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Lol how they carefully alternated national flags with those purporting to represent parts of China, they can never manage propaganda without incriminating themselves on some level
every time some "anti-PC left" person on Twitter throws a fit over some poster from here, I get a window into that world, and I think about how idly tempted I'd be to pull the sad Internet equivalent of the Night of the Long Knives, just for fun, if I were some far-right Internet pundit. The only reason the "anti-PC left" squawk-box is allowed to exist by the far right, on which it's utterly dependent, is because it's inconsequential as an alternate voice and as lockstep as any other tiny right-wing micro-faction when numbers are mustered for harassment campaigns. There would be pretty much no risk to any individual far-right figure in smashing it that I can see, and maybe some day, someone will, for no reason other than boredom or someone humiliated them in front of their followers with a reply or something like that.

Like: if one (1) big far-right Twitter / YouTube / etc. account and a couple of its hangers-on said, "I see some of my fans out there okaying people who say anti-racism is bad but also they say they're socialists or 'post-left' or things like that, turn on them immediately, those people need to be isolated, doxxed and hounded off every public channel, you need to stop following them and start harassing people who still do," it would happen overnight, because racist reactionary loner-dweebs are ~80-90% of the fan base of the 'anti-PC left'. Look at those pseudo-left people's followers, and look at who else they follow. It's all anti-socialist, far-right kooks that vastly outnumber and outclass the pseudo-left clique. That's the "authoritarian personality" such as it is online nowadays, the follower-types are insecure enough to okay anything that reminds them vaguely of themselves, given how zero-effort it is to click a little icon next to the message—until their social superiors direct them to do otherwise. Then, they risk losing their seat at the lunch table in the virtual high-school cafeteria if they don't comply. So they turn and fall upon each other. It's not exactly a new phenomenon on the far right, of course, but it's still there in full force.

You could see that play out a couple years ago in the midst of the uncomfortable realignment of the edge-lord U.S. far right with militant Zionism, right before the angrily anti-Zionist part of it, the aging ZOG-conspiracy-theorist U.S. far right that had play-acted at stuff like support for Wahabbist extremism, was finally pulled down and mostly subsumed by the opportunist, racist-anti/philosemitic, anti-Islam/pro-Likud group that saw themselves reflected in the Trump administration. The last gasp of the old-school "ZOG"-fighter faction was to declare Trump a betrayer for his support for an embassy in Jerusalem. What's interesting to me is that most of their peers didn't pay any attention to that argument... and it still successfully kicked off a ZOG witch-hunt among them, rooting out the far-right, white-supremacist-friendly online personalities who had e.g. Jewish wives, doxxing them and outing them to their larger social circles. It was just too easy to whistle to the average racist-reactionary Lonely Man Online and say in a good-doggie voice, "All right boy, find the Jews! Go get 'em!"

I keep drawing attention to things like this, because I still see a few stragglers on "the left", here and there, living in this paranoid fantasy where the far right has somehow "overcome" internal political divisions through some mystical organic quality, or, even more wrong, through some strategy "the left" should emulate. The truth is that the current far right's "unity" has barely ever been tested, imo because it's counterproductive to their deployment as street-fighting irregulars by federal, state & local police forces, with the cops usually doing their part in the moment to shore up the far-right instead of undermining it. Whenever that false far-right unity has faced duress that's even a fraction of what's famously used against left-wing groups—like the federal intelligence/security state cranking the pressure on, off, on, off, etc. for the far right around the 2020 election as best served its policy against Trump—the far right as a practical, physical presence has cracked and crumpled nearly immediately. It's a loose collection of groups with a wide base of support in the AmeriKKKan Heimat, but one that has been held together as a pseudo-coalition by the security state, or at least allowed to exist through careful and watchful neglect, for many years at this point. It doesn't have much defense against attacks-to-divide except to slide into the sewer and cower.
i am pleased to say that for many years now my only contact with twitter has been indirect, seeing direct links to or screenshots of specific tweets that are funny or whatever, and i have no concept of who the anti PC left people are, which of course is completely anecdotal but still probably indicative of their stature in the public eye
i am pleased to say that for many years i have never learned how to read and so i have no concept of who the anti PC left people are, or anything else actually
i am part of the anti PC twitter, posting about ps5 all the time
i assume whatever cars wrote was clever and insightful etc but it is a lot of words about twitter so i'm not going to read it. thank you for your sacrifice
I don't even use twitter, but I still read the post because what else is this thread supposed to be for?

I think it would be funny if the professional far right cancels the anti-PC left (right). Like you said though, the stakes are very very low, much like any other twitter cancellation. Although I do think that group has some utility for the professional right in siphoning a particular segment of the youth to the far right. Young settlers navigating the downturn of their petty-bourgeois/labor aristocratic class. On one hand they feel an affinity for ideas around class as they feel their own position slipping, and the left political aesthetic is more appropriate to articulate some of that, not to mention more popular and appealing on the internet. But on the other hand, their more fundamental interest is to reinforce their place in the world as settlers. The anti-PC left lets them reconcile those two forces in favor of the right and closes them off from any possible chance at breaking from the settler ideology.

Unless we're thinking of different people as "anti-pc left" which is possible cause I don't really know much about the twitter ecosystem.
just wanted to get my post in where I also brag I don't know anything about the topic of my post... good. good
I will destroy you!!!!!

cars posted:

just wanted to get my post in where I also brag I don't know anything about the topic of my post

effortposting about topics you actually understand is so 2009, gotta get modern and make that $$$ with the Bellingcat Method

cars, I occasionally look at twitter and I am going to read your long post; it better not be so obliquely phrased to the point where I can't understand what it says.

edit: learned what 'heimat' means and found out about some new people to ignore on the internet, thank you

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cars posted:

Lol how they carefully alternated national flags with those purporting to represent parts of China, they can never manage propaganda without incriminating themselves on some level

i'm more angry about the fact they're using one of my favourite drinks to push a bunch of propaganda bullhonkey!

today we are launching an emoji for the #MilquetoastAlliance
im glad they didnt use one of my favorite drinks, tea without fuckin milk in it, to push a bunch of propaganda bullhonkey

Belphegor posted:

cars, I occasionally look at twitter and I am going to read your long post; it better not be so obliquely phrased to the point where I can't understand what it says.

edit: learned what 'heimat' means and found out about some new people to ignore on the internet, thank you

the carspost Brand

i rarely read tweets that arent funny videos or memes but ive been doing so recently and i find the whole PMC thing odd. how did that substrate of the labor aristocracy become vilified in such a way so quick? and its mostly a cultural critique of it as well relating to the everlasting cosmopolite strawman of rightoids
Because they show that greed and sadism are the emotional drivers for labor aristocratic militarism. It blatantly disrupts the patriotism/honor/doing it for the education myth.

Rather than looking inward when people are confronted with this, they lash out at those disrupting the myth
it's also because one quick way to get a Twitter following is to appeal to a bunch of follower-type far-right drone people and win the lottery of social media publicity, it can happen very quickly even if by accident, so suddenly ostensibly "left" people find their most "iconoclastic" opinions (really their most reactionary ones) are giving them good feelings every day as they get more and more little-leagues-level popular. They eagerly confuse those feelings with having a finger on the pulse of the masses, probably because they've never had the experience once in their entire lives of being widely liked or accepted by a social group in any context.

As you point out dizastar, the "PMC" in this case is exactly a "cultural" villain, exactly "the everlasting cosmopolite strawman" of the far right. The funniest result of this is usually that the "leftist"-turned-far-right guy quickly begins to mutter his quasi-oracular babble in the accepted esoteric tongue of dozens of his peers, largely developed in the original to hide traits such as rank antisemitism from online moderation. So in the same post the false "iconoclast" will denounce easy-to-grasp, 101-level Marxist terms as elitism, but do it entirely in vocabulary that means absolutely nothing to anyone unfamiliar with a particular, purposely obfuscating brand of far-right mysticism, purposely obfuscating because if most people understood what the guy just said in any particular post, he'd lose the momentary thrill it might raise among a crowd of antisocial nerds and thus lose altogether any support he's gathered.
not clicking on this
always struck by how "normal" NPA messaging is
kill a philippine soldier tiktok challenge

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Werner Herzog at a Bernie event is moving because it means a person who has spent 50+ years trying to convey the absurd uncaring indifference of the universe to our suffering and anguish... believes in our capacity to improve things for the better, for each other. That rules.

— Screamer Jim (@HeheWaitWhut) December 22, 2019

this is the bizarro idea of Herzog belonging to people whose entire exposure to the guy is the one short monologue from Grizzly Man about "a half-bored interest in food". just that one bit, not even the whole movie, the idea of his movies where it's exactly opposite to everything he puts into his movies. 11K DSA voted for this and counting

Twitter is healing


Twitter is melting down again

I can't be mad at someone for following the categorical imperative of deleting tweets, it is the morally correct action and we can only hope that everyone follows Branson's upright example.
deleting a post that accurately describes a popular director because people argued with it reminds me of a thread in ancient LF where then-recent D&D refugees were talking warily about posting in FYAD and tpaine posted like, "One time I typed out a post in FYAD but then I got anxiety and backspaced the entire thing while I cried big shitty baby tears" and they all got real mad at him

cars posted:

Twitter is melting down again

please tweeter help me make life better

Herzog has made some fine films, i dont know what twitter is
"real democracy without ethnic rivalries" sounds like a pitch for the reintroduction of apartheid