of perspiration rolls down his ample chin, fingers trembling from excitement as he triumphantly clicks 'Post'

they'll never recover from this!!

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extremely angry people storming in to berate everyone over a position that literally no one in the history of tHE r H i z z o n E has ever held is my favourite Posting Mystery

It's usually because they get mad at us for making fun of them and disappear into the far right Online, and because going from here to there means they never had a strong sense of who they were to begin with, in like six weeks they get convinced that Hillary Clinton is a communist because believing that makes them feel loved and wanted in their new home, which is unlike my home, which is GBS and I should go back there.

i decided to put on fox news just now for fun and tucker carlson was talking about the kavanaugh thing, by which i mean he was squealing about how the left is literally calling for a genocide of white christian men.
yeah they're slightly more psychotic than usual, lately
no one's even trying to get him in trouble. he's still gonna get the forever job. the whole thing is just so his wikipedia page has a rough order of magnitude tally of estimated rapes.

100% of the white media is pearl clutching about how someone asking the rape guy's rape victims and rape buddies how much rape he did makes the old white men feel who are gonna put him on the supreme court anyway then high five him and probably not even wash their hands

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how the left is literally calling for a genocide of white christian men.

somebody send tucker the JDPON post

Political discourse on social media is seen by many as polarized, vitriolic and permeated by falsehoods and misinformation. Political operators have exploited all of these aspects of the discourse for strategic purposes, most famously during the Russian social media influence campaign during the 2016 Presidential election in the United States and current, similar efforts targeting the U.S. elections in 2018 and 2020. The results of the social media study presented in this paper presents evidence that political influence through manipulation of social media discussions is no longer exclusive to political debate but can now also be found in pop culture. Specifically, this study examines a collection of tweets relating to a much-publicized fan dispute over the Star Wars franchise film Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. The study finds evidence of deliberate, organized political influence measures disguised as fan arguments. The likely objective of these measures is increasing media coverage of the fandom conflict, thereby adding to and further propagating a narrative of widespread discord and dysfunction in American society. Persuading voters of this narrative remains a strategic goal for the U.S. alt-right movement, as well as the Russian Federation. The results of the study show that among those who address The Last Jedi director Rian Johnson directly on Twitter to express their dissatisfaction, more than half are bots, trolls/sock puppets or political activists using the debate to propagate political messages supporting extreme right-wing causes and the discrimination of gender, race or sexuality. A number of these users appear to be Russian trolls. The paper concludes that while it is only a minority of Twitter accounts that tweet negatively about The Last Jedi, organized attempts at politicizing the pop culture discourse on social media for strategic purposes are significant enough that users should be made aware of these measures, so they can act accordingly.

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speaking of latin america and nikki haley anyone know what's happening in nicaragua?

ortega’s still the president...? does the current white house need another reason to try to fuck over nicaragua?

Some fun stuff online as Max Blumenthal wrote an article pointing out the fact that the NYT and Guardian were getting all their Nicaragua reporting from some anthropologist bro who was deeply embedded with the opposition who had never been a journalist before. Hmmmm makes you think. Anyway the guy got deported and Ciane Bauer got real mad and buzzfeed wrote an extremely assmad and buttsalty article as well that they had to post corrections to

Max is pretty cool, imperialists hate him!!!

Slight correction to our accusations against Max over here: they were all lies, we just figured we should get them out there to start the conversation. Sorry Max, buddy, we couldn’t figure out how to delete this, sorry,
“Funny” how what that article describes in Nicaragua is exactly the same as what happened in Syria.

News agencies, parroting U.S.-funded sources. reported “spontaneous”, “grassroots” “demonstrations” in Syria that “threatened to turn into all-out civil war”... but it’s now undisputed that during the weeks that “grassroots street protests” story was being reported in both the Western press and in regional sources such as Al-Jazeera, some seasoned group or another was engaging in targeted assassinations of national police and ruling-party officials, as though they’d been poised to commence that program at the exact moment “spontaneous” demonstrations could be used to paint any reports on the killings from Damascus as lies from a desperate government about to fall (and boy, did a lot of corners get turned in Syria according to CNN before they quietly started acknowledging that Syria still had a government.)

At the time of that first wave of assassinations, Syria’s government pointed to al-Qaeda, while the line in the overtly hostile Western-driven news press was somewhere between “none of these targeted killings are happening, it’s all Assad’s lies” and “these are spontaneous acts by anti-regime freedom fighters”. And, I mean, probably a lot of Western radicals wish that grassroots demonstrations in their own countries kicked off with a bunch of pro-level hits on top cops & officials of the ruling party, but they also know that’s not how that works in Syria or anywhere else. People who know all that stuff happened and continue to claim that’s just how protests go in the Arab world, or whatever, sound suspiciously like purveyors of the sort of genteel anti-Arab bigotry you’ll find among left-liberals in general in the West and also among many bourgeois, Western-educated expat liberals from Arab countries.

But regardless, it’s hard for me to fault most people for not getting more suspicious about the “grassroots” demonstrations in Syria, because, one, I’d be throwing stones in a glass house given my own past beliefs about what was happening, and two, the disinformation in the press went beyond just Western writers depending on U.S.-State-Department-selected “activists” as sources.

Al-Jazeera reporters filmed groups of heavily-armed fighters moving into Syria across its border with Lebanon during those early, “grassroots protests” weeks, the same weeks that the campaign of targeted killings of Syrian government officials began in earnest. Al-Jazeera suppressed the video, which led to those reporters and some of their colleagues resigning in protest.

The U.S.-backed “handling” of the press the article details in Nicaragua, where not just news sources, but newswriters, are embedded simultaneously with “regime change” thugs and the international press, seems to be a fully mature global process at this point, facilitated heavily by the Internet-fueled collapse of most of the foreign press bureaus that used to serve the West’s biggest news sources. Yasha was right... probably almost anyone from the West can become the definitive global propagandist as concerns an entire targeted country by getting in good with the local compradors or CIA team at just the right moment, so, you know, those of you looking for a new gig should ask your SAC for a recommendation.
This statement from the reporter’s friend is like mana from heaven, almost too good to believe

How many layers of Trot are you on?
About a “neither Washington nor Moscow” my dude
You are like a little baby, watch this

We arrived in Managua in 2016 without prior journalistic experience but a shared understanding that the Nicaraguan government represented a fundamental betrayal of socialist ideals, and a shared understanding that the ruling Sandinista party be removed from power

trots are the fucking worst. they are the human embodiment of the false flag of socialism.

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i am sad
no one ever buys my paper
im still mad about kronstadt*

i really love al-nusra
i say "deformed workers state"
i read louis proyects blog and masturbate

i am a Trot
i work for NATO

*trots are so dumb they forgot who actually did kronstadt lol

i think cliffites are the only trots who stand by kronstadt, correct me if i'm wrong
tfw no trot gf
the first lady went to Egypt and someone on her staff dressed her up exactly like the Nazi from Indiana Jones. Ah, said every Democrat online, ma'am, excuse me ma'am, you are somehow dressed up like the Nazi from Indiana Jones, pardon my zinger, ma'am, but ma'am,
kavanaugh confirmed and teamsters leaders approved UPS contract despite majority vote against it today
i don't blame anybody who's emerged from the last couple of weeks feeling like none of it fucking matters and they'd be better spending their time huddled under a blanket, fried on morphine and playing breath of the wild or something. like every time something like this has happened you allow yourself to believe this is it, the last straw, but the rage and hurt is simply allowed to dissipate, encouraged along in fact by libs who simultaneously represent the only sufficiently funded and powerful counter to this ongoing collapse and yet really don't want to wield power or be expected to actually do anything. like even until the last second those pod save america dipshits were pretending there was still some chance a random GOP fuck would vote nay. as long as those people are figureheads of this nascent revolt against the american centres of power, that discontent will forever be diluted and rerouted into meaninglessness.

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the united $nakkke$ government helped the brazilian far right frame its political opponents and when brazil goes total fascist the u.s. government is going to blame russia
this idiocy is what you're up against

This is less like a fight and more like watching a guy shadow box himself to death.
i see gavin mcinnes raced down a manhattan street holding aloft a sword, trailed by round young men, as the prophesy foretold
There can be only one
the top headline on CNN dot com right now is a story saying Just because nothing about Russia fixing the 2016 election has come out of investigating Trump, it doesn't mean nothing will. A headline about nothing

beyond parody
i guess it demonstrates the cool CNN has shown sliding into its role as the #1 source for Russophobic conspiracy theorists on social media. link that story, add a comment about how your pet theory is about to be proved right, forget the whole thing a couple days later
and they're saying now iran is trying to 'hack' the midterms? some stupid shit like that, i didn't pay attention because i was more interested in finding out what pusha t said about drake this time
i'm surprised at what a bad job they've done of seeding a midterm hacking narrative now it's looking like this blue wave is gonna be more of a blue puddle if you catch my meaning. their preemptive game ain't about shit.
The democrats are probably not going to have a midterms sweep at the very least because voter suppression is dramatically escalating and the dems dont actually want to do anything about it because the ones with power would get primaried out
TBH I hugely respect that democrats seamlessly transitioned from "it's ok, all the old people will die, which will give us an easy electoral win" to "it's ok, all the old people will never die, which will give us an easy electoral win" within the span of a couple months.

lol yes, "trump" and trump alone is the one stalling and obfuscating here

In recent months Saudi Arabia and Crown Prince Mohammed have also attracted negative international headlines for crackdowns on women's rights activists and a heavy-handed corruption purge in which princes and members of the business elite were rounded up and jailed in the Riyadh Ritz-Carlton.

o is that all

good ole moon of alabama is making some incredibly high quality and brainful posts abt how khashoggi was a cia asset planning a color revolution in saudi fuckin arabia lmao
so this


i mean part of me is enjoying the idea of msnbc fans heads exploding and part of me is still getting cheap laughs over how anyone thought this was going anywhere and part of me is just happy that rachel maddows rating surge will continue unabated once they decide mueller is probably a kremlin psyop
they haven't gotten anything on Trump or Putin from him yet so they are going with Justice accusing the same handful of people working for a private company of posting stuff a few people barely looked at on Facebook, again. That's the pre-election Russia bombshell story. It's the same story

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That's the pre-election Russia bombshell story.

rip superdeluxe


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rip superdeluxe

damn. im sure vic will find another home tho, the world cant have enough airhorn