we just exiled a prospective dsa member for giving off too many school shooter vibes (apologies if it was one of you)

edit:like giving off school shooter vibes in a bad way i mean
it,was me
im joining an engineering society, probs a bunch of freemason rapists, murder me in my sleep b4 too late rhizzone

roseweird posted:

im joining an engineering society, probs a bunch of freemason rapists, murder me in my sleep b4 too late rhizzone

stay safe

Friend of mine who is in the DSA asked me to speak at a panel of theirs. E.K. Hunt will also be on the panel, real Econ heads know the score.
good luck if you end up going!!
give 'em h*ck!
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i blinked and you're all DSA imperialists praising piggpissgrandad for balkanizing Syria

animedad posted:

i blinked and you're all DSA imperialists praising piggpissgrandad for balkanizing Syria

e: movin to syria thread
Hey animedad. I hope you are well.
Better than ever. May the truth shine its light on this darkened pit.
Has anyone ever been involved with the Communist Party of Canada or worked with them? What do you think of the org/their work? I've heard them criticized by MLMsfor being a 'social club' and for not having a good line on indigenous peoples. However, they do seem to be (relatively) large for Canada and their youth wing always seems to be doing good stuff. I'm considering linking up with them and I would appreciate the opinion of any Posters.
I sent an e-mail to the CPC asking if they had membership cards because I was really interested in extremely literally becoming a card-carrying communist and they sent me a bunch of literature and information about their dues structure and also invited me to a meeting at their local office. They never did say if they had cards, though, so I didn't go.
As far as I know they actually do have cards. you missed out
Joining parties is part of the problem. Make your own new one or continue agonizing over which Trot sect would shame Lev the least.

Also hi I'm back.
*gently slams the cone*

getfiscal posted:

Cone status: slammed

Don't coneslam me or my son ever again

Belphegor posted:

Has anyone ever been involved with the Communist Party of Canada or worked with them? What do you think of the org/their work? I've heard them criticized by MLMsfor being a 'social club' and for not having a good line on indigenous peoples. However, they do seem to be (relatively) large for Canada and their youth wing always seems to be doing good stuff. I'm considering linking up with them and I would appreciate the opinion of any Posters.

the youth section is good and has slightly different politics than the cpc itself and is more active in general. worth looking into if theres a chapter near you.

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I wish there was the base for some small group Maoism here. the objective conditions favor only very very small group Maoism.
hey hardcore sax, please post the uncensored version of you and your cousin standing fat and naked in a room
Are there any other Europeans on this forum? I'd make a babby's guide to the EU left if there were
you might find an appreciative audience regardless of who posts here. pretty sure we have lurkers from all over the place

Petrol posted:

you might find an appreciative audience regardless of who posts here. pretty sure we have lurkers from all over the place

nice, damn nice. i'll try to get it posted this weekend cause hoo boy


belgend posted:

Are there any other Europeans on this forum? I'd make a babby's guide to the EU left if there were

there are some including, to everyones total disgust, a few "british people"

An attempt at a series of understandable posts on the state of leftist* parties in the European Union

*where leftist means any party (no movements, fuck off DiEM25) left of social democracy that struggles to bring forth a certain kind of socialism (democratic socialists, ML, maoists, prachanda path, trots, etc; but no greens or animal rights parties).

Prologue: the state of the EU-wide left

Until European capital completes its bonapartist goal of creating the European state with a technocratic Commission and no parliamentary representation, the European Parliament is the most prominent (if not to say only) forum where there is a structural cooperation of national leftist parties.

Where the left in most countries is a smorgasbord of a whole lot of acronyms not doing much, it’s a bit easier to follow what organisations there are in the European Parliament. There are three Europarties and several independent national leftist parties who are grouped in two factions within the European Parliament.

The European United Left-Nordic Green Left (GUE-NGL)

This faction was founded in 1995 as a fusion of the already exisiting GUE with the Nordic Green Left, a whole bunch of new MEPs coming forth from the enlargement of the EU in 1995, when Finland and Sweden joined the EU. It’s a confederal faction containing three Europarties: the aforementioned Nordic Green Left, the European Left and the European Anti-Capitalist Left, alongside national parties who aren’t member of any of these.

Because of this, the GUE-NGL usually doesn’t really have a common programme. The three things all parties seem to be able to agree on are the democratisation of the Union, the end of austerity, and disbanding NATO. What this means is that every speech or action the GUE-NGL takes is a conclusion to an internal ideological struggle between the reformist and revlutionary national parties. Currently the fifth biggest Eurofaction with 52 MEPs

The Bureau of the Faction has representatives of Die Linke (Germany), SP Netherlands, Izquierda Unida (Spain), PCF (France) and AKEL (Cyprus)

Biggest Europarty: Party of the European Left
Biggest national party: Die Linke

The European Left (EL)

The reformist wing of the GUE, founded in 2004 as an attempt to create a pan-European electoral project for the 2004 European elections. The current leadership of the faction is held by representatives of Die Linke, Izquierda Unida, Bulgarian Left, Rifondazione Comunista (Italy) and the PCF.

Biggest parties in the GUE: Die Linke, SYRIZA (Greece), Izquierda Unida
Members with most national MPs: SYRIZA, Die Linke, Party of Communists of the Republic of Moldova (which is not in the EU fyi)

The Nordic Green-Left Alliance (NGLA)

The NGLA is a loose alliance of Scandinavian parties both within and out of the EU who are united around several green and left policies. Seeing as their scope is smaller than the other Europarties they’re not that big.

Biggest parties in the GUE: Vasemmistoliitto (Finland), Vänsterpartiet (Sweden)
Members with most national MPs: Vänsterpartiet, Vasemmistoliitto, Inuit Ataqatigiit (Greenland)

The European Anti-Capitalist Left (EACL)

A grouping of trotskyist and eurocommunist parties that attempt to be the revolutionary wing of the GUE-NGL, are mostly a bunch of acronyms who meet every six months. They don’t have their own website, instead pointing us to the site of whatever refoundation of the Fourth International is still going.

Biggest parties in the GUE: Anticapitalistas (Spain), Bloco de Esquerda (Portugal)
Members with most national MPs: Bloco de Esquerda, Enhedslisten (Denmark), People Before Profit Alliance (Isle of Ireland)

Up until a few years ago, the GUE-NGL was the only leftist faction in the European Parliament. In 2013, however, the KKE (Greece) was seemingly fed up with trying to have an ideological struggle within the GUE and founded the INITIATIVE of Communist and Worker’s Parties. The KKE is the only party with European or national representation. They are no longer part of the GUE-NGL and you can find them in the Non-Inscrits part of the EP, alongside all the fascist Europarties.

I realize I've only given a small portion of the politics of all these groups, and you can't actually join these groups unless you're an MEP, so I guess the best thing is to join a party which is part of one of these groups.

If you think Tsipras did nothing wrong join a party affiliated with the European Left
If you think the KKE did nothing wrong join a party affiliated with INITIATIVE
If you think that Scandinavian leftist politics are good join a party affiliated with the NGLA
If you think that Trotsky and/or revisionism were rad as heck join a party affiliated with the EACL
If you think you hate all of the above join an independent party within the GUE

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A party with an acronym like GUENGL might be enough to flush tpaine out of hiding.

Soviet_Salami posted:

A party with an acronym like GUENGL might be enough to flush tpaine out of hiding.

there's some spicy acronyms coming up i'll tell you hwat

I just realized I'm gonna be making 29 relatively big posts itt maybe I should make a new thread for this? oh well

The state of the left in… Austria

Seeing as we’ve come to the national parties now, allow me to explain what I’ll try to be doing for each party:

– International and European (and national if it exists) affiliation
– I will give the party’s position on the European Union
– I will look for a current political issue in the country and find the party’s position on that
– I will give you an interesting, recent article (preferably English, but I’ll translate the best snippet if I can’t find any)

Parties mentioned here are ranked from big to small, according to the latest known membership count (if the number is secret, MPs, participation in elections and scope of the party will be deciding factor).

Kommunistische Partei Österreichs (KPÖ)

The KPÖ was a thing before Austria was a thing. After the fall of the Austrian-Hungarian Empire, the rump state German-Austria was overcome by a spectre, the spectre of the KPDÖ, back in good ol 1918. The main force of the Austrian resistance against fascism, and the vanguard of the working class in the 1950s, the KPÖ aligned itself with the Communist Party of the Soviet Union under Stalin, and never left the position of the Soviets in a structural manner even when it became revisionist. After the fall of the USSR, the KPÖ seems to have been busy by alienating all their previous allies and joining the European Left. It’s done this so badly, that the youth wing went and fucked off.

Membership: 3,500 (2005)
MPs?: 2 regional MPs in Styria
International affiliation: /
European affiliation: European Left

Position on the European Union:

“A neoliberal foundation hinders a social Europe (…) appointing a president and a foreign secretary of the Union cannot conceal that the EU is not an alternative, but a competitor to the US, which increases the tensions surrounding the areas of influence demanded by capital (…) the KPÖ condemns the Lisbon Treaty (…) we do not need a neoliberal Europe run by multinationals, in service of Germany, France and Great Britain. We need a social, democratic and peace-oriented Europe, however it must be built on different foundations than this failed constitution”

Original: http://www.kpoe.at/home/aktuelles/kpoe-pressedienst/2009/lissabon-vertrag-ist-ein-projekt-des-kapitals

On the budget of the federal government (Kern; ÖVP-SPÖ) (also most interesting recent article)

“If one looks at the socio-political decisions in the Länder and compares it to the social cruelties of the federal government, one must hold that this is not a coincidence. On the contrary, a radical, sustained turn to the right took place. Social advances are being demolished at an ever-increasing pace. Austria is thus adapting to a European landscape, which continues to change to the detriment of the dependent and the precarious (…) The government convention bears a clearly black and blue handwriting with vanishing red bubbles. Almost all budget-relevant projects relieve or encourage companies. Only the orientation towards a minimum wage - which, however, is below the level demanded by the union - would bring advantages for a number of employees and part-time workers.”

Original: http://www.kpoe.at/sozialpolitik/migration/2017/burkaverbot-ist-der-knoche-fuer-das-wahlvolk-hellip

Partei der Arbeit Österreichs (PdA)

Successor of the Communist Initiative, an ML faction within the KPÖ that broke away in 2005. The current party was founded in 2013. Are good mates with the KKE and other parties within the anti-revisionist camp. Have a tendency to veer into identity politics without a class analysis.

Membership: 100 (2013)
MPs: /
International affiliation: IMCWP
European affiliation: INITIATIVE

Position on the European Union

“The EU has been, and is, an imperialist alliance for ensuring and optimizing capitalist exploitation through monopoly capital; an imperialist alliance to plunder the backward countries in a neo-colonial manner; an imperialist alliance to promote military agression and wars; an imperialist alliance to organize the competition between imperialists; an imperialist alliance for the suppression of the worker’s movement, the liberation movements and socialism”

Original: http://parteiderarbeit.at/?p=3657

Position on the labour market programme of the Kern cabinet

“Kern's Plan A is so far removed from the real and immediate problems of ordinary people, the working class, and working and poorer national strata-and of their actual solution-that one might think that he is not of this world. Unfortunately, however, it is an earthly product that leaves not only the feeling of incomprehension, but also that of alien shame. (…) This can only be countered by the construction of class-oriented, socialist alternatives from below. Plan A is still called revolution. - What are we waiting for?”

Original: http://parteiderarbeit.at/?p=3557

Extra interesting text: Declaration of the Foundation and Principles of the Party of Labour of Austria

Sozialistische LinksPartei (SLP)

The Austrian section of the Trotskyist Committee for a Workers’ International. Doesn’t like the SPÖ or the KPÖ, has worked alongside Communist Initiative for the 2008 elections. Not a lot else to say really.

Membership: unknown
MPs: no
International affiliation: CWI
European affiliation: /

Position on the European Union

So here’s the thing, I looked in the Europe section of their site up until March 2016 and have not found a single analysis on Europe that was written by the SLP. I’m not even sure if they actually have original articles on their site on international politics, but that might just be a CWI thing.

Position on the Austrian war on terror (also most interesting recent article)

“Measures such as surveillance, border control and repression are the problem. For the wave of terrorist attacks is neither caused by the religious beliefs of the perpetrators nor by immigration. If one looks at the life story of the assassins of the latest attacks, almost one of them came from completely impoverished strata, had no perspective, and slipped into the drugs and minor criminality long before they came into contact with terrorist groups. Crime in connection with multiple racist discrimination and social problems are the deadly cocktail that generates terrorism. If you want to prevent terror, you have to put money into social and education and jobs, instead of in video cameras and police! This is even more so since these repressive and surveillance measures restrict democratic achievements. And so, with the argument "our values", in reality "our values" are abolished. (…) Ultimately, the rulers are the actual terrorists. How many people die each year from the consequences of years of overwork or poverty? How many people are permanently damaged by stress at work or in training? How many die from deportations to "safe" third countries? The greatest and cruelest terror is still the terror of capitalism. ”

Original: https://www.slp.at/artikel/terrorgefahr-in-%C3%B6sterreich-8168

Arbeiter*innenstandpunkt (AST)

The Austrian section of the Trotskyist League for a Fifth International. I don’t know what that means.

Membership: no idea
MPs: no
International affiliation: League for a Fifth International
European affiliation: /

Position on the European Union

Not available on the site, but if you’re welling to send some euros to Austrian trots you can get a booklet on it.

Position on high rent (most interesting recent text)

“Above all, households with particularly low incomes must spend an ever-increasing portion of their income on rents that are constantly rising. While the rents are rising, wages are stagnating and the supply of subsidized housing is becoming increasingly scarce. The conflicts about affordable and comfortable living space are becoming a constant struggle for many - against rent increases, landlords' incentives and the constant competition in housing searches. Therefore the "Aufbruch", in which we also work from the workplace center, has announced a campaign on housing. (…) As an alternative, it would be necessary to end speculation with the vacancy by disposing of long-standing housing and being handed over by the city at cost price. Taxes on luxury accommodation and the profits of construction companies (including the expropriation of the largest companies) could be used to finance a favorable social housing system. In addition, it is urgently necessary to apply the laws on rent levels to new buildings. The planned campaign of "Aufbruch" can be a prelude to gaining such improvements.“

Original: http://arbeiterinnenstandpunkt.net/?p=2456

i spoke at the dsa thing, nobody else really discussed the topic, which was supposed to be a basic introduction to capitalism. so i laid out the basics. the way i framed my discussion of capitalism was 'theft,' so i talked about the theft of surplus value, the theft of reproductive labor, and the theft of land and the environment. i decided to do that instead of summarizing marx more directly because i didnt want to do that for the thousandth time. i think people appreciated that framing. i tried to tie each 'theft' into something concrete too, like standing rock or the mormon church's attitude towards the role of women.

then i discussed revolutionary organization briefly (the mass line but i didnt call it the mass line, i called it a 'circuit'). during the q&a i laid out the problems with reformism after someone asked and got people basically to agree with me. discussed the black panthers as a positive model etc. it was fairly laid back and the utah dsa is on the far left of the organization nationally, for whatever thats worth. and at the end of my comments i brought it back to how i was willing to work with the dsa on any of their concrete projects, like the homeless defense work theyre considering getting started, so i didnt come across as sectarian. which i'm not. overall my Remark's were well received and principled MLs in utah are now better positioned to smoothly link up with the inevitable left split from the dsa.
Good Leninist Work
i think the thing that saves the local dsa from being a waste of time is that all of the people who want to work with the democrats are shamelessly doing that already and running some inept nonprofit moron for state committee chair. and many of the people running the dsa used to be in socialist alternative but got pissed off with that organizations absurd abuse of democratic centralist principles. so theyre more interested in electoralism than say, the frso district here, but, have limitless contempt for the democrats which is a positive. if there had been some sort of democrat booster on the panel i would have been far less chill than i was.

from what ive seen in other states, the dsa just phonebanks for any democrat who uses the phrase 'the one percent' occasionally which im in favor of because i think will rapidly de-legitimize Democratic Socialism in the eyes of the masses.
the dsa is thrilled that it has reached a number of members equal to the subscribers of a third-tier youtube shampoo reviewer
i'm just being cynical. i'd join if i knew what the hell they did other than maybe go to meetings
no i totally agree. its pathetic that even the mildest, biggest-tent, vaguest anticommunist social democratic formation only has 20k members in a country of 350 million people. that this is the case is of course completely explained by third worldist analysis.