this laborwave song is p chill and the video description says C O R N so should be extra appreciated by the zzone

Figured this is probably most relevant place to post this...

Just figured out if you whitelist rHizzonE in the Disconnect plugin (firefox) you can see all the images you've been missing. (any image link posted with a gibberish after the file extension gets blocked)
Bush did it: confirmed
the post about the Troop crying in the toothpaste aisle
and i say "vat a country!!"
I knew blingee.com would become hip again
its glowtxt now

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undrscores motherfucker, do you have them


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From topic Have you been seriously considering reality?:

imagine being cia but so low ranking that yor entire life was a front simply for finding a guys (fake, because this is a psyop) website. well thats just how the world works sometimes

now imagine being so low ranking they dont even let you do that (head in hands sobbing)

i got this from babyfinland thats probably why it says "jewish-american"
lol 11 minutes:


chekc out the cheaters taking shortcuts over the north of spain
yeah but they're payin' for it with the increased attrition
ancient nazi uniform-making techniques lost to time


my son died? it happens. what's on tv
internet feminism has lost its mind and not in a "are mean to guys on the internet" way
insofar as internet feminism is extremely poorly written clickbait blog posts about what's "problematic" in pop culture? yeah. i mean they couldve just said "damn was winona ryder always this bad an actor lol", to which the answer is "yes and if you watch mr robot you'll realise the same thing about christian slater, but heathers is still great"

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unlike MR ROBOT, that show was actually pretty good but yea she wasa one-note character who was over-acting and hitting that one note super hard ever yscene she was in. questioining why shes grieving or not wearing makeup is dumb but she had the type of character that really impresses certain people blown away by such intense levels of emotion

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i complete;y missed the bit about concealer. fucking lol
I think clickbait is now complete, as in saturated. It is possible to find an article with any possible viewpoint once any event has happened. It's like Protestant Revivals, there's a flavour for everyone.
all clickbait articles comprise an infinite yet unique series of points in clickbait space, which has positive curvature in all dimensions
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oh my god

my man!

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oh my god

jesus christ

not even north korea makes movies about dear leader's first date

at least not afaik
the subtext being, you thought obama was strong, well look how strong this lady is: hillbill 2016
michelle obama for first black lady president 2024