not a funny pic but


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someone do a scitenific study proving that all these politicians have abnormally advanced smile lines around their mouths but not around their eyes

They do the Korean eye smile thing where you keep your eyes in sort of a line instead of scrunching them up like in a real smile, laugh, or being outside in the sun. Actually that's probably why, it's their job to grin all day but they never go outdoors.

Louis Proyect is cool... one of the few Zinovievites out there. He should be respected and preserved, like a rare insect.
what if he doesn't survive? He's worth a lot to me.
i hate how the voice actor puts weird emphasis on "me" instead of "a lot"
getfiscal believes in keeping his enemies closer. if someone wants to get in touch with Louis and tell him the new org thread is up and Yes, clown fucka boyz has a spot.

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My copy of The Prophet Armed has an endorsement from Tony Blair on the back saying something like "This is the book that got me interested in politics."

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never forget that louis proyect made a comic about his life

Can you believe this guy is Jewish?


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Can you believe this guy is Jewish?

don't sign your posts.

has anyone offered proyect a rhizzone account yet

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are we allowed to emptyquote here?

it's not discouraged but it doesn't happen often. usually votes serve the same purpose & so doing it is a baroque maneuver meant to evoke ironic nostalgia like a native speaker using an archaic inflection

best of luck posting out there.

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best of luck posting out there.

Thanks dude. I will be responsible with the lenient privileges i have been granted.

without augmented workers ripley would never be able to defeat the Alien. So I welcome the Next Economy with open arms
i welcome the Next Economy with bionic arms

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has anyone offered proyect a rhizzone account yet

two people did

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the only other person i've read who uses the term "liminal", "liminal peoples", etc. all the time is zizek so i';m pretty sure people who say that are entirely full of shit


I remember this being good. Though I havn't read it recently, maybe if I read again I would think he isn't aggressive enough in stating the exploitative nature of white male sexuality. But the descriptions of interracial bakla/gay relationships are serious enough that they speak for themselves, IIRC.


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Thanks dude. I will be responsible with the lenient privileges i have been granted.

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thank goodness for rhizzone where i can skip all the feuds and still influence the zeitgeist through my wrong & shitty posts
God bless donald.
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i hate bugs!

Help, I'm stuck in a Time Loop. Send someone to rescue. Not Carter
stolen from someone's twitter
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https://vimeo.com/75534042 full screen this...

London Communists through the 1920s and 30s (Album)
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Tfw you got that Elliot Rodger aesthetic
hes so high
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