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lol if you think that's anything other than an elite facility, reserved for high-rank orphans and those who are otherwise favored by the regime

I agree, it must be part of an orphan caste system.

They must have a rating system for children with no one who loves them, ranked for labor efficiency. There's absolutely no way that North Korea can be this nice to orphans.

Tthese orphanages are so effective that they successfully raised all orphans in North Korea into productive, happy adults within 3 years. 18 months earlier than planned. These aren't "before" pictures, they are "after"
KJ clearly understands irony ref: hanging out with Dennis Rodman so given that we've got to assume that this 70s style apartment complex painted in bright pastels is a joke on his population, who don't have smart phones and have never seen even basic level entertainment like designing women or wings. Doomed to spend their time off from standing in the little circle in the middle of intersections at a series of state-owned water parks, the average NK citizen doesn't even have enough irony level to understand why it's funny that they go to work in a Thomas the Tank Engine, painted light green and pink. In this way we can see that NK is beyond saving. Iranians were at least self aware enough to host secret parties where they'd breakdance in American flag jackets, indicating an irony level 30 years ago that matches almost anything the US can produce today.
whats the irony level of the american citizens who stand in one spot all day outside banks guarding other peoples cash
Cool that everyone is trying to out Ah Yes, each other over someone saying the orphans house looks stupid though.
oh yeah I didn't think we had space for it here but fine. Let's get into it. Let's finally have the debate about the men who stand at the bank and make sure nobody takes money that's been the elephant in this proverbial room for so many years.
lets do it funny man, bring it on bro

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whats the irony level of the american citizens who stand in one spot all day outside banks guarding other peoples cash

this post is extremely dumb crybaby bull crap. It means nothing. You contribute nothing.

so far youve spent the entire thread defending liberalism because it supposedly imparts a higher understanding of self-awareness and postmodern aesthetic as opposed to an supposed inferior communal sincerity exemplified by the dumb sheep people of north korea, which is a very reactionary and dudebro atomistic viewpoint that is frankly tiring and idiotic. you should ifapped for being a boring and less funny version of bill maher.
You're too stupid to understand me. That's unfortunate. Don't speak directly to me again.

Keven posted:

aerdil posted:

whats the irony level of the american citizens who stand in one spot all day outside banks guarding other peoples cash

this post is extremely dumb crybaby bull crap. It means nothing. You contribute nothing.

how is that less ironic than north koreans going to work in a Thomas The Tank Engine or whatever weird racist shit you said

Are you retarded dude
[account deactivated]
Has anyone mentioned yet that the orphans in that complex are in their 30s.... This is a failson harbor which has been built to UN specifications to shame childmen for not working. The beds are too small for our big guts and we dangle our feet over the end of the beds. They set us up on dates and if we cry during them then we don't get fried foods for the next week. I almost moved into one through an exchange program.
Wow some real fucking racist bull shit there, shocked you're even able to type a post with the well known Korean foot dangle stereotype.
this has been covered before, all comedians are sociopaths, its part of the job description

look at how fake and gay these disney lie trains are. how can those ppl use public transportation without wanting to die of shame
A Schizophrenic's Guide To Disneyworld: The Mice Are Always Watching
if its so nice there they should hold a legitimate election
i agree these tourists are pretty paranoid. it's not like they're being accompanied at all times by a stepford spydrone that only lets them see preapproved areas or something

le_nelson_mandela_face posted:

i agree these tourists are pretty paranoid. it's not like they're being accompanied at all times by a stepford spydrone that only lets them see preapproved areas or something

sounds like the vatican, or a tour of the white house


le_nelson_mandela_face posted:

if its so nice there they should hold a legitimate election

How do you know they don't have any elections?

le_nelson_mandela_face posted:

i agree these tourists are pretty paranoid. it's not like they're being accompanied at all times by a stepford spydrone that only lets them see preapproved areas or something

I guess they've had bad experiences with foreigners going around unsupervised in their country

yeah that dude who stole a picture was an existential threat to their totally stable, prosperous and sane society
is it a permissible line to simultaneously think that nk is subject to over-the-top propganda and likely is not the orwellian hellscape that said propaganda/le average internet poster makes it out to be, but also that it compares very unfavorably to similarly-situated (at least) Cuba, that a three-generation-deep hereditary cult of personality is creepy and monarchist, and juche is an ideological dead-end to the extent that it even qualifies as an ideology?
i think the workers should own and direct the operations of their own places of employment
normal person: that's interesting, how would that work?
also north korea is actually a pretty ok place and stories of it as a repressive hellhole are CIA propaganda
normal person:
normal person: Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead consists of sixteen episodes; it premiered on October 12, 2014 and concluded on March 29, 2015. It was confirmed on October 29, 2013 that AMC had renewed The Walking Dead for Season 5. Scott Gimple, showrunner of Season 4, continued to serve as executive producer for this season.
The season picks up shortly after Season 4 left off. What follows is a story that weaves the true motives of the people of Terminus with the hopeful prospect of a cure in Washington, D.C., the fate of the group’s lost comrades, as well as new locales, new conflicts, and new obstacles in keeping the group together and staying alive.

The premiere episode, "No Sanctuary", has surpassed various records for achieving a viewership of 17.3 million on its initial broadcast and 8.7 million in the advertiser-coveted adults 18-49 demographic, making the series once again the most-watched drama series telecast in basic cable history.

"No Sanctuary"
In a flashback, Gareth and the residents of Terminus huddle in a Terminus train car while marauders torture and rape members of their group outside. Alex laments posting "Sanctuary" signs, saying they left themselves vulnerable and brought the marauders right to them. "We were trying to do something good," Gareth reflects. "We were human beings." "What are we now, Gareth?" Alex asks. Gareth has no reply. One of the marauders taunts them by saying "you're either the butcher or you're the cattle".
In the present, Daryl informs Maggie that Beth was taken by a black car with a white cross on the back and that she is alive, whilst they and Rick and the rest of their group are imprisoned in the train car. They quietly build weapons using scraps stripped from their clothes and the car's interior. Their captors release tear gas into the car, catching them off guard.

Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob are brought to a human slaughterhouse, where Terminus residents begin bludgeoning and slitting other captives' throats in a disturbingly neat and precise manner, allowing the blood from their slit throats ooze into a trough, presumably draining them of their blood before preparing them to be eaten. The first to be slaughtered is Sam – the young man Rick and Carol met on a supply run before Carol's exile.

Before Glenn can be killed, Gareth interrupts to interrogate Rick about the bag he stashed in the woods. At first Rick refuses to comply, but after Gareth threatens to stab Bob in the eye, Rick admits it's filled with weapons, including rifles, handguns, a compound bow and a machete. Of the latter, he tells Gareth, "That's what I'm gonna use to kill you."

The butchers behind Glenn prepare to kill him again but, before Glenn is hit with the baseball bat, gunshots are heard outside, followed by a massive explosion.

Earlier that day: Carol, Tyreese and Judith make their way toward Terminus. They hear gunfire erupt and watch a herd of walkers flock toward the noise.

They arrive at a cabin where Martin, a Terminus resident, is setting up fireworks to deter walkers away from Terminus. Carol and Tyreese hear him mention the group and on his walkie-talkie and hold him at gunpoint.

Carol takes Martin's explosives and sets off toward Terminus, slathering herself in guts to disguise herself. Tyreese, meanwhile, keeps watch on Martin in the cabin. Martin tries to convince Tyreese to take his car and leave with Judith.

At the perimeter fence, Carol sees Gareth's men drag Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob to the slaughterhouse. She fires at a propane tank within Terminus, then launches one of Martin's fireworks toward the breach, setting off a massive explosion. Walkers begin to swarm into the building and killing its residents.

In the slaughterhouse, Rick quietly cuts his handcuffs (fashioned out of rope) with a wooden stick that he hid in his sock. He frees himself and fights his way out with Daryl, Glenn and Bob.

Mary sees walkers flooding through a hole in the fence and runs inside to the memorial room. Carol, disguised as a walker, infiltrates Terminus with the herd.

Maggie, Carl, Michonne, Sasha and Abraham's crew anxiously wait in the train car as they hear the commotion outside. Chaos reigns as walkers feast on Terminus residents. Carol takes advantage of the confusion and shoots down Terminus snipers.

As Rick, Daryl, Glenn and Bob leave the slaughterhouse, they see human body parts suspended from meat hooks. Rick tells his group that if they come upon any other Terminus residents they should kill them without hesitation. They hear someone screaming and banging from a storage unit.

En route to rescuing the other survivors, Glenn insists on opening another train car to free the captives inside. But when they do, a deranged man runs out screaming wildly before a walker attacks him.

Carol discovers a room filled with items pilfered from Terminus victims. She retrieves Rick's watch – which he had given Sam -- and Daryl's crossbow.

Rick's group ambushes a team of Terminus residents and takes their weapons.

Carol discovers the Terminus shrine. Mary confronts her and they struggle. As Carol gains the upper hand, Mary explains that Terminus used to be a real sanctuary until a group of marauders raped and killed her people. The lesson, Mary explains, is "You're the butcher or you're the cattle." Carol, unconvinced, shoots her in the leg and leaves her to be devoured by walkers.

Back at the cabin, Tyreese becomes distracted by approaching walkers. Martin gets a hold of Judith and threatens to kill her unless Tyreese steps outside. Tyreese complies, and Martin listens to his shouts as the walkers attack. Martin then goes to check if Tyreese is still alive; Tyreese bursts through the door and pummels Martin. Outside, the ground is littered with walkers Tyreese killed hand-to-hand.

Back in the train car, Eugene reveals that before the fall, he helped engineer harmful diseases to fight other harmful diseases. He says his team devised a system that could kill all humans on the planet — and that same system might be able to kill off the walkers.

Rick's crew rescues the rest of the group from the train car. Newly reunited, they fight their way out of Terminus.

Rick leads the group to the weapons cache in the woods. He insists they go back to kill the remaining Terminus residents, but the others disagree. "The fences are down," Maggie reasons. "They'll run or die." Carol appears. Daryl runs up to Carol and hugs her tightly, both of them share tears of joy seeing each other being alive and well. "Did you do that?" Rick asks, embracing her as well and thanking her for saving them.

Carol leads everyone to the cabin, where Tyreese awaits with Judith. Rick and Carl sprint over and joyfully reunite with the baby, while Sasha embraces her brother.

As the group rests, Tyreese tells Carol that he killed Martin. Rick decides that they will get as far away from Terminus as possible. Abraham intends to tell Rick about their mission but not yet. The group follows the railroad tracks until they happen upon a Terminus sign. Rick crosses out most of the text and modifies it to read, "No sanctuary."

In a flashback, one of the marauders – the same deranged man released during the Terminus firefight – enters the train car where Gareth and the others are imprisoned. He throws Mary into the car and selects a young woman, who is dragged off to be raped again. Gareth comforts Mary but as he tells her its alright the man backhands him across the face with a flashlight and informs Gareth, "No, it's not." He leaves and Gareth vows to Mary that they will take back Terminus. "You're either the butcher or the cattle," he declares.

Weeks after Rick's escape from Terminus, a masked stranger marches down the railroad tracks. He stops to see the Terminus sign Rick modified, and hangs his head. He removes his mask. It's Morgan. He starts to follow a series of markings on trees - a circle with an X inside - to an unknown destination. It is unknown who it was that left the signs.

The episode begins with a shot of the smoke rising from Terminus. The group are on the road once again and decide to take a break. As Glenn and Maggie share a tender moment, Tara approaches Rick. "You didn't wanna be there. That’s why I tried to talk to you," Rick tells Tara, referring to how he called Tara out before the bloody showdown with The Governor. He's thankful she saved Glenn and welcomes her into the group, and even accepts her offer of a fist bump. Carol and Tyreese are filling water bottles from a creek and talk about whether the group will accept Carol for killing Karen and David at the prison. Carol says they don't have to accept it, but Tyreese insists that they do. Tyreese states that they don't have to tell them about Lizzie and Mika as he feels that explaining what happened to Mika and Lizzie might be a tougher sell and that he wants to forget what happened.
The group continue on their journey and come across a lone walker. Michonne says she's got it, and reaches reflexively for the katana that she lost to Terminus. Sighing, she takes it out by striking it with her gun and bashing its head in with the butt of her gun. Abraham sees this and tells Rosita, "right there is why we're waiting for our moment."

That night as the group makes camp in the woods, Rick talks to Carol. "I owe you everything," he tells her. Carol responds, "You owe Tyreese, he was at the prison." Carol pulls Rick’s watch out of her bag and gives it back to him. He tells Carol he saw the Terminus residents murder Sam. He offers her watch back, but she refuses. Rick admits some regret at sending her away, to which she responds, "you said I could survive. You were right." He notes the irony of kicking her out and then having to live with her on the road. "Will you have us?" he asks. She nods.

Later in the woods, Carol and Daryl are sitting in the woods and have a chance to talk about the horrible things that have happened recently. But after a long silence, she says she doesn't want to. "I just need to forget it," she says, echoing what Tyreese said. They both hear a noise and get up to look. Daryl says it’s nothing, but something is watching them and moving around.

Walking around in the woods again, everyone hears a noise and prepare their weapons. Daryl comes out of the woods with some squirrels he caught. "We surrender," he jokingly says. Daryl mentions to Rick he didn't see any tracks of what was watching them from last night. Abraham starts trying to talk Rick into his plan, innocuously suggesting they find a road and go north until they find a vehicle.

Bob and Sasha are playing a game called "Good Out of the Bad" where Sasha mentions a bad thing and Bob has to find a silver lining. For example, "Danger around every corner" equals to "Never a dull moment." The two of them kiss, and Sasha explains the game to Tyreese, who is observing happily.

The group hears cries for help, and Carl convinces Rick to help. There, they find a man up on a rock surrounded by walkers. The group dispatch all of the walkers and immediately forms a perimeter. Rick tells the man he can come down and he does. He asks if he’s okay and the man throws up, apologizes, thanks the group, and introduces himself as Father Gabriel Stokes to the distrusting group. Gabriel says he has no weapons and that The Word of God is the only protection he needs, which gets a cynical, "sure didn’t look like it" from Daryl. Gabriel says he called for help and God answered with their arrival. He asks for food and Carl offers a meager handful of pecans. Gabriel says Judith is a beautiful child. When pressed by Rick, he says he has a church. Rick makes him put his hands above his head and starts searching him for weapons, asking him the 3 questions from the prison.

"How many walkers have you killed?"

"Not any, actually."

"How many people have you killed?"



"Because the Lord abhors violence."

"What have you done? We’ve all done something."

"I am a sinner, I sin almost every day. But those sins I confess them to God, not strangers."

As they head to Gabriel's church, Rick asks if Gabriel was the one watching them. Gabriel says he keeps to himself because people are just as dangerous as the dead. "No. People are worse," Rick says. Gabriel says that the rock was the furthest he’s been from his church since it started, but then starts defiantly joking that maybe he’s lying and leading them into a trap so he can steal all of their squirrels. "Members of my flock had often told me that my sense of humor leaves much to be desired," Gabriel says when he sees the less than friendly reaction to his joke.

The group soon arrive at the church. Rick cautiously asks to go in the church first so they can "hold on to their squirrels," and the group does, guns drawn. Inside Carol finds a book on a desk that shows Gabriel, or someone, has been copying the Bible by hand. He’s written "Thou Shalt Not Kill" in huge letters on one page. Rick finds empty food cans around the altar. Glenn, who almost got the group hurt by releasing the crazed man previously, finds a a picture with the words of Galatians 6:9: "and let us not grow weary of doing good. For in due season we will reap if we do not give up." Michonne takes notice of children's drawings. Rick calls the rest of the people in. Abraham suggests fixing the church’s short bus and taking it to D.C. Michonne wants to rest and gather supplies first, though, and Rick agrees. Abraham looks like he wants to object, but Glenn tells them that one way or another they’re following Rick and not splitting up. Tara adds a "What he said" and even Bob piles on. Inside, Gabriel says he’s been living off the food from the church’s annual canned food drive and scavenging. He says he’s cleaned out every place nearby except for one that’s overrun by about a dozen walkers. Bob and Sasha agree to go with Rick to check it out and Tyreese agrees to babysit Judith. Rick thanks Tyreese for his help.

Rick makes Gabriel go with them because he doesn’t trust him. Before he leaves, Rick has a talk with Carl. Carl says he does trust Gabriel because he feels that everybody can't be bad. Rick tells Carl that Gabriel may have friends and he needs him to stay to help Tyreese protect Judith. Rick tells Carl that no matter what, he's not safe and makes him promise to never let his guard down. Before he leaves, though, Carl calls Rick back. He tells him that they are strong enough that they can still help people, and that they don’t have to be afraid or to hide. However, Rick still believes that Gabriel is hiding something.

On the way to scavenge the food bank are Rick, Gabriel, Bob, Sasha and Michonne. Bob is trying to talk Rick into going to Washington. He notes a double meaning of Rick's words that the Terminants "don’t get to live," pointing out that when you push yourself too far there are things you can’t get back. Although Rick is not even sure he’s going to go, Bob is convinced that Eugene can cure the virus and that things will go back to something like the way they were. "And if you let too much go along the way, that’s not going to work," Bob says. Rick says this is the real world and Bob says "Nah, this is a nightmare. And nightmares end." But he also admits his optimism is maybe, "just one of those parts of not letting go."

Carol and Daryl are walking down the road. Carol is reluctant to talk about what happened when she was separated from the group. Daryl says they can start over and that Carol saved them, but she just says they got lucky. They come to an abandoned car and Carol checks it out. The car's battery appears to be dead, but Daryl interrupts her as she's checking the trunk. "Whatever happened, happened. Let’s start over," Daryl says. Carol says she wants to, and Daryl says she can. Inside the trunk Carol finds an emergency starter. She pushes a button on it and shows its got a little battery power left, so she says they should leave the car for backup in case things go bad at the church.

Maggie and Tara are on a separate mission to loot a gun store. The door is kicked in and they both agree the chances of leftovers are super slim. There’s a noise from inside and they draw their guns. Glenn comes out and admits he tripped over a stack of boxes and mop, and that he found three silencers stashed in a mini-fridge inside. "There's nothing left in this world that isn't hidden," he says, words which stick to Tara.

Rick’s group arrives at what Gabriel says was a food bank that served the whole county. They draw their weapons and go inside cautiously. There’s a huge hole in the floor. It leads to a basement filled with water and stinky, decayed walkers. "If a sewer could puke, this is what it’d smell like," Bob says. Sasha suggests using some metal shelves in the muck to block the walkers and Rick agrees it’s a good plan.

They climb down the shelves and Rick forces a terrified Gabriel to go with. Inside, the water is up to their waists. Gabriel sees a walker that looks like a church lady with big glasses and panics. He tries to get up the stairs but the stairs break. The others push down the shelves and fight their way through the walkers to save Gabriel. Rick catches up to the church lady walker and busts her rotten head open before she can get Gabriel.

Bob walks over to get some supplies and confidently says, "I know which way it’s gonna break." As he's pulling a box of supplies, a walker pulls him down into the water. Bob comes back up fighting a walker that looks like it has rotted away to nothing. Bob impales it on a pipe and Sasha smashes its head open with a storage container. She goes to Bob and asks him if he’s okay and he says that he's fine, though apparently shaken.

The group loads up huge carts with lots of food and are leaving. Gabriel apologizes for panicking. Rick asks if he knew the church lady walker when she was still alive and Gabriel won’t answer. "Yeah, I get it. You only tell your sins to God," Rick says sarcastically. On the way Rick asks Michonne if she misses her katana. She says it really wasn't hers anyway, she found it at the beginning of the outbreak. She says she got so good by killing all day with it but it wasn't life for her. "Stumbling around in three feet of slime for some peas and carrots, that’s living," she says. Michonne says she misses Andrea and Hershel, but she doesn't miss what was before and that she doesn't miss her katana.

They arrive at the church, and Carl shows Rick some deep scratches that indicate that people had tried to get into the church. He also found that someone scratched the words, "you’ll burn for this" into the outer wall of the church. "Doesn't mean Gabriel’s a bad guy for sure. But it means something," Carl says.

At night, the group has a cheerful celebration. Abraham proposes a toast. He says each and everyone of the group has earned the title of survivor and toasts. "To the survivors," and everyone toasts back, but he continues, "is that all you want to be?" he asks, and makes his pitch again for Washington. He says just surviving is just surrender. Carol considers making a run out the door to that car she found at this moment.

Abraham says Eugene will make the dead die and the living will have this world again and that is not a bad takeaway for a little road trip. Eugene says there's infrastructure constructed to withstand pandemics even of this "FUBAR magnitude" which means food, fuel and refuge and an end to the walker plague. Looking at Judith, Abraham asks them to save the world for that little one or for themselves, or for the people out there. Rick hears Judith coo and jokes, "she’s in. If she's in I'm in. We're in. Let’s do it," and everyone cheers. Bob asks Sasha for one more kiss, and then he gets up and leaves, clearly consumed in thought.

Tara takes this time to tell Maggie that she was at the prison with the Governor. She says she didn’t know who he was or what he could do. Maggie forgives her as well, saying "You’re here with us now," and offering a hug. Rick thanks Gabriel for the hospitality and letting them drink the Communion wine. Gabriel is drinking it too, he says it’s just wine until its blessed and anyway there’s no one left to take communion. Rick tells Gabriel he knows he’s hiding something. "These people are my family. And if what you're hiding til now hurts them in any way, I’ll kill you," Rick says.

Carol has made a run for the abandoned car. She’s got it started but the engine noise draws a walker, which she stabs. Daryl comes out of the woods and asks what she’s doing, she states that she doesn't know. He tries to lead her back to the church and it looks like she’s going to go, but just at that moment they hear, and then see, a car with a white cross in the back like the one that took Beth speed by. "They got Beth!" says Daryl, and as he breaks the tail lights of the car Carol was going to use to run away. They both pile in the car and give pursuit.

Bob’s outside, smiling a happy smile that fades as he looks at the church. He then wanders off into the woods and leans against a tree and cries. A hooded figure in a robe knocks him out. A symbol that looks like a horizontal line with a small vertical line descending from its right edge, possibly related to the marks Morgan saw, is seen on a tree.

Bob wakes and sees blurry faces and a fire. They are the remaining residents of Terminus. One of them is Martin, beat up but not dead as Tyreese claimed. "The good news is, you’re not dead yet," Gareth says. They have Bob tied to a pole. Gareth says they didn't want to hurt them, before, but these are things they have to do. "You and your people took away our home, and in order to survive, we have to hunt." During a montage of the group celebrating and eating, Gareth gives a speech about how the Termites didn't start out eating people or doing the things they've done. One shot shows Gabriel looking at a picture of the church lady, who was a church organist, with him while she was alive.

"We evolved. We had to. And now we've devolved into hunters," Gareth says. "I told you. I said it. Can’t go back, Bob." He says he just hopes Bob understands it's not personal, that even though they put them in that situation they would have done this to anybody. Gareth says that at the end of the day no matter how much they hate all this ugly business, a man’s gotta eat. Bob is shown to be missing his left leg, amputated about at the knee. He begins panicking out of shock.

Gareth takes a bite of Bob’s cooked leg right in front of him. "If it makes you feel any better, you taste much better than we thought you would," Gareth says. The Terminants feast on Bob's leg, now roasting on a makeshift grill.

"Four Walls and a Roof"
As Gareth continues to calmly speak to Bob, while walkers growl at them from inside the elementary school they are camping outside of, Bob becomes more and more visibly distressed. Finally, Bob begins chuckling, then breaks into a laugh as Gareth tries to chastise him for not listening. The rest of the group come over, commenting that Bob has "lost it". Bob, however, gleefully pulls his shirt down, revealing a bite wound on his shoulder, and laughing as he explains that he has been bitten and is therefore "tainted meat". As the members of his group are react in horror, Gareth angrily kicks Bob into unconsciousness, while explaining that they will be fine.
Sasha exits the church searching for Bob, and, after killing two walkers, is joined by Rick and Tyreese, who take her back inside. Sasha claims that they are being watched by unknown assailants, and angrily confronts Gabriel, accusing him of being involved in Bob's disappearance. Rick pulls her away from Gabriel and calmly confronts Gabriel himself, demanding to know what Gabriel had done in the past to warrant someone writing You will burn for this on the side of his church. Gabriel tearfully reveals that during the beginning of the apocalypse he denied anyone else entry to the church, allowing them to be killed by the walkers, and tearfully declares that Rick's group has been sent by God to finally punish him. As Rick listens, a faint whistling can be heard coming from outside, and Glenn reports that someone has been left lying in the grass.

Rick's group rushes out to discover Bob lying in the grass, and begin carrying him inside as walkers approach. However, The Hunters open fire on them from the trees, and Rick blindly fires off all of his bullets into the trees. Inside the church, Bob regains consciousness and reveals that Gareth and five other Terminus survivors are responsible for his missing leg, and attempts to describe where they had been staying. Sasha asks if they have any thing they can give him to ease his pain, but Bob refuses, revealing his bite to the group. As they wonder how long he has, Glenn reminds them that Jim had survived two days before they left him to turn. Gabriel tells them that they can put Bob on a couch in his office, and Sasha thanks him.

As Sasha tends to Bob, Rick asks Gabriel if he recognized the place Bob described. Gabriel says that it sounded like an elementary school within walking distance of the church.

Rick meets with the group to discuss what to do next, his choice being to hunt down Gareth's group. Abraham, however, insists they leave, as it is too dangerous for them to keep Eugene in such a hostile zone. Rick and Abraham begin arguing, and nearly come to blows until Glenn finally gets Abraham to agree to stay for one more half of a day, in exchange for Glenn's guarantee that he, Maggie, and Tara will accompany them to Washington, D.C..

As the group prepares to leave to confront Gareth, Sasha spends time comforting Bob. As Bob sleeps, Tyreese approaches Sasha, and asks her not to come with them to confront Gareth. Sasha reminds him of how he felt when Karen was killed, but Tyreese claims that he had simply been blinded by anger at the time, and that only forgiveness was truly facing your demons. Sasha angrily asks if he is asking her to forgive Gareth for everything he had done, and pointed out that they had no choice but to kill him. Tyreese disagrees, saying that while the rest of the group doesn't have a choice she does. Sasha finally consents, and gives Tyreese her dagger, telling him to put it through Bob's temple after he dies.

Under the cover of night, Rick, Michonne, Abraham, Glenn, and Maggie leave the church to go to the elementary school. As they disappear into the woods, the Hunters appear, arriving at the church from a different route, and break in. As they search the church, Gareth asks the group to come out, revealing that he knows that Rick had taken some of their members and most of their

thirdplace posted:

is it a permissible line to simultaneously think that nk is subject to over-the-top propganda and likely is not the orwellian hellscape that said propaganda/le average internet poster makes it out to be, but also that it compares very unfavorably to similarly-situated (at least) Cuba, that a three-generation-deep hereditary cult of personality is creepy and monarchist, and juche is an ideological dead-end to the extent that it even qualifies as an ideology?

The ONLY correct line of action is to find the stupidest, shittiest, lamest example of your ideology and defend it to the death against the six people who are willing to speak to you.


le_nelson_mandela_face posted:

yeah that dude who stole a picture was an existential threat to their totally stable, prosperous and sane society

would i not face any jailtime in the united states if i trespassed into a restricted part of a hotel and stole a painting worth $10,000? hint: it's felony theft. because that's how much the kid admitted he was going to sell that picture for.

wasnt there some black dude who got like 15 years a while back for walking into a target and stealing a towel? so glad we live in a totally stable, prosperous and sane society

Keven posted:

The ONLY correct line of action is to find the stupidest, shittiest, lamest example of your ideology and defend it to the death against the six people who are willing to speak to you.

actually bernie sanders has been drawing large crowds.


aerdil posted:

le_nelson_mandela_face posted:

yeah that dude who stole a picture was an existential threat to their totally stable, prosperous and sane society

would i not face any jailtime in the united states if i trespassed into a restricted part of a hotel and stole a painting worth $10,000? hint: it's felony theft. because that's how much the kid admitted he was going to sell that picture for.

Not ten years hard labor and in fact if the property were recovered and you were a foreigner you'd probably just be deported and barred from reentry


The second group of critics admits that there really is such a thing as a Draft Constitution, but considers that the draft is not of much interest, because it is really not a Draft Constitution but a scrap of paper, an empty promise, with the idea of performing a certain manoeuvre to deceive people.

And they add that the U.S.S.R. could not produce a better draft, because the U.S.S.R. itself is not a state, but only a geographical concept (general laughter), and since it is not a state, its Constitution cannot be a real constitution. A typical representative of this group of critics is, strange as it may appear, the German semi - official organ, : "Deutsche Diplomatisch-Politische Korrespondenz." This journal bluntly declares that the Draft Constitution of the U.S.S.R. is an empty promise, a fraud, a "Potemkin village." It unhesitatingly declares that the U.S.S.R. is not a state, that the U.S.S.R. "is nothing more nor less than a strictly defined geographical concept (general laughter), and that in view of this, the Constitution of the U.S.S.R. cannot be regarded as a real constitution.

What can one say about such critics, so-called?

In one of his tales the great Russian writer Shchedrin portrays a pig-headed official, very narrowminded and obtuse, but self-confident and zealous to the extreme. After this bureaucrat had established "order and tranquillity" in the region "under his charge," having exterminated thousands of its inhabitants and burned down scores of towns in the process, he looked around him, and on the horizon espied America - a country little known, of course, where, it appears, there are liberties of some sort or other which serve to agitate the people, and where the state is administered in a different way. The bureaucrat espied America and became indignant :

What country is that, how did it get there, by what right does it exist? (Laughter and applause.) Of course, it was discovered accidentally several centuries ago, but couldn't it be shut up again so that not a ghost of it remains? (General laughter.) Thereupon he wrote an order : "Shut America up again!" (General laughter.)

It seems to me that the gentlemen of the "Deutsche Diplomatisch - Politische Korrespondenz" and Shchedrin's bureaucrat are as like as two peas. (Laughter and applause.) The U.S.S.R. has long been an eyesore to these gentlemen. For nineteen years the U.S.S.R. has stood like a beacon, spreading the the spirit of emancipation among the working class all over the world and rousing the fury of the enemies of the working class. And it turns out that this U.S.S.R. not only exists, but is even growing; is not only growing, but is even flourishing; and is not only flourishing, but is even composing a draft of a new Constitution, a draft which is stirring the minds and inspiring the oppressed classes with new hope. (Applause.)

How can the gentlemen of the German semi-official organ be anything but indignant after this? What sort of country is this? - they howl; by what right does it exist? (General laughter.) And if it was discovered in October 1917, why can't it be shut up again so that not a ghost of it remains?

Thereupon they resolved : Shut the U.S.S.R. up again; proclaim publicly that the U.S.S.R., as a state, does not exist, that the U.S.S.R. is nothing but a mere geographical concept. (General laughter.)

In writing his order to shut America up again, Shchedrin's bureaucrat, despite all his obtuseness, evinced some reality by adding to himself : "However, it seems that same is not within my power." (Roars of laughter and applause.) I do not know whether the gentlemen of the German semi-official organ are endowed with sufficient intelligence to suspect that - while, of course, they can "shut up" this or that country on paper - speaking seriously, however, "same is not within their power..." (Roars of laughter and applause.)


Joke is, everything in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea is done for us, the toiling mass of slaves to capitalist exploitation

thanks dprk
Damn, I'm sure lucky that I don't live in society that forces you to work if you commit a crime. Well, back to the ol grind
i'm sure you wouldn't have too much trouble finding yourself in a north korean labor camp if you seriously believe it's a comparable (and certainly more moral) standard of living
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My favourite piece of mental yoga


Nice article on the massacre in Korea, and its rebuilding as "the historical high point of “international socialist solidarity”"