so i followed this guy for tf2 videos 10 years ago and then he posts this phenomenal video out of nowhere


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david cronenberg is my favorite director

Gonna have to update this to Gaspar Noé.

gaspar noé is pretty cool because of i stand alone, its a pretty impressive movie. its one of those one man vs the world type of flicks like taxi driver but with more outwards rage and less dissociation from reality by the protagonist. the world is a fuck and so is he. simple as that
i tried watching enter the void a few years ago but i was too high and fell asleep around the time where the protag got killed by the japanese police while hiding in a bathroom. didnt really like it, it was kinda filmedl ike a youtube travel vlog

recently ive seen soy cuba and it totally owned. cemented kalatazov's position as one of my favorite directors. cranes are flying is already one of my favorite movie but he outdid it with soy cuba. the camera works is so impressive and innovative for the time it was made. unlike cranes are flying the political element of the story, centered around the cuban revolution is also really great and isnt too much over the top. one of a kind film really
I watched I stand alone a few days ago. He also directed a 30-minute movie with the same plot, which I saw earlier today. Watching the latter gave me a good glimpse into what themes he thought were essential and which he removed. I am still really unclear on what the point of these movies are. If you weren't paying attention it would seem to be about alienation: the butcher is alienated, working a bleak job for years, barely scraping by, etc. But then his actions (killing people) are unrelated to his conditions of employment, he brings the unemployment onto himself, and alienates himself from his would-be lover. Both movies also involve incest (a favorite theme for noe). So perhaps these movies (and noe's filmography in general) are supposed to be about the psychoanalytic construction of sexuality, relationships, and one's self? Perhaps but there's really no indication on what I'm supposed to draw from this.

Enter the Void was the first of his movies I saw but it seems to me the least "gaspar noe" of all. I enjoy his films because of the flashing lights, colorful scenery, and exciting music.

I recently saw cranes are flying but I wasn't able to finish either it or soy cuba. I wish the director had taken every shot in the way some of the experimental ones were (with weird angles and unnatural camera movement).
yeah i got the alienation bit but i saw it as a teen years ago. i just thought it was cool and schocking. you really need to give kalatozov a retry the photography and camera work is one of the finest ive seen. reminds me of cassavetes, another one in my top directors
I like Gaspar Noë because they include upbeat songs about everyday activities like brushing my teeth.

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fell asleep around the time where the protag got killed by the japanese police while hiding in a bathroom

lol doesnt that happen in like the first 10 min when the protag is embarking on his dmt voyage

hhe's a loser and i could easily kick his ass. Asspar Noë-tastortalent... the piece of shit! 0/10
the trial of the Chicago 7 is real bad, just read the transcripts instead
I watched The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming and it's an interesting film considering it's pretty much self-aware propaganda. Near the end the cute Russian sailor guy tells the cute New England girl he's temporarily stranded with that he wishes they could live in "peaceful coexistence" which in literal context was just a broken-english way to say "I wish we had time to bang." the real goal of the social-imperialists is now revealed to me.

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watched sonatine again. never gets old
movie about the maoists in india

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theres an insightful series of interviews with Comrade Ajith. The links are all scattered so I'll link them here for posterity.

1. Gandhi and Brahmanism, and the Influence of the Fascist Right on Oppressed Castes

2. Caste Annihilation, Limits of Parliamentary Politics, Caste Question

3. Broad Alliance of Struggle, On Violence

4. Socialist Societies, Criticism, and the Role of the Party

5. The Environmental Question

6. Local Knowledge Systems and Colonialism

7. Kerala Specific Issues

8. Basic Concepts of Maoism, Future Avenues for Theory

all transcripts are here



English subs.
looks like Settlers is making the rounds again, some amusing/bizarre takes in this one

The single most powerful point in favor of settlers is the sheer number of american white leftist men mad at it
not gonna watch c*leb but the comments on that video are incredible as well lol
"people dismiss the author's ideas because they associate them with threatening ideologies"
"they had a misinformed worldview which they wrote about to justify irrelevant -- but spooky and mysterious -- organizational tactics"

sakai or dugin
I am watching harmony korine's movies & I would recommend the two I've seen: Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy

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I am watching harmony korine's movies & I would recommend the two I've seen: Gummo and Julien Donkey-Boy

spring breakers kicks ass

rewatching Twin Peaks, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Twin Peaks: The Missing Pieces, and Twin Peaks: The Return
watching johnny mnemonic... the pharmakom data on the cure for covid-19 is uploaded into johnnys wetware data storage brain implant on jan 15 2021
i would PAY somebody to talk shit and react to some settlers content, just dont use that annoying masked voice bayarea415 does. respect to him tho
i cant really pay attention to communists on video anymore unless they have a mohawk and make new vegas mods, somebody relatable like me
watching twitch streams with like 3 or 4 things going on at any one time, while also listening to music, watching youtube, posting and obviously playing a video game


new masaokis
you can just call him getfiscal or Donald here
recently finished watching the second season of Succession, it's a very entertaining show, to watch.
thank you i like to know what shows everybody is watching. im watching bosch right now, since i enjoyed the wire a bit. nothing spectacular but i like mystery stuff :spooky:

looking forward to adam curtis releasing the same documentary for the 50th time