WW is well distributed in portland so this picture will be everywhere

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I remember when you were professing your love for her


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i am literally dylan klebold. i survived and now i post here, tHE r H i z z o n E.

ok, let me see if I got this straight: you are literally dylan Bennet klebold. along with Eric David Harris you murdered 13 people and wounded 24 others armed with firearms, explosives and knives on April 20, 1999, at Columbine High School in Columbine, Colorado. They were twelfth grade (senior) students at the high school. The shooting rampage came to be known as the Columbine High School massacre. you apparently committed suicide in the library, where you killed 10 of your victims. actually it was a ruse and you survived somehow and now you post here, tHE r H i z z o n E
makes sense
you can choose to play as romans, barbarians, egyptians, or japanese
if only there was a JokeOrNot ID Service they could turn to for help
Watching an irony-poisoned parody kick a fallen Russophobe propaganda champion through the wall of the propaganda factory as I lean over to my girlfriend and whisper "notice the initials & the framing:"

as an anti marriage and anti sex advocate i have concerns
This is the spy ring Chinese authorities broke up through the devious dystopian method of: the CIA's "fire-walled" covert communications system in China linked back to the public CIA Web site, at CIA dot gov

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Thedrive dot com is pretty funny IMO because of this guy. I ran across him while watching Tesla collapse in slow motion because he wants to make out with his Tesla and, like,

This is his serious for-real writer profile picture. It is not Ironic or anything and you can just read his articles if you think i'm a fibber!! He is an "editor-at-large" which is a fancy way of saying that he doesn't really work for the site and is paid by the article.

One of his stories is about how instead of staying at a hotel in California, he went to a Tesla "lounge"—basically a doctor's waiting room attached to a charging station—and slept in one of the (small, non-reclining) upholstered chairs, which he bragged was the equivalent of a three-star hotel. By the time he took another pass at revising the story, he was calling it "free housing", which is what ended up in the headline.

In another story, he's talking about how you should put snow tires on your Tesla, but the article devolves into him talking about how everyone who gets in a car wreck deserves it, and then in probably the best line I've ever read in any article supposedly about cars, he explains that his mother told him that if he sleeps with whores he should "never use a condom twice".

He claims to be the "founder of Geotegic Consulting", which is this:

That's the whole site, just that page. If you click "contact" it emails him and if you click the picture it reloads that page.

I love Alex Roy and someday when he's a famous serial killer ("Tesla Trunk Slayer"/TTS) Billy Zane will play him in the movie.

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wtf is this from

cape fear redux, great soundtrack

I think people should only put normal things such as fragile colored orbs and electrical fire hazards on their Christmas tree. This is one poster’s opinion, sorry if this offends
trees should be left free to live their natural lives without fear of the terroristic thrill-killing and debauched display of their dessicating corpses that characterizes this season in the west
Christmas trees are good. I like to decorate the Christmas tree with my girlfriend and my family and listen to songs about Christmas and eat cookies shaped like a Christmas tree or snowman.
Semper Xmas
Bah Humbug.
Feliz Navigames everyone
The US Air Force is a very serious organization with sophisticated traditions for respectable mature big boys
The drone pilot sits enshrined in an air-conditioned trailer, his pallid face lit only by the sickly glow of computer monitors. The scorching Nevada desert outside is his closest connection to the distant arid locale depicted by the camera of his Reaper drone, a bond of clime rather than location. He sets down his sweat-sheathed Xbox controller and the thousand dollar leather armchair (only the best for Our Boys) creaks audibly, weight shifting as he reaches for a bottle of Gamer Fuel. The cool neon nectar runs down his parched throat, and in this moment of relief from his travails he indulges in a brief moment of reflection:

It is unfortunate that the chains of duty bound me to firebomb that children's hospital. Lesser men may have balked at such a grim task. But I am a man of honor, and I have sworn a most solemn vow to the Giant Anime Sword, which may not be gainsaid by conscience of Man or God. Such is the thankless fate of a true soldier, such is my noble sacrifice.

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wtf is this from


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The US Air Force is a very serious organization with sophisticated traditions for respectable mature big boys

I think instead of christmas trees, it would be faster to just get lots of topsoil and burn it
that doubles up as a method to decontaminate soil that suffered VOC spills