its about the need for building regulations
little red riding hoodis capitalist propaganda - its about how only private health insurance can prevent your grandmother from being eaten by a wolf
Little RED riding hood uses a diamat line of questioning to discern the true nature of the parasitic bourgeois wolf ok I'll stop
i brought up the idea of employing the mass line in relation to the homeless population in salt lake and someone else in the meeting said 'so we give them a free blanket if they fill out a survey?' and i had to kind of pause and collect myself

a few weeks ago i was talking to my trot friend and he offhandedly referred to the mass line as 'conducting a poll.' crude metaphysics rules everything around me cmream, get the survey,
I mean a free blanket for a survey? How is that the first thing you go to before 'just talking to people'
Also the lady who runs the WWP branch wants to hand out their terrible paper at the distribution, I hate front group horse trading type left politics so much. Just contribute to a thing without having some sort of angle to it. I've done that enough that I feel like I should be able to ask for that in return.

I mean it is just a paper but given the way things are people could reasonably assume that the group was wwp based on us having the paper. And i can see the articles appearing in the paper already discussing the distribution and implying it was a WWP run thing. Sort of like how the frso paper reports on activities that seem random and aren't identified as being run by the party but they obviously are.
do the survey on an ipad
Offer the chance to win a free iPad by filling out a simple survey. Have someone there claiming that they won an iPad the same way. It could work.
transactional thinking is bourg thinking
i am back at school, this time for nutrition. also got a new job, so now i have a new obligatory reason to post on the Rhizzone

stegosaurus posted:

Offer the chance to win a free iPad by filling out a simple survey. Have someone there claiming that they won an iPad the same way. It could work.

free trot newspaper just for entering

Sign up to our trot mailing list that u can never ever ever get taken off
Please only select 1 answer per question (use black or blue pen only)

how satisfied are you with bourgeois democracy?
very satisfied|somewhat satisfied|neither satisfied nor dissatisfied|somewhat dissatisfied|very dissatisfied

For you, how important is the need to redistribute the population of the global north throughout the third world?
very important|somewhat important|neither important or unimportant|somewhat unimportant|very unimportant

How likely would you be to recomend Communism to a friend?
very likely|somewhat likely|neither likely nor unlikely|somewhat unlikely|very unlikely

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I saw this scam where it's like a shell game and there is a crowd betting on it but the crowd are all in on it, to make it look like there is a lot of action.
Put the petition under the shells or something idk I'm a big picture guy
A typical scenario goes like this: One of a pair of communists, posing as a retired maoist, leaves his precious little red book as collateral against some small debt while he goes and fetches the cash. While he's gone, the other communist presents himself to the mark as a little red book dealer, business card and everything. He wants to have a look at the little red book he saw in passing and as soon as it's produced, he's delighted — as he thought, it's Mao's original copy! It's worth hundreds of thousands of dollars! He must have it, but he has a plane to catch and can't wait for the old man to return — Dear sir, would you please give him my business card?

Now the mark's greed comes in. If he's a good man, he gives the old maoist his little red book and informs him of his good fortune, and the scam has failed (although the communists haven't lost money or gotten in any trouble). If he's a lowlife, however, the scam may succeed. He offers the old maoist a thousand dollars for his little red book — the old man clearly has no idea of its actual value, but loves it like a family member. The price goes up and up, and eventually the communist gives in, selling his beloved little red book for ten thousand dollars. He walks out with the money, and the new owner waits a bit, then calls the number on the card. It's a false number, of course, and any professional little red book dealer will immediately recognize that the little red book is worth perhaps 2 dollars, theres literally millions of them, and the two communists meet up to split the take and get another little red book.
hoe do i know my commie grifter pal will report the mark's offer truthfully. asking for a friend. a friend called murder!
sorry for the unsolicited advice but... ime there is such a clothing excess that the blanket situation is prolly already solved (i'm in a temperate climate so ymmv), but regular stuff like trash pickup and clean water not so much, and it's the regular stuff that establishes the relationships of org to camp and camp to person
im always soliciting advice. thank you.
For every hundred words of party doctrine they compose you could give them one (1) bottle of water
in my area the most requested items for the homeless are menstrual products and socks.
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greetings from china

Guyovich posted:

greetings from china



Guyovich posted:

greetings from china

ive spent the past two weeks being a complete bitch to everyone in my life and also constantly worrying about getting fat and old and working in a shitty job til i die, hello depression my old friend. sharing this dispatch from real life here on the rhizzone, the premier internet communism irony forum
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i love that song
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the blingee one is perfect just the way it is
any idea how to level up willpower.... should never have made this one my dump stat

Kierkegaard posted:
I have just come back from a party where I was the life and soul. Witticisms flowed from my lips. Everyone laughed and admired me—but, I left, yes, that dash should be as long as the radii of the earth's orbit ——— and wanted to shoot myself


tears posted:

any idea how to level up willpower....

depends what the context is but i often find it helpful to frame willpower as more like a psychic inertia rather than a skill or strength.

so take small steps with that dynamic in mind, cultivate consistency, use bursts of motivation strategically, engage actively with others toward shared goals, recognize/value any small successes, and be ruthless in making it very difficult for yourself to indulge in anything that drains your willpower or enables avoidant behavior. also mental health basics like eat healthy, exercise outdoors, irl affection/friendship, good music.

** lol, i just reread this and i sound like a platitudinous twat. anyway i dunno, my sense of agency/purpose/self is often a blur but it's the little things that help me hold it together most of the time. hth

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You don't sound like a platitudinous twat, I appreciated they ray of light through the murk of irony
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So my friends moved into a new apartment and it's been a real fixer upper. They invited me to the 'smudging ceremony'. None of them are native.

When I brought this up and said I would not be attending, my buddy was like 'were on native land, what's inappropriate about that?'


It's ok to steal the land as long as you steal the culture after I guess
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lol thats so bad. there was a smudging ceremony at a protest i went to a while ago and i didnt even feel comfortable participating in it. i thought it was weird that the guy doing it (who was native) just passed it around for anyone to do, idk if thats wrong or whatever.
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Google 'smudging'