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aesthetically though, it was a nicely lit/shot noir. occasionally i was like "whoa. damn, nice" at how the screen looked

Gotta respect well shot film noir.

i watched riki-oh aka the story of ricky, which is probably one of the most ridiculously violent movies i've ever seen. highly recommended if you want to see dudes explode in gore when they get punched
weirdly prescient film about privatized prisons while also being a 12yo's dream, martial arts/gore wise
i saw that Cuties film today, the film with the twerking 11 years old girls. i dont have netflix so i torrented it cause theres no way i would get into a cinema, walk up to the counter and ask for a ticket to see that flick... its the type of move you get put on a list for. I bought into the whole 'it promotes pedophilia' narrative at first because the marketing made it look this way and the outrage from every sides only reinforced that thought but it ended up being a pretty good & subtle critique of child hypersexualization. both the tribal, traditional west afrikans customs and the decadent imperiali$t culture are questioned for being two different sides of the same coin that is subjugation of girls from a very young age, not letting them have a childhood. like both the traditional elders viewpoint of woman life and what the young protagonist ends up doing because of her now warped view of self and sexuality, exacerbated by social media and objectifying men around her makes the point that male chauvinist conditions perpetuates disturbing views of sexuality and self perception on both sides. some scenes are pretty crude and unsettling though, but since its an unsettling topic its just the proper way to get the point across, yet id understand if people dont get it and feel disgusted or just turn it off 20 minutes in. a film thats pretty similar in some way is salo by pasolini, where its explicitely disgusting to make sure the audience gets the point. id say cuties gets the point across more easily than salo though. anyway its an ok movie
who watches the whizzone
interesting video Constantignoble, I have seen some of his other videos and they were interesting and I was just looking for something to waste 40 minutes on. I have been meaning to look for anticolonialist literature on music theory but it's hard to find.
let's all start reading cardew's 'stockhausen serves imperialism' and perform wrestling moves on avant garde composers
riki oh is cool. i want to watch 'the seventh curse' by the same director.

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riki oh is cool. i want to watch 'the seventh curse' by the same director.

his movie "the cat" is also cool but it's really hard to find. it's got a magical alien cat and a weird ropey alien monster and some bizarre action scenes where it's clearly a different time of the day in different shots.


video essay which is better than usual left tube but maybe not, I am too teetoataled to tell.
what is a good funny movie or multiple good funny movies
i like leningrad cowboys go america
Southland Tales
Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas