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daddy needs his meetings

Red_Canadian posted:

as a recent transplant to the largest city on the canadian west coast, does anyone have any recommendations for orgs? I see the wobbs have a small presence, so i might get involved with them again, but now there's no longer any major language difficulties, i can more confidently join a more exacting org as well.

i'm also curious about this, except that i've lived here for 10 years and have basically done nothing except showed up to occupy on the day before the police shut it down because i felt sad

well, i've messaged the wobbs, so i'm going to go check them out on monday. still looking for other orgs to possibly join, but i figure this will help get me out of the house and into something constructively socialist. gay swimmmer, i pm'ed you.
i'm a cop you idiot

gay_swimmer posted:

i'm a cop you idiot

well, thats still pretty good if he couldn't find a cia agent

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glomper_stomper posted:

starting to get more involved with other radical organizers in the area. we're gonna be a part of efforts to start a hampton-type rainbow coalition for the region, likely forming the euro-american faction despite the fact that we're really critical of orgs like the young patriots and redneck revolt.

some of the most rewarding work. better to have you doing it than them! good luck!

someone pulls the bag off your head. your eyes dart around in confusion. a woman thrusts a piece of paper into your lap. you look down and read whats on the paper

"pronounce the following word: kersplebedeb"

you hear a gun cock somewhere behind you