lol the product description suggests that the thesis of that book is partly that current left online culture owes its origins to 4chan's support for occupy wall street & guy fawkes anonymous hackers :thinking emoji:
it's cool that we've reached a point where we're so addicted to pomo literary criticism that people are insisting The Opposite Reading Is True for concrete events in reality
Oh the book is about 4chan. Bait and switch.
Time for a rHizzonE Blast from the Past.. BREAKING: Regular white non-wizard shoots up black church
2 hours ago... hardly a blast from the past
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You should go to jail if you CAN afford the payments on a Bentley imo
My credit card company offered to raise my limit to 3k. This is the 1k card that they literally flagged me down on a subway platform to give me, on the spot, without any proof of income, while I was still in high school.

I wish the ruling class tried so hard to give me jobs, but alas
the response is even funnier

The future. As it happens, we have been on the verge of leaving the finance industry for a little while. Today we decided to call it a day and sell the business as a going concern. This has nothing to do with the social justice mob on Twitter and Facebook. We never did take those so seriously. Even the death threats made me smile. Nor was it those who gave comments to the media in which they condemned us. Nor was it the person parked across from my house this morning in his black Land Rover taking pictures.

What really did it for us was when we received letters from Government departments/agency telling us that there would be consequences if we did not retract what we said. The letter from the ASA was professional and very polite. I don't want to make out that this brought terror to my life in any way, because it didn't.

It did though, cross a significant line for us. We are a private business, we are not owned by the Government, FCA or ASA, and we will never be told what we are/are not allowed to say. If we want to campaign to put Batman on the moon, then that is our business, not the Governments. Naturally, we told them no, we wouldn't retract it. Who knows where this will now end up.

This is a massive concern for us given the nature of the next project we were going to launch in the UK. Avoid.com is going to be the world's first negative-only travel review website. It launches in March 2019 and was going to be based in the UK - a massive investment with hundreds of jobs.

Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era Will Make Right-Hegelianism Real


*solemly at the funeral* his name was dick assman
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hahahaha jfc

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advanced settlerism, brought to you by holywood. starring a$hton kutcher and ryan seacre$t (guest appearance ft. $imon cowell)

O_O wow


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I've got a friend who was involved in that fiasco. Special forces wiped out a small island off the coast, they killed about 30 people just to make sure there wasn't anyone to give early warning to an invasion.

another submission from my oldies but goodies file

She was probably just Carol Danvers, before she subsequently went on to become Captain Marvel.

nice try fbi
historic moment in self owns
his mind...
they say the eyes are the window to the soul
lately i have only imagined him as a cartoon bird with big seedy eyes named Mr. Mark Sugarmountain who gives kids candy so that they get cavities and learn their lessons about eating sweets

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they say the eyes are the window to the soul

this guy has spent most of his adult life peering into the abyss of human relations, every secret corruption at first a thrill of voyeuristic power, now so deeply familiar to him that an intractable miasma pervades any perceived ordinary interaction. yet unable to fully assimilate into the clique of liches that surround him, he clings desperately to a vestigial relationality, medicated and coached within an inch of life.