yeah but in context it's hilarious lord of the rings shit. he's a weirdo libertarian and he names his gov't contracting data-mining/surveillance company after fictional crystal balls corrupted by an evil overlord? i haven't seen a self-own that hard since i last asked a lady for amphetamines
then there's the whole bit about how the only guy who can safely use them is enabled by his unique racial purity
idk about that theres a mexican version of breaking bad now.

cars posted:

love that slick, modern floppy disk graphic. also

i've been running from surveillance so long i got..... palantir warts
I'm sure that's a good video but I have trouble watching people talk into webcams for any length of time when I could just be reading instead. Nice to see what Sibel Edmonds is up to as well though
its not that interesting compared to other stuff, i just happened to be watching it.
he does talk about how the HSBC US 'auditor' when the bank was openly laundering billions for mexican drug cartels (and needed David Camerons direct intervention on obama to prevent criminal prosecution) got 'kicked upstairs' from that to running the BBC

most left-liberals in the west don't understand that auditors usually stay afloat as organizations or individuals by pleasing the people they're auditing year after year, they just remember the media stories where one bourgeois group's influence trumped another's and a petty-cash settlement resulted from it. while the nominal labor parties in the u.k. and commonwealth countries continue to get a lot of mileage out of that, the naivete is maybe even stronger in the united states, where liberal bloggers and their readers got it into their heads that the best line to pitch to people who feel the government's not looking out for them is "the IRS is actually good" and the lack of understanding about auditing as a private sector business was compounded by rank-and-file Democrats' relative under-representation in the business world.

you'd think Arthur Andersen/Enron as the natural result of states' power utility deregulation would have fucked with that idea maybe just a little, but another big Democrat line is "California is so forward-thinking". so now the remaining of the former Big 5 all have Arthur Andersen alumni at or near the very top of their post-Enron, fake-firewalled auditing branches, those alumni who didn't go into politics i mean. the only reason that AA didn't have enough hands remaining to right their sinking ship is because auditors under capitalism are the dictionary definition of rats.

it's also why when NATO's support-and-procurement auditor general, the guy in charge of probing potential terrorist funding & money laundering, was found dead in Belgium over 100 km from either his home or his office, from bullets fired from a gun not registered to him, and the media didn't start covering the suspicious death of a top NATO official until days after the police filed the report, and the family members of the deceased crying foul in the press got steamrolled when investigators announced they'd found an alleged suicide note in the car even later than that... a lot of people were thinking that maybe, just maybe, the guy had stopped doing his job and started working hard at it instead.

cars posted:

most left-liberals in the west don't understand that auditors usually stay afloat as organizations or individuals by pleasing the people they're auditing year after year,

i disagree actually, "revolving door" regulatory groups and "regulatory capture" are things that things that would be pretty well understood by the naked capitalism people, who are like textbook left-libs imo

in my experience 1) the naked capitalism people are a couple levels above your average Democrat so they might get it maybe (a lot of people in the comments at least claim somewhat convincingly to work in finance) and 2) a lot of people don't understand that auditors are regulators in that sense for some reason, they think they're batmen who swoop in from the night to render justice or even more often that "audit" is something that the government does about income tax returns and has no other meaning. it's far from impossible to explain why not using Enron/AA but i usually have to do it when i bring it up.
when I say "for some reason" i don't mean the second part, about people who think audits are a purely IRS/income-tax-related function, the reason for that is obvious and easy to understand as the way most people encounter audits is by either being or knowing someone who was subjected to one on their income tax return or watching a TV sitcom where one of the characters gets audited. i mean the first part, about liberals who are intense about regulatory capture and revolving doors but don't understand that auditing is about maintaining a standing business relationship between the auditor and their client to enable the client to get away with shit, i have my theories about that one but it still kind of surprises me sometimes.
petrol-kun can you please update your OP with the klaus theweleit stuff which i didn't know was buried in the middle of thread, otsukaresama desu
actually having fun going back through this thread and reading old posts.

incidentally, had to click this to remind myself how bad it was:

HenryKrinkle posted:

it appears that the ISGP guy has used the recent refugee crisis as a springboard to go full fash:


fuckin yikes.

and i see someone might have had a change of heart lol


i took a class with him
The Harvard history professer
ah. after checking the latest posts i see isgp is, if anything, even further into yikes territory now
he's a fucking piece of shit lol i hate him so much
me: the USA buys the oil from saudi arabia giving them lots of money on the condition that the saudis give the money back to the USA by buying their weapons to """defend the oil""", the abundant cheap oil is essential for keeping the US population pacified

person: um, well that kinda makes sense

me: the USA buys the drugs from the mexican cartel-govt conglomeration giving them lots of money on the condition that the mexican govt gives the money back to the USA by buying their weapons to """fight the drug cartels""", the abundant and cheap drugs are essential for keeping the US population pacified

person: u r crazy
So, that Crypto Cuttlefish person on Twitter has started a blog: https://squamuglia.wordpress.com/

They generally have interesting, and well sourced, things to say about the historical development of technology, media and academic culture, its incestuous relations to the imperial ruling class's intelligence agencies. Although the conclusions drawn are sometimes unbelievable, the information provided is quite useful. However, the Twitter medium is severely limiting and hard to follow, as the Rhizzone has come to understand. This is especially true of Cuttlefish's long threads with multiple tangents and cross references.

They should've probably been given an account, and editorial freedom, here. But a blog is the second best option. Here's a preview of the first post:


The photo that I ended up using as the main image for this site is a picture of one of the SAGE “Blue Room” radar surveillance centers. Two parallel rows of fire control officers at their consoles, each one staring intently into the screen. There’s a civilian in the front left, wearing a blue suit that blends in with the surroundings like a kind of bureaucratic camouflage. He’s likely one of the IBM engineers or managers which built the system. The entire scene is bathed in a eerie blue light whose only contrast is the yellow-green glow of the weapons console displays. The blue tint isn’t a photo filter – the rooms were lit with special blue lamps which enhanced the displays of the dim, slow-to-refresh weapons direction consoles. When these surveillance centers first went into operation, Air Force psychiatrists were concerned that long-term exposure to blue light combined with the strobing of the computer displays would have negative effects on the health of the officers.

SAGE Radar surveillance center at CFB North Bay Underground Complex. 1963.

These surveillance centers were contained deep inside concrete bunkers that housed massive, multi-room IBM AN/FSQ-7 Direction Control computers. The fire control officers were literally working from inside the computer. Row upon row of men, sitting at desks, reacting to patterns of light on a screen with utmost seriousness. They did this for 8 to 14 hours per day, with the years passing in a blend of 99.999% boredom and 0.001% sheer terror as they monitor their consoles for the intrusion that would signal the onset of Doomsday: the Communist attack, nuclear war.
This was not a form of organized human activity that existed before SAGE. There had been assembly lines for a few generations, but this isn’t the labor of people doing repetitive work because there wasn’t yet a machine to automate their labor. These men were decision making components of the computer, performing reasoning tasks that the computer wasn’t yet fast or sophisticated enough to do on its own.

When I look at that photo I see in that imperial Doomsday machine a foreshadowing of one of the most banal and ubiquitous forms of capitalist conformity and oppression: the office cubicle farm. Row after row of people sitting at desks, each one isolated into their own individual selves, staring at a patterns of light on a screen, pushing buttons and reacting to the patterns of light on the screen. Each one reports to their station day after day because their lives depend on it, monitoring their screens for the intrusions that could signal the collapse of the system.

A typical cubicle farm.

Looks promising.

Isn't crypto cuttlefish red-Kahuna-and-phil-grieves-adjacent? Kind of makes me a little suspicious of their analytical chops tbh

Edit: I read the excerpt you posted and it is good though

Belphegor posted:

Isn't crypto cuttlefish red-Kahuna-and-phil-grieves-adjacent? Kind of makes me a little suspicious of their analytical chops tbh

just use their real fake already dumb internet names instead of doing this Donald Dumbsfeld and Dick-Bu$$$h shit, it's becoming impossible to parse for those of us who don't follow them daily


RTC posted:

So, that Crypto Cuttlefish person on Twitter has started a blog: https://squamuglia.wordpress.com/

They should've probably been given an account, and editorial freedom, here.

this can and should still happen. i assume someone like this will backtrace their blog hits or something. hi cuttlefish. please get an account here tia

Unfortunately that guy seems to take the word of weird people who have accounts here but also say it is a spook zone.

Which it is in the sense that anywhere including twitter is.

Their level of discourse and understanding is that Settlers must surely be a bad book because people on the rhizome read it, which is the home of cia agent vile rat.

Its funny but also sad
oh that was me I just wanted to look cool sry

xipe posted:

Its funny but also sad

*my gaze encompases every single thing on the entire planet* yes


xipe posted:

Their level of discourse and understanding is that Settlers must surely be a bad book because people on the rhizome read it, which is the home of cia agent vile rat.

i haven't read a lot of what those people write but the one thing i usually remember is something someone re-posted here i think, where one of them said this place is a hotbed of hatred for DPRK, and that conclusion alone is maybe just funny enough to make their whole thing worthwhile to me in the way it's coffee-dripped out to me by other posters.

if they think this place is the vilerat booster society though that's more just plain confusing.

hahhaa this is one of literally a handful of places online where attacking people's korea will only get you shouted down by a majority of posters. oh well i will just enjoy the blog i guess
the vilerat thing is... like... for better or for worse this is also the only place on the internet where making fun of vilerat from personal experience can still support an entire conversation thread, the only place where that's both true and not banned anyway.

i mean you could maybe read some of the conversations here about the media treatment of DPRK here wrong if you were tone-deaf to sarcasm but i don't know how anyone could link this place to vilerat in a way that suggests most people here were his friends.
i guess it flows out of the strange belief that he was some sort of genius master spy sending coded CIA missives through a spaceship game instead of what he always presented himself as, a computer janitor for empire. which again could only come from a lack of exposure to the guy.
They decided to turn on a former poster here and so formerly being on the same forum as vile rat gets added to one big conspiracy... Similarly that poster mentioning @pisspig gd in a tweet is more uncontrivertable proof of global cia conspiracy.

At least when louise mensch does this its fun.

Unfortunately some twitter people from the global south take them at their word that they are staunch opponents of imperialism.
When in reality they refuse to go outside their houses and instead do whatever they can to have actual anti war activists come into real life harm.
oh i get the personal angle fully, it's just that if they never knew that vilerat didn't post in LF and that it and its offshoots were made up of people that were de facto banned from other SA forums for making fun of him among other things, they could just come here and see shit talked on him weekly.

it's also obvious to me that the tiny group of people from the global south who take them seriously are dwarfed by the people from the global south who are chill with their targets, people who are both sane and offer harsh anti-imperial opinions and analysis drawn from personal experience, so i wouldn't really consider that a problem worth worrying about per se.

Edited by cars ()

Didn't warnerd say that Vilerat was secretly an ISIS recruiter or something
did he... that's his style but kind of disappointing since he has conversations with people online who could pretty easily explain that the only people sean smith was ever capable of recruiting were video game spaceship captains. oh well
deathsquad goals 1985-2015: run murder gangs in 10 year dirty wars on different continents in the 80s, then bring the gangs back together for filthy wars in the middle east for another decade and counting

gordon kerr, british intelligence running loyalist paramilitary gangs in northern ireland then to basra, iraq


john negroponte, robert ford, james steele, david petreus from honduras, el salvador & nicaragua to iraq ... petreus & ford expanded this on to syria

(read above british media disinfo on Kerr & then take the graunidad reporting with a grain of salt)

Edited by xipe ()

US ambassador to Syria robert ford is sending pissy DMs on twitter to people who call him a death squad architect

he sent me one too, i hope we can get a conversation going
arsing around on twitter keeps this guy out of trouble

(ie managing death squads)