can you imagine a zuckurburg/rick scott ticket, my god...
i morphed zuckerberg and scott together but it just gave me some random white guy. so i added voldermort.

we did it everyone. we won.
Men Without Tanks
Because of the weakness of the Maduro government in allowing itself to be penetrated by counter-revolutionary influence *sky darkens and wind begins to pick up* I support the entrance of the 33rd Guards Mechanized Division *energy begins to crackle all over me* and other divisions of the Special Mechanized Army as ordered by Minister Zhukov *i close my eyes & slowly rise off the ground in a column of pure white* to aid the honest Venezuelan patriots as they smash the reactionary hooligans of counter-revolution *sphere of light explodes outwards vaporizing the caribbean sea*
el oh el
oh em gee
putteng on my beg boy beb

getfiscal posted:

I'm usually not a fan of RCP's sloganeering but this is great.

they just wanted an excuse to chant BEB to the tune of OPP, and i respect that.
When you get with BA you stop with BEB
i really wanted to find out what the other sign said but it's actually pretty disappointing.

probably the worst thing about avakian is that he can't even come up with any good zingers.
Aye those mixed metaphors. Still liking BEB though.


beb avakian
bob, bolsheviks obliterating bougies

trakfactri posted:

fuck lol

really want to know what BEB stands for
i feel like i've posted about this before but 'bob avakian live: get with it!' sounds like it should be a 90s stand-up special
RCP really getting into the guerilla publicity thing

nomogram posted: